Look At These Armored Core: Last Raven Portable Screenshots Carefully

By Spencer . May 21, 2010 . 7:32pm

We received some codes to download Armored Core: Last Raven Portable from the PlayStation Store and hid them in these screenshots. Can you find them? If you do please say which code you used in the comments. Good luck!


ac3 ac6 ac4 ac8 ac7 ac5 ac2 ac1

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  • i got the one in the first pic :)

    ty very much

  • Used the one in the third pic. Thanks!

  • Day2Day

    I think the second one’s been gotten…
    I’ve tried it quite a few times and gotten denied…
    I think the finder just didn’t put it in the comments…

  • Darkellipse

    the 2nd code doesnt work for me, unless someone already got it

  • Volcynika

    Blah I can’t see any codes other than the used one in the first three images, and I wanted to try the game out :/

    • Maybe next time! We might do some more code things later…

  • You guys could at least mention how many codes you had… I spent the good part of an hour searching the last five images, and even had other people assist me.

    • We said on the front page a code or three… indicating three codes.

      • The post above says “some.” 8[

        Either way, awesome little promo event. Guess I should check back more frequently.

  • i wish there were more robot games like the eureka seven for ps2, where you can even go down of the robot in middle of battle and there are even hand-to-hand battles xD, i’ve never played armored core but it looks like this is just robot, am i right?

    • Kris

      There’s no such thing as “just robot.” Try Zone of the Enders 2 or Vitual On Oratorio Tangram and see how good a robot game can be.

      • oh i just played zone of the enders 1 and it was pretty good, thanks for the recomendations! when i meant just robots i meant that they spent all the time inside of the robot and you only see them out in curscenes or something like that

        • So you’re thinking more of Lost Planet? You’re pretty much outside of a mech until you get inside of one. But you can even use mech weapons when not inside of a mech.

          • I’ve never played that game o.0, gonna look it up anyway xD, but im thinking more of an Eureka seven (http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z154/Alteisan/Eureka_Seven_Vol_1_The_New_Wave_cus.jpg)There you are in the middle of a battle, and you can even get out of the mech and launch some bazookas to enemy’s mech, or even mount in your skateboard (not with wheels, it floats, just in case xD) and there were only hand-to-hand missions (you could even use weapons), “ref’s” (the skateboard i mentioned earlier) races…. and of course lots of parts for your mech, though i admit it wasnt a “super custom mech” and the story was good but short =/, but i really liked that way of “mech’s game”.

          • I own both the US-released PS2 games, as well as the entire anime, manga, and even the movie. So…I know what you’re talking about. O8

  • Can those you have successfully got the codes give some kind of hint as to what the code will look like please. I also seem to get an error when i put in a code for the sixth image, it’ll keep saying “An error occurred. (80551056)”. Have i tried to use codes too many times?

    • The codes are just small numbers and letters that have been edited into the image. They’re pretty hard to see naturally, so I recommend using the zoom feature on your browser if you have it.

      Honestly though, I don’t think there are anymore codes. The tagline on the front page mentioned “a prize or three”, indicating that there were only three codes. Two codes have already been claimed for sure while the other one seems to have been used already as well (for reference, I tried using the code in the second pic before I used the one in the third, but it had already been used even by then).

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