Activision Milking Call of Duty With Secret Warfare, Future Warfare, And Space Warfare?

By Spencer . May 18, 2010 . 2:35am


If there’s one thing Activision is known for its milking franchises and the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is their biggest cash cow. Freshly filed trademarks suggest spinoffs are in the cards.


The mega publisher just registered trademarks for Call of Duty Space Warfare, Call of Duty Secret Warfare, Call of Duty Future Warfare, and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. In addition to those, Activision also filed paperwork for Secret Warfare, Space Warfare, and Future Warfare individually.


Prepare yourself for Call of Duty space marines, people.

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  • Hraesvelgr


    • Christ…

      • malek86


        On that note, I guess it won’t be long before Call of Duty: The Musical.

        • StealthKnight

          or call of duty: bathroom warfare. You don’t want the mic on for that game.

  • HeadDesk

    Space Whales!

  • Call of duty: Stone Age Warfare…im waiting for this. Caveman with slingshots.

  • syraxith

    How long until no one’s interested in CoD games anymore? I give it three more games.

    • call of duty lost its glory way long ago…..

  • M’iau M’iaut

    I’d call Space Warfare pretty much a lock for whatever ‘new IP’ bungie was supposedly able to take with them. Course it sounds like a pure working title….

  • Bobby Kotick, we’ll call you out again, once you ruin Activision, like how you turned 4kids into its current rep, and how Bernie Stolar ruined SEGA.Guys, another problem with this is the fact that FPS is the biggest genre in the West. Naturally, I don’t see an FPS backlash in the immediate future.

    Edit: I got the name right for a change.

    • StealthKnight

      He was in charge of 4kids? So 4 kids could have been a could dub company if he wasn’t involved?Your right that people will eat this stuff up. modern warefare 2 was the turning point in quality.

      They just love the word warfare now. I guess it sounds cool and epic with the teenagers.

      • Yup. I learned about that little factoid, courtesy of #TVTropes …going back on topic, yeah, we can thank PR & Marketing for that effect.

  • kupomogli

    Modern Warfare sells extremely well so they’re trying to capitalize on it. What a bunch of morons. They’re going to make less money doing this than they would if they made one game every two years. Milking the series isn’t always a bad thing, but Activision definitely goes beyond the ordinary milking of a franchise. Companies like Activision are bad for the gaming industry as a whole.Remember when Blizzard Activision merged and since they got people locked down on WoW and were making so much money in the music games, they cancelled 10+ games that were coming out and stated that they were going to cancel others that were next to completion(Ghostbusters anyone?) Hearing about Scarface 2 the same day it was cancelled really sucked. The World is Yours was an amazing game and I would have bought another first day.

  • makaveli101

    A few of the new titles thats comming to the Call of Duty series:

    Call of Duty: MW3: E.T’s revenge
    Call of Duty: Jewish Warfare (JW1)
    Call of Duty: Treyarch’s Bi-Curious Adventure
    Call of Duty: Jewish Warfare 2 (JW2)
    Call of Duty; Meets The Simpsons
    Call of Duty: Vice City

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