Square Enix Video Game Sales Surpass $1 Billion

By Spencer . May 18, 2010 . 2:49am

image Square Enix’s video game division stashed away a Metal Slime King’s fortune. The publisher reported 109,949 million yen – that’s $1.19 billion – of video game sales this past year. Compared to the same period a year ago, sales are up 128.4%.


Out of the $1.19 billion, 23,814 million yen ($258 million) was operating profit. In other words, Square Enix’s game division made $258 million after all of their expenses. This figure is up 254% compared to last year.


Million selling games such as Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie, Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, and Final Fantasy XIII contributed to those figures.

  • malek86

    How does it compare to the previous years like 2007 and 2006?

    At the very least, though, it seems Wada knows how to make money.

    • Overall, this is Square Enix’s best year, with respect to earnings.

  • Ereek

    I think sales will go down this year as they don’t have any big titles announced other than DQM:J (which did do well). Third Birthday is a might-possibly-come-in-2010 title, Agito and Versus are 2011 or even 2012, and XIV will likely only get a PC release in 2010.SE always has the waves of rise and fall in profit. I think SE is trying to mediate that, though, as this year seems to be SEE’s time to shine. For that matter, didn’t SE-published Just Cause 2 do well, or was that released this fiscal year, rather than last?

    • They have Birth by Sleep and (if it does as well as they and Nintendo hope), Dragon Quest IX for the overseas market. Also, Nomura hinted at at least one new KH game in Japan for this year. But yea, aside from that, I guess SEE/Eidos are going to be picking up the slack. I just can’t believe they seriously plan to put Agito and Parasite Eve out next year (outside of Japan) when there’s a new PSP scheduled for release. (…unless that’s why they’ve been delayed. Maybe they’re hoping releasing them on a new platform will help offset piracy)

      • kupomogli

        Don’t you mean “they and Sony” hope? Birth by Sleep is on the PSP. After playing the first and second KH and thinking both of them suck, it’s safe to say the series is a complete joke. I personally wouldn’t care if it’s on the PSP other than the fact that PSP will get more sales and it’s a system I want to succeed.

        • That bit in the brackets was in reference to DQIX. It isn’t really a big-seller overseas, but Nintendo are publishing IX themselves, and they’ve talked about wanting to make it succeed overseas.

          • kupomogli

            Oh oops. I read by it a little fast. Yeah I see that you meant DQ9 now.

  • Does it say anything about the layoffs that happened last year?

  • Well, i think they should have more project with eidos and other western company under them to make more WRPG , FPS or action adventure game that suits the western buyer while they should focus more on their traditional stuffs and make it better instead of making rpg to accustom the western taste themselves, cuz they are not really good in it…. They just make it very linear and lack the epicness… Because , No matter what, only people growing up from the region knows what is best to tackle the locals..

    It is best that they do not manage the production directly but only to do cgs and touch up.. If they do so… I think their company will grow even bigger.. if not, i think their sale will go down.. And allot of profit contribution are from Japan but not worldwide though..

    • I guess that its acquisitions are paying off, just by appealing to local tastes, as you said.

  • Justinzero

    I wonder what the bill for their operating costs was.

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