Cross Edge Is A “Big Hit” In Korea

By Spencer . May 21, 2010 . 11:01am

imageIt’s not quiet an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, but Cross Edge passed a milestone of their own. The crossover RPG sold enough copies in Korea to join the “big hit” budget label, South Korea’s equivalent of Greatest Hits.


Big Hit games are branded with a yellow stripe and sent back to stores with a lower price tag. Cross Edge will be re-issued on May 25 and publisher CyberFront is bundling a limited number of copies with a soundtrack CD.


One reason why Cross Edge may have been successful in Korea is that it’s actually in Korean. Many text heavy games like RPGs, from Japan and the West, are not localized. Cross Edge, games distributed by Nintendo of Korea, and some of the Shin Megami Tensei games are.


image image

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  • I’m happy it’s a hit somewhere! It’s not in my house… it sits unopened on my shelf.

  • Adding an “S” in front of the “hit” would be appropriate for this game.

    • Why is there a like button, but not a dislike button? i want to use it D:

      • BrotherCavil

        I fail to see a reason to tag a comment so true like this one under a “dislike.”


  • Glad it’s doing good there. It’s a completely under-rated game. Most people just rage-quit after getting their butt handed to them by Prinny at the start of the game. Slowdowns be damned; there are few and the game is good.

  • raymk

    its a like or hate game but i liked it, its a fan service game like it was meant to be and nothing else.

  • Cross Edge is a very unfairly maligned game.

  • runesong

    I might be in the minority, but I really enjoyed Cross Edge. I’ll take Darkstalkers anywhere I can get them. ^_^

    • Extra_Life

      I too liked Cross Edge, I just finished two weeks ago after playing it since Christmas (in between other games). I even want to play it again to get the True Ending…

      • Artavasdus

        I agree, imho Cross Edge has garnered so much bad press because many bought it without knowing what the game was about.

        Aside from its uber-low production values (but that was obvious since the game’s announcement seeing any screenshot or trailer) it was an entertaining crossover game with an unexpectedly deep gameplay that took time to master.

        The True Ending’s requirement however were a big turn off for me: they were so many and so difficult to obtain that practically nobody could get them without following a detailed walkthrough almost since the start :

        • Extra_Life

          I really quite liked the low production values. It was refreshing to enjoy a game that was great fun without being flashy, plus I’m sucker for 2D artwork and sprites, takes me back to the 90’s.

          I was, however, planning on using guide for the true ending after seeing the requirements…

    • Even if the story wasnt all that good, i enjoyed the battles :D, is what attracted me the most, too bad the dungeons were so sucky -.-

  • Woa the box is pretty cool, :D, good, cross edge’s battles are fun :D, even if the story wasnt good

  • BrotherCavil

    They’ll forget this game exists as soon as Starcraft II comes out.

    …Along with every other game ever made.

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