The Latest Square Enix Trademark Is Warrior Of Light And Darkness

By Spencer . May 17, 2010 . 11:08pm

imageWe’re swimming in a sea of trademarks from Square Enix and the latest one is Hikari to Yami no Senshi or Warrior of Light and Darkness in English.


I don’t think Square Enix would release a game just called Warrior of Light and Darkness so I’m going to guess this is a subtitle. But, what franchise is it for? Final Fantasy Gaiden: Warrior of Light and Darkness? Dragon Quest: Warrior of Light and Darkness?


Wait a second… Square Enix also re-trademarked Tactics Ogre in Japan on the same day. Could this be for Tactics Ogre: Warrior of Light and Darkness?

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  • Ereek

    Hikari to Yami no senshi is possibly one of the least original names I’ve heard from Square, which is saying a lot. Hopefully it’s not a new game under that name.I’m betting on a sequel/expansion to Four Warriors of Light if it’s not a Tactics Ogre re-release.

    • Yeah, I’m going to bet on Final Fantasy Gaiden too.

  • Psp please~

  • kupomogli

    I’m hoping for Tactics Ogre with a Front Mission 1st spin. Squaresoft rereleased Front Mission with an entirely new storyline showing the other side. Matsuno needs to be hired to write the storyline and tell the store of Lans Tartare on Tactics Ogre. What happened to Lans after he was tied and left there near the end of the game? Or maybe the alternate story could start with the ending of Knight of Lodis and the events that lead up to the massacre at Griate. Then it continued on to what Lans was doing while Denim was doing his thing. It’d also be really good if they chose three paths to choose from, but how are the paths really going to differ much without changing his meetings with Denim and what happens at the end of Tactics Ogre. Might as well not include additional paths since his class in Tactics Ogre is Death Templar.Also. ad hoc or infrastructure. I would make my best team and play anyone who’s interested on ad hoc party. Hopefully if the game is created they remove the ability to purchase stat up items, stat cards no longer drop when enemies die, spells like Stun and Petrify are tweaked to work at much lower chances, long range attacks such as bows rebalanced by weakening the damage by a third, and Necro/Rebirth is tweaked to not allow it to work(instead of reducing their level to 1, they should keep the level the same so you can’t grind stats.)

    Even the name Tactics Ogre Warrior of Light and Darkness fits my description. It could mean two things. Warrior of Light and Darkness could mean Lans Tartare as Alphonse before Eleanor *big spoiler unless you know,* then Lans Tartare after showing how he turned the way he did. The other thing it could mean is Denim is the Warrior of Light and Lans the Warrior of Darkness. I think Warrior of Light and Darkness both as Lans fits better.

  • Trotmeister

    Let Us Cling Together is pretty clear on what happened to both Lanses. The Paladin, Hamilton, has his mind destroyed through torture and spends the rest of his days sitting in the chair and drooling. The Dark Knight, Tartare, having failed his mission, returns to Lodis. Since he lost the entire order of knights, he probably won’t be given a warm welcome, but now we can only speculate what could’ve happened next.

    • kupomogli

      There was a ship that headed to Lodis and he was one of the three to leave on the ship but it doesn’t exactly show how he got to that point. He was tied up right before the battle with Branta in Heigm.

      • Trotmeister

        Oh, c’mon. He’s a freaking Lans Tartare, the game itself states he’s a one-man army, and you think he couldn’t deal with some rope?

  • fuzzy_hobo

    More Tactics Ogre (and Ogre Battle) is a good thing. While I’d be okay with another side story, I wish they’d continue the main story, but it’s no good unless Matsuno handles the story.

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