Young Nier Playable Due To Popular Demand From Worldwide Fans

By Spencer . May 10, 2010 . 2:52pm

NIER DLC Young NierIn The World of Recycled Vessel downloadable content pack, Nier fans in North America will be able to play as Young Nier for the first time. Young Nier is the protagonist of Nier Replicant, a PlayStation 3-only version of Nier where a younger version of Nier sets out to save Yonah, his sister. A Square Enix press release notes this is due to “popular demand of Nier’s worldwide fans.”


In addition to a slender protganist, The World of Recycled Vessel has fifteen areas and stages. More on-rails shooter stages and room challenges are part of the package. The World of Recycled Vessel also reconfigures towns and other areas plus throws in original monsters to fight.


As mentioned earlier, players will unlock new costumes for Nier, Kaine, and Emil. Samurai Nier is one of the extra outfits.


NIER DLC Costume

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  • Ereek

    I’m sure some people will be happy about this. I, for one, prefer the older male father/daughter relationship.

    A good decision on SE’s part, it expands the audience a bit. However, I’m sure these same people will complain because they have to pay for it rather than getting it for free.

    • Icon

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Aoshi00

      The father/daughter relationship is very touching. The younger Nier actually started as a punk teenager before he became the emo looking Gackt look-alike, not sure if that’s spoiler or not.. so in Replicant you play a big chunk of the game as a teenager, which I find kind of out of place after having played as the adult Nier.

      I saw some videos on youtube, some curses are bleeped out in Jpn too, I was wondering how it gets Cero D. The US ver. is definitely more mature in terms of both main character and language, even more fitting for the dark theme in the Nier world in my opinion.

      I guess it is good to include the younger version as DLC so those so repulsed by the old man would get a taste of “not playing as the barbarian” :)… I’m really curious what the jokes are in the Jpn ver. regarding Nier’s physique, the dialogue is very tongue in cheek sometimes.

      • Kris

        See, even if the young Nier fits in less storyline wise, I like how he fits in with the overall aesthetic of what I’ve seen of the game. As frustrated as I am that we have to pay for a skin (or at least what I hope we can use as a skin), I actually feel somewhat more inclined to pick Nier up. Something about it just intrigues me.

        • Aoshi00

          I certainly understand old man Nier is no looker, but w/ the mask on, he actually looks pretty damn cool (and he’s a very cool char to begin w/), the mask should be part of the DLC too lol.. paying a little isn’t so bad.. again, younger Nier was made in mind to please the Jpn gamers and wasn’t intended for the West in the first place, as old man really is the original.. it’s just weird people have been wishing to use the alternate hero because he looks prettier. The Replicant Nier is really dfiferent, he started out as a kid and then grew up, I guess growing up is cool in a way like post time skip Naruto or something, but it’s just hard for me to play as a younger hero now. So there are even two versions for the younger Nier and I’m not sure if this DLC is giving us both.

  • Aoshi00

    This really comes as a surprise to me, even though I know the “demand” is there w/ people constantly complaining. So I assume younger Nier is is strictly for the new missions only? Otherwise they would need to rewrite a lot of dialogue and redub younger Nier w/ all new dialogue in Eng.

    I haven’t even finished playing the main game, but I’m definitely getting the DLC, I played till 2am again last night, this game is just amazing.

    • Not unless its just a skin.

      • Aoshi00

        The prob is it wouldn’t make sense w/ just the young Nier skin in the main story w/o a considerable overhaul of the script and redub (Replicant was only dubbed in Jpn and not Eng), there’s too much old Nier specific dialogue and references everywhere, which leads me to think younger Nier is most likely for the new challenges only. Imagine a kid/adult younger Nier w/ a 40 yr old man voice. Well, guess we’ll find out in a day or two.

  • symytry

    so wait… Is the main game now playable as Nier Replicant? Or only the new DLC? And when is the DLC available?

    • adempton

      Yeah this sounds like it isn’t the Replicant story, it just swaps in the character and adds some new monsters and stuff… I’m only buying if it’s the whole Replicant package!

      • BrotherCavil

        Rofl. Wow. Yeah. Wow.

  • cowcow

    “popular demand of Nier’s worldwide fans.”


    All the time energy and extra money they spent into making that neanderthal looking old man version because they “thought” that Westerners would prefer an ugly old cave man to a younger version was dead wrong

    • Aoshi00

      Nope, it’s probably more like all the extra time and energy making the kid hero “for Jpn gamers”. And now that S-E’s been hearing so much complaining they’re probably like you want it you get it. Really sad to see so many refuse to play a game and value something by looks even though older Nier fits so well w/ the story and most likely the original guy.. Maybe some people would refuse to get the OST because only old man Nier was in the liner notes?

