Final Fantasy XIII Reaches 5.55 Million Plus Data On Other Top Selling Games

By Spencer . May 18, 2010 . 5:41am

imageSquare Enix released a chart of their best selling games from last year and the number one selling game is Final Fantasy XIII.


From December 2009 onwards, 1.85 million copies of Lightning’s fate fighting tale were sold in Japan. Final Fantasy XIII made its debut in the West in March where it moved 1.79 million and 1.77 million units in North America and Europe, respectively. Add in sales from other regions and you have a total of 5.55 million copies of Final Fantasy XIII. Later this month, Square Enix will re-launch Final Fantasy XIII in Asia with a Chinese/Korean version.


Dragon Quest IX sold extremely well with 4.28 million units in Japan. North America hearts Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and bought 750,000 copies, a tiny bit more than Japan and Europe together. Just Cause 2 did best in Europe with 590,000 units in sales from March 26 to the end of the month. The Avalanche Studios developed game surpassed the one million milestone in April. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, a January release in Japan, already racked up 760,000 units in sales.


Despite all of the hype, Dissidia: Final Fantasy sold a modest 440,000 in North America and 380,000 in Europe. Even when combined, the sales figures are still less than Japan. On the other hand, Batman: Arkham Asylum was a hit in the West, but not in Japan. Square Enix only managed to squeak out 30,000 units after Batman: Arkham Asylum made its debut there this past January.


Overall, Square Enix had a strong year and their game’s division led the company to record profits.

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  • malek86

    Can DQ9 surpass FF13 worldwide? It’s completely destroyed it in Japan, but the series doesn’t have much appeal outside of there. And of course, FF13 will keep on selling… uhm, it might be very difficult overall.

    • Joanna

      yeah, that is an interesting thought. I wonder what the result shall be. Nintendo said they would back DQIX (I’m skeptical about this), but that could still not be enough to overtake FFXIII even with the crazy amount it sold in Japan.

  • holyPaladin

    Nice money SE had..

    Hope they use that to make great games…

  • Boy, I’ll bet Square Enix is collectively scratching their heads about how to react to Final Fantasy XIII; it’s received a lot of bad press and the overall review aggregate is the lowest in the series thus far save perhaps for some of the pre-VII installments and their various iterations. And yet, despite all that, it continues to fly off the shelves at retail on a pair of comparatively expensive systems.

    Aww, who am I kidding? They have a free ticket to print money with Final Fantasy and they’ll do whatever they damn well please regardless of what we think as long as it continues to sell. I’m happy for them, but I can’t help but feel most world-class developers would find its critical reception galling for such a cherished (and not to mention high-budget) franchise.

    For the record, I enjoyed FFXIII, so this isn’t unwarranted bile in SE’s general direction. Perhaps not quite as much as Resonance of Fate or Mass Effect 2, but it still has a lot of great qualities.

    • Aoshi00

      Yep, all about “brand”… some many games are better than FF post-X. Woes for the true quality games and new IPs like Nier. To me Nier (dubbed 2nd pillar by S-E) surpasses FF/DQ/KH in every way…But yeah, the FF brand is really tarnished for me, just get Sakaguchi and Uematsu back on board… but hey there’s still Mistwalker and Cavia, people who “care” about making a good game, not a game that prints money.

  • Mazen

    Seeing its pacing I think it may become 2nd or 3rd best selling Final Fantasy ever or maybe it will surprise us and become best selling one, very well deserved.

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