Final Fantasy XIV Before And After The Alpha

By Spencer . May 20, 2010 . 3:31am

Square Enix sent us a ton of Final Fantasy XIV media including comparison screenshots of the alpha and beta. A more recent build has lighting effects that weren’t in an alpha.


Alpha_Comparison1 TheDrowingDolphin1 Alpha_Comparison2TheDrowingDolphin2


Now for more screenshots from the Final Fantasy XIV.


Astalicia1 Bismarck1 Bismarck2 Bismarck3 CoralTower1 CoralTower2 Fisherman's1 Fisherman's2 N&V1 N&V2 N&V3 TheDrowingDolphin3


These are some of the NPCs created for the game. Introducing, from left to right, Baderon, Carvallain, H’naanza, and Lyngsath.

[NPC]Baderon [NPC]Carvallain [NPC]H'naanza [NPC]Lyngsath

Mimidoa, Reyner (pirate or corsair?), and Wawalago are in this row.

[NPC]Mimidoa [NPC]Reyner [NPC]Wawalago


Final Fantasy XIV is set in the realm of Eorzea, which is mapped out below.




Limsa Lominsa, the island marked with a red flag, looks something like this.


Hawkwers'_Alley1 Hawkwers'_Alley2 Mizzenmast Octant Pharos_Polaris


The city-state is home to world class chefs in Bismarck and the Knights of the Barracuda who train at the Coral Tower. Staples like a blacksmith’s, armorers’, and marauder’s guilds are in town. Want to partake in Limsa Lominsa’s natural past time? Grab a fishing rod to harvest the sea’s bounty.


While a firm release date for Final Fantasy XIV has not been announced, Square Enix still states Final Fantasy XIV will be released simultaneously around the world later this year.

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  • kupomogli

    I think Square Enix should have servers and P2P, same with 11. When servers shut down these two games will be worthless. No collectors value as everyone will own them. With P2P, players will be able to play regardless of a server being available.

    • Trotmeister

      Square Enix doesn’t give a damn about people who buy their games. Anyone who played FFXI long enough knows that.

      • Im glad i started playing when they started updating and introducing new stuff regularly to the game , that was 3 years and so ago, my boyfriend who had played it in 2005 then stopped , noticed a huge difference coming back .
        Im perfectly happy with FF11 , have good friends in linkshell , im only worried about XIV , cause my gaming time is limited due to work and stuff XD and mmos suck the life out of you xD !

  • Hraesvelgr

    Oh, wow. At first, I thought some of these were FFXI screens, then I remembered that all of the races and locations either look exactly the same or incredibly similar.

    I kind of wish they would’ve been more creative, rather than just going “FFXI-2” with it.

    • Ereek

      In motion they look quite different. XIV’s graphics are a good deal better.

  • Oh, wow. The incongruity of those childlike Tarutaru faces with moustaches is startling.

  • Not sure if I want to dip. I played Final Fantasy XI for a while, but I didn’t feel Square Enix supported the game very well and it, even by MMO standards, was startlingly tedious.

    Nice shots, though.

  • God, wtf is this? >>
    I just cant stop staring at it, is so weird…

    • Mustache rides just got a little more pedobear…

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