Nier Replicant DLC Adds Waves Of Smiley Bullet Hell

By Spencer . May 12, 2010 . 6:50pm

imageSquare Enix updated Nier Replicant owners with details about their DLC pack. For the most part, it sounds the same as the content in North America right now. So, this wild scene of Nier weaving through a seas of smiley faces is probably in The World of Recycled Vessel.


One key difference is the storyline. Since Nier Replicant features a younger Nier, Square Enix tweaked the storyline a bit. The diary bishonen Nier discovers is from his mother, not his wife.


image image

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  • keriaku

    I like the change from wife to mother.
    I’m not super clear on the story for the DLC, but the change is interesting because of the different relationship one would have with their wife, which would be more intimate, or their mother that they would still love the same but would be more distant.

    So when that person starts sending out cryptic messages, the reaction is different for the two people. Like if your wife started acting strange versus your mother.

    • Aoshi00

      I haven’t beaten the DLC yet, but I don’t think the diary would make that much of a difference (whether it’s wife or mother) or add much to the main story, just some cryptic verses that don’t seem to be that meaningful btwn each stage. The stages were okay, not as refined as the main game.. So for those who were looking forward to having Raiden/Chloe Sevigny/Gackt to replace Conan the Barbarian/caveman/neanderthal, might want to save the $7…

  • Aoshi00

    I just beat the game last night and also got the DLC, it’s just a series of challenge rooms (w/ arranged music) that you need to beat to obtain the costumes for Nier, Kaine, & Emil. You access these stages by reading the diary in your house and then play as the different younger Nier, not the skin for the main game some have been hoping for (which made sense since lots of changes would need to be made). Once you stop you need to start from beginning again. Has anyone beaten the DLC yet? I got to like the 5th stage, the 2D sidescrolling one w/ the sand, but I couldn’t jump onto the platform w/ the stone sinking… wonder how the other 3 endings are… Ironic this masterpiece made by Cavia is better than anything S-E have made in years..

    • EvilAkito

      I can safely say that I’ve enjoyed this game more than any Square game I’ve played since the 16-bit era. But that’s not to say everything from Square since then has been bad; I just really enjoyed Nier. It’s a shame that so many people are going to miss out on it thanks to the low review scores.

      • Aoshi00

        well, I liked their FFs up to X, not from XI Online to XIII (and their KH nonsense), don’t care about XIV Online 2 either. It is sad FFXIII rec’d 40/40 and other high review scores while Nier is dismissed for no apparent reasons other than the so-called graphics. Think of it this way, if Nier w/ its good gameplay, excellent chars and gripping story were given FFXIII caliber graphics, this game would’ve been a god game (it is to me anyway), and you strip away FFXIII’s graphics, ask yourself honestly what are you left w/, pretty much nothing. You don’t get moved by the story or feel for the chars, you don’t get to make choices even if it’s just superficial ones to get the player more involved, no puzzles, virtually no sidequests (touching a stone and fighting a monster, repeat, 30hrs into the game doesn’t count). It’s all eye candy… not to mention the soundtrack for Nier really trumps that of FFXIII.The problem is you have many people calling themselves RPG fans refuse to play this game because there’s not girly looking hero.. and people who think this is just a plain action game would ignore this as there were Bayonetta, Dante’s Inferno, and GoW3, but this game is actually so much more… EDIT: BTW, I don’t know about other reviews, users from Amazon US and Jpn have rated both versions (funny lots of Jpn gamers thought the father and Eng. dub was better) very high, mostly 4-5 starts out of 5. I know Gametrailers trashed it by looking at the number score, I haven’t watched their video review before I could finish the game. It’s disappointing though since they usually have pretty good taste… also gamefaqs have almost perfect reviews too. I’m not sure how well this game would sell though, probably a good game missed by many.

        • BrotherCavil

          What happened to The World Ends With You? XD

          • You know, personally, I never understood the love for it. Protag was super-emo and annoying, and the scratching controls just didn’t sit well with me. I love the soundtrack though…one of my favourites. :)

          • BrotherCavil

            D’you play through the game entirely?

            Scratch that – d’you make it to Week 2?

            That’s why. :3

          • cowcow

            What happened to Tobal 2?

    • vrakanox

      Lol @ Chloe Sevigny. How you doing man? I’m about to beat the game myself. Just got the 4 pieces of the puzzle and tried my hand at the DLC. I made is really far. Oh and you know how you do it? You double jump and then dive with R2. You can do that it’s almost like a triple jump. I made it to like level 9 I think. The levels in the DLC are gorgeous.

      Yeah so how is Metal Gear? I’m actually not a huge MGS fan only played the first one although Kojima is one of the coolest people ever.

      By the way are you getting Alan Wake? I’m thinking of giving it a try but I’m nervous.

