Why Don’t You Play Video Games?

By Spencer . May 14, 2010 . 10:23am

image Well, not “you” per se. You’re reading Siliconera so you *probably* play video games. We’re talking about people who don’t play any video games. Not even Bejeweled or Wii Fit.


The CEA, the company behind the CES show, did a study on the non-gaming demographic and found out why those people don’t grab a controller. Results were presented at the LA Games Conference, which Siliconera attended.


The number one reason why is this group just isn’t interested in the medium. 40% of poll respondents picked that choice. Another 19% said they were “not a gamer” and 16% said they didn’t have enough time. Two of the more interesting statistics are:


– A mere 2% of poll takers said video games are “too complicated”. Perhaps, the Wii, Nintendo DS, and casual games like Farmville expanded the demographic.


– Only 2% said “only kids use them”, which suggests video games aren’t seen as a kids-only activity by the non-gaming public.

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  • “…why people don’t want those people don’t grab a controller.”

    Say what?

    • BrotherCavil

      Lol. I was also gonna say something about that… XD

      It’s like….the redundancy department of redundancy.

  • You know, i think the main reason people don’t play is because of ignorance, of course, there can be ones that really dont care about it, but most of them just think games are… a mustache dude jumping… cars going around… 2 dudes fighting with a healt bar above them… football games, and etc, and well, they see “playing games” more childish than anything, of course there are some cases that are like this, but what they dont know is that there are an infinite ways of how games work.
    In my personal preference, i mostly play rpgs (of course i still play fighters, action, etc) but, the way i see these games (even some fighters have OK stories) is mostly the same way i do when i read a book, but with visuals, audio and interactivity with the story, where you are the one that have to do the efforts to advance in the story. Even more, since it all comes from my sweat and suffering, i feel even better (and sad because the story ended D:) of beating a game, and i feel good to say, sht, i even let out some tears in some endings.

    I’m sure if ppl were more open minded (or better informed) maybe that 40% would go down by half, but since they are not interested is hard for them to listen : wish there was an easy way to let them know that feeling of beating a game.

    • Joanna

      It could also be marketing. Most TV ads I see are for the big name action and FPS games. Not everyone is going to be drawn to such games. Run a few adds with different genres and ways of presenting the content and you just might interest that 40%. For example, I’m sure if they marketed an RPG with lots of images of story related events and characters, emotions, etc. They would draw in some of that 40% that likes to watch dramas and the like. I’m like that too. If you want a trailer to draw me in, show in plot, characters, emotions. Sure I care about gameplay as well, but I admit, to get me immediately curious, craft an interesting trailer which makes me wonder where the story will go, who the characters are, etc.

  • Happy Gamer

    I totally understand all of these, especially the time thing. But if they never played a game, and if they are busy because they are a student especially, it’s a wise choice LOL. I put down the controller this semester for a good reason. Some people are amazing self disciplinaries, some are not.

    Actually the 2% part in my opinion coincides with the 40%. people who are usually not interested think it is for kids.

    This is not always true, and I may sound ignorant, but I feel that people who have zero interest in games or feel they are for kids are generally boring LOL. not because I liek games, but even those who do not game, but will pick up the controller for sake to join friends, and have fun while they are at it, seemed to be fun people in general. Even if they don’t go home and buy a console. But people who I know watch me and friends play games and say things like “u still play games? it’s for kids etc.” are generally extremely boring people. this is just people within my circle so please don’t take that into consideration.

    in conclusion I think i made an assumption around personality, not gaming.

    Trying to go back to the topic, I think gaming has reached a point where it can be a great past time for older folks also, especially this generation. People should really give it a try.

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