      • cowcow

        From what I read from other gamers that have played through both versions, the storyline fits more with the brother/sister relationship than the father/daughter one; making the father/daughter one an afterthought, adjusted after the story was created and finished. So an afterthought. Replicant is the original.

        • Aoshi00

          I have yet to play Replicant but I will after I finish the US ver., so at this point I cannot say for sure. From what I’ve been playing of the US ver so far, doesn’t seem like an afterthought to me at all. A father’s love for his child always gets me in a story anyway. In Replicant you play as a kid Nier for at least 1/3 or 1/2 of the game (he looks like a chicken head literally :(…). I have the soundtrack, it’s just kind of strange younger Nier isn’t on it if he’s the original hero but the old man is. At any rate, if people are so “skin” deep and skip this masterpiece, it’s really a pity and their own loss.

    • BrotherCavil

      Prolly not a good idea to assume your opinions are the same as everyone else’s.

      Sorta makes you look like an ignorant asshole…

      • cowcow

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        • BrotherCavil


  • vrakanox

    Man this is all such great news thanks Siliconera for bringing this all to our attention. I’m personally really looking forward to this. I really like young Niers design. Also though as Aoshi00 said Old Nier is really cool too. Especially with the mask on while wielding the two handed bastard sword. Makes me think of Gattsu from Berserk!

    Spoilers ahead!!!
    for Aoshi
    You were definately right. I finished the forest of myth and did Emils mansion. Man growing up Resident Evil was my favorite game. That mansion was amazing as well as that unbelievably epic battle at the end of the first half of the game. The plot keeps getting better. Glad to hear other people are enjoying this game as well.

    I was thinking about it though. Say if we did get Young Nier. Not just for the bonus stage but for the entire game. Wouldn’t that be a bit unfair for all the Japanese people who had to pay an extra $70 for it? We would be getting it for $7. Well as others have said I guess we will find out in a couple of days.

    • Aoshi00

      My eyes were glued to the TV screen for that part of the game, my heart trembling, totally gave me goosebumps, well many other parts too. I think it should be fair Jpn gamers are given a Gestalt skin DLC for 700 yen lol.. seriously though from reviews of some Amazon Jpn users, some prefer the old man and the awesome high quality Eng. dub. Yea, that mansion part was crazy totally didn’t expect that, just keeps surprising you every step of the way in terms of gameplay and story. Compared to the monotonous and unimaginative FFXIII, fight, straight road, cutscene, repeat ad infinitum :(…

      BTW, people keep complaining about graphics, I must say the armor effect in the cutscenes are amazing, the texture and reflection of anything w/ a metallic surface, of course everything else looks beautiful too…

      W/ Nier being so amazing, it really makes me wonder what “Cry On” would’ve turned out w/ the collaboration of Sakaguchi, Cavia, Uematsu, and same char design of Drakengard..

      • vrakanox

        Probably would’ve been pretty amazing. Uematsu has always been my personal favorite video game composer. Although now I can’t stop listening to the Nier soundtrack. Do you know who composed that? Some of the songs make me think of Akira or even Silent Hill. SPOILERS .That reminds me I kind of got an Akira vibe from Emil. You know in the mansion and all. Have you seen Akira?

        I have a feeling I enjoyed FFXIII a bit more than you did although I will admit I was disapointed in it. For me the part that killed it the most for me was just not being able to connect with any of the characters on a personal level at all. Overall I’m enjoying Nier way more. Nier is one of those games that proves that you don’t need a billion dollar budget to crank out an awesome game and I love that. Ever since I was a kid it’s been

        Characters > Story > Gameplay > Graphics. Most people I think would put Story before characters though.

        • Aoshi00

          My main gripe w/ FFXIII is I think S-E blew all the money on the graphics and neglected other aspects (hunting 50+ monsters for sidequest is fun?) and even then it still didn’t blow me away like Nier does artistic-wise. What’s disappointing was the game, premise, and world setting had such potential (like when they visited Oerba, you can touch objects and learn about the history of Grand Pulse, or Hope’s house, the game desperately needed more of that, and gave player way too few interaction w/ the world). I would’ve enjoyed the story and characters much more if they were to include the Episode Zero novel contents in the main game, the novel could’ve been just text like Lost Odyssey or Nier. But I didn’t read the book until after I finished the game (took me like a month to read it..), so my first impression and experience of the long anticipated latest FF entry was not good, I did however enjoy the story and could relate to Lightning and gang more on my 2nd playthru of the US ver (I first played the game in Jpn, then read the book and play the US ver.), one factor is I think the US dub was better as well.