      • Aoshi00

        Ever since someone here mentioned Chloe Sevigny I just got stuck w/ that image, they’re so much alike :) I thought he looks like Gackt/Genesis in Crisis Core, but I also read someone thinks of him as Raiden (which people hated..), so I want my meathead :)

        I did a search and got this, the resemblance is uncanny lol.. Cool I’ll need to try that, I kept missing the jump and gave up, that level was a bit frustrating, plus I wanted to finish the main game first, which I did at 2am!I started playing Peace Walker 2 days ago, it’s okay.. so far I felt underwhelmed and I was a huge fan of MGS 1-4 (never played the other PSP spinoffs), I find the control scheme limiting and counter intuitive (there are 3 types) since PSP only has one analog snub, it’s just hard to do shooting run hide, quick maneuvers and such.. and I thought the graphics were quite poor especially after playing MGS4 on PS3.. there’s so much text to read and the portable screen is tiny, I could hook it up to my TV but the resolution won’t be so good.. I realize I can’t play handheld that much anymore.. they should’ve at least done this on PS2 like Snake Eater if not all out like HD MGS4… also I’m not a big fan of Ashley Wood’s illustration, so the comic cutscenes feel jarring for me…Yeah, I’m getting the LE for Alan Wake (the prequel short videos are so weird…). Nervous that the game is scary or whether it’s good or not? I’m kind of nervous too, since I might get so spooked playing it, the shadows seem much more menacing and threatening than the Shades :)… but I want that novel, so…You’re almost there w/ the first ending. I still have some ways to go w/ the other 3 endings. At least I beat the game just in time before Replicant reaches my doorstep :)

        • vrakanox

          That’s a shame that it didn’t turn out so good. If anything I’ll get the US edition. I’m not a big fan of handheld games either especially since as of late my budget has been tighter so i’m just trying to get the best console games so my gf and I can enjoy them together. Probably will get Hexys force though and Y’s 7 if it ever comes over.

          About Wake, Yeah I was nervous if It was good or not. I get scared too playing creepy games but I like it. It’s not bad if you’ve got someone to play with. Even so the Fatal Frame games scare the crap out of me. I read somewhere that Alan Wake was only about as scary as Silent Hill Shattered Memories which wasn’t even the slightest bit scary IMO. I hope it’s a great game.

          Yeah I got Replicant also. Planning to beat it after Gestalt. I’ve been playing it on and off and yeah them bleeping out Kaine’s cursing is lame lol.

          BTW check out Raiden’s(from MGS) wiki page. It explains about the whole bishonen thing vs tough guy thing which was also big in Nier with the two protaganists. I just thought it was an interesting read. Makes me wonder if western developers will ever start making Bishonen heroes haha.

          • Aoshi00

            I think the gameplay and story of Alan Wake would be just fine, should feel like a cool thriller movie, or rather episodes of a TV series, w/ lots of suspense and action, Heavy Rain was my fave though. You’re playing Gestalt and Replicant side by side? I told myself I wouldn’t touch it until I finish one ver first and thankfully I did (also I didn’t order Replicant from P-A later until I knew Nier was a good game). The censoring in the Jpn ver is ultra lame. I watched the Jpn Gestalt videos, when Kaine was letting her mouth run, the Jpn caption was like a word or two and the rest of the sentence was just *(&@#[email protected]#, what the heck. In Gestalt, you could hear them cursing in English, just no Jpn translation for what they’re saying. In replicant I think they use bleep from what I saw on youtube..They’re so wussy w/ the Cero D ratings for NG Sigma 2, NMH Paradise, and Nier…Yeah, before you get people complaining about the pretty boy replacing the rough Snake now the hero is too ugly… If the MGS series seems too daunting to you, give MGS3 Snake Eater a try (if you don’t mind PS2 graphics by now), the Cold War setting was the coolest thing, the story was very touching as well.

            PS. Cool you got a gf who likes games, mine doesn’t get it other than Wii Sports. She’s like president Obama, think video games are a waste of time and money lol.. we only watch movies together though..

          • vrakanox

            Yeah I’m kind of playing them side by side. I’m not to the half way point in RepliCant yet though. Even though I understand some Japanese I wanted to beat all of Gestalt first so I could get the whole story. Yeah I’ve actually played all the Metal Gear games except for Guns of the Patriots which I’m planning to get around to. The only one I’ve beaten all the way through though was the first one. So many games so little time lol. I’ve got Record of Agarest War sitting on my table unwraped.

            Yeah she’s cool. Maybe you can break yours in with some casual games. My bro’s wife is like that too. She absolutely will not play video games at all.

        • BrotherCavil

          Honestly…I’m finding Peace Walker friggin *gorgeous*…

          Of course, your problem is….you’re comparing it to a PS3 game. XD Comon man…

          • Aoshi00

            I know, but so far the control feels cumbersome to me (face btns to move the camera), which one are you using, default or the other two types? If using action scheme, then you move w/ analog stick and move camera w/ the d-pad right above it, not sure if I could do both w/ one thumb…I thought I was going to love it too because of the general positive reviews, since I loved Snake Eater… I’ll convince myself to play more.. I hope the story is worth it and as epic as the last 4 games and doesn’t get bogged down by the multiplayer mode. I’m not a big portable guy, getting old, and can you blame me for comparing it to MGS4 my last outing w/ Snake lol.. and also I’m not that fond of the Ahsley wood drawings :(..

          • BrotherCavil

            I’m using the shooter scheme – face buttons as camera.

            And honestly, it’s ingenious; just needs some time getting used to it. When I first tried demo-ops, my hand started getting sore after just five minutes. Now, doesn’t bother me so much.

            So I guess it’s like….the “when you walk barefoot, your feet toughen up” thing applies here too…er, to your hand? ^^;;

  • BrotherCavil

    I’m curious on who the voice actor is for the younger Nier.

    The US version, of course.

    • Aoshi00

      There’s none, it’s just him playing the extra stages (dream sequence), there are some grunts, probably just from old Nier…

      • BrotherCavil

        Well that’s….lazy.

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