          From the CD liner notes, it seems that the main composer and producer is Okabe Keiichi (I’m not familiar w/ his previous works) working w/ a couple others on arrangement and such. Uematsu has this eerie quality of being perfectly in sync w/ Sakuguchi’s vision, it’s like they have this unspoken trust and know what each other wants to achieve, and the Gooch is good at picking a good team of course (hope Last Story would turn out well, cross fingers)

          I do agree w/ you, characters are very and probably the most important, if you don’t care about them and their fate, everything falls apart, but if you do, you can’t wait to find out what would happen to them next (god forbid terrible things befall them, and we know Cavia has the guts to do it :(…), it would drive you to advance the story, “the story would just take care of itself, provided the chars are interesting”, that’s a quote I remember from the author of YuYu Hakusho well.

          I’ve seen Akira many times, but those were a long time ago. The chanting and chorus definitely gave the Nier soundtrack an ethereal and epic feel. I couldn’t leave the fountain to listen to Devola’s song lol.. and then sidequest had Papola join it if you completed that, the duet sounds even more beautiful.

          P.S. I’m not sure if you beat FFXIII yet, but there’s a parallel btwn the ending and a certain part of Nier, and I thought it was ironic I was spellbound by Nier and almost moved to tears, and I couldn’t care less about what happen to the FFXIII cast (when Vanille and Fang turn….) really sad.. that was supposed to be a moving scene, but I just went “what the hell” in my mind the whole time… You’re given hard choices in Nier, and FFXIII I felt like a hamster in my first run, more so than any other game I’ve played my whole life.

          • vrakanox

            Yeah and now that you bring it up I realize perhaps one of the things that was so interesting about Nier is the fact that it seems almost real. It’s a medieval world built after our worlds destruction. In FFXIII there was so much fantasy stuff honestly it kind of confused me and I had trouble relating to it. I actually haven’t beaten FFXIII yet but I’m far into it and I know exactly what you mean about the characters. I never felt attached to them at all where as in Nier I feel very attached to the cast.

            I’m also excited about the last story, the main character has that Riku hairstyle lol! His design looks really cool though. He’s more mature. I’m happy to see more grown up protaganists. By the way do you live in Japan? I’m going there for Christmas. Do you know of any must go to places?

          • Aoshi00

            We’re led to believe Gran Pulse was once a modern world w/ normal human civilization not unlike our own (hundreds of years ago, yeah it was pretty confusing, I don’t even know where the locales are on Cocoon, would be nice to have a map), but the minimalist expression in Nier did a better job than FFXIII in conveying that desolateness.No sry unfortunatey I don’t live in Jpn, I’m in the US, do I sound like I do because I constantly import games or something :)? If I were I would definitely invite you as a guest. Nah, don’t live there, just know how to read Jpn is all.. I’ve been planning to travel there, but could never get time off from work, one of these days. sigh.. Have fun there, I imagine it would be quite awesome to spend the Christmas (and maybe New Year) in Jpn. Places to go, maybe the Hachiko dog statue outside Shibuya station lol? (I need to see that Richard Gere movie..) check w/ Spencer, I’m sure he’s an expert and could be your guide :)Yeah, since Cry On is no more, Last Story kind of lives on.. however, the real time battle does worry me a little (since the Gooch’s forte is turn based, hopefully it would be fun nonetheless), I’m definitely liking the char design, cool guy, cool girl, tiger, beautiful medieval world, etc. Hope Uematsu would compose something for that, doesn’t look like it though..P.S. Peacewalker just got to my door and just finished installing it on the memory stick, yikes too many games, need to finish Nier first!

            P.S. Mailbox beats all-purpose online vending machine :)

  • Mazen

    Iam playing this game right now its really a great RPG and the story is shaping up nicely am just like 2-3 hours in the game.

  • idofgrahf

    I wonder if they will change the voice acting. The older nier’s voice fits him well but would sound awkward with the younger version of himself. (would yonah still call him father? It would be odd to say the least).

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Now, everyone is satisfied! I know I am.

    I love you, cavia

  • masuto

    Sounds good. So we we’re gonna get it right?

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