NIS America Makes Their WiiWare Debut With Viral Survival

By Spencer . May 24, 2010 . 4:50pm

VS_screen(1) Today, NIS America is a WiiWare publisher. They just infected Nintendo’s download service with Viral Survival.


In this game, you rescue DNA strands that link up to make a tail. While you’re collecting DNA and growing, viruses like Stress and Chaser hunt you down. In one mode the game zooms in on the lead DNA unit and sees how fast you can collect 128 lost DNA fragments. In another mode players get to fight back and shoot viruses.


NIS America licensed Viral Survival from developer O-Two Inc. Interestingly, their first WiiWare game was not Fullblast Hitchhike, a motion controlled dinosaur riding game developed by their parent company. NIS America showed it at a press event in North America, but haven’t mentioned it since.


VS_screen(11) VS_screen(12) VS_screen(13) VS_screen(14) VS_screen(15) VS_screen(16) VS_screen(17) VS_screen(18) VS_screen(19) VS_screen(20)

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  • shion16

    looks great
    but i dont have wii points :(

    • Ereek

      Would it really be so hard for Nintendo and Microsoft to get rid of the whole points system and instead use real money? This is one thing Sony did do right over the other companies.

      • Aoshi00

        I actually like points though, even though it’s kinda pretentious, because it saves on tax.. I need to pay sales 7% tax buying Wiiware and PSN games, but no tax for MS points. Also it’s more likely point cards would be put on sale like I got my 1600 MS point card for $16.54, so I saved like 20% there plus no tax. But w/ money card, chances are they won’t sell you a $20 PSN card for less than $20 (though I did get some from Target on sale for $17), but I still need to pay tax when I buy games from PSN :(… like the recent Nier DLC, 560 points is like $5.60 for me, but on PS3 it’d be like $6.99 + tax. I know I’m kind of cheapskate, but I like saving when buying online games, I think charging tax is just stupid, Wii didn’t use to do that at the beginning.

        • Ereek

          They should at least allow for both. I, for one, refuse to use the point systems, as I find them ridiculous. Flexibility is the key. Give your consumers choice.

          • Aoshi00

            I think they’re the same thing though, Wii needs you to at least buy 1000 pts which is $10, but PSN also only allows you to add money at an increment of $5 into your wallet, like if I’m getting the $6.99 Nier DLC, I would still need to pay $10 up front, and have like $2.5 leftover sitting in my account. You are free to purchase MS points on Live at any time too if you’re not worried about your credit card info being vulnerable. I have to commend Nintendo for letting people buy Jpn Wii points w/ US credit card though, importing Jpn Playstation tickets and MS point cards are so expensive. But if I see anything I like on the Jpn Wiiware or DSiware, I could just buy it right there (there’s like a currency exchange fee, but that’s like tax here), provided you have a Jpn Wii/DSi of course.

            Yeah, the MS points do give an illusion you’re paying less, I feel a 1200 MS pt game is cheaper than a $14.99 PSN game.. but the truth is it’s actually cheaper for me, ~$12 vs. $15+tax.

          • Ereek

            PSN also only allows you to add money at an increment of $5 into your wallet,

            Erm, what? No,you’re wrong here I just recently put $6.99 into my wallet, not $10. Perhaps it’s a regional thing?

          • Aoshi00

            strange… every time I buy something on PSN it asks me to put $5 in there.. so I always have change left, maybe it’s some setting or something.. I’m in the US though.

          • nyoron

            If you’re just adding money to your wallet by itself, $5 is the smallest increment you can do. But if you add everything to your cart first, and go to the checkout, it should let you add the exact amount of the purchase to your wallet.

            At least that’s how I remember it working, I haven’t bought anything in a while.

          • Ereek

            Replying up here because Siliconera is disagreeing with me at the moment.

            Okay, here’s part of the problem:

            1. I don’t get taxed on PSN. My US account is in California. That’s one difference between us.

            2. I don’t add funds manually. I put my game in the Basket and then select “add this amount.” Perhaps that’s why I can get the specific amount?

          • Aoshi00

            Right, I forgot some states don’t get charged tax, guess it’s kind of like the Amazon thing where a handful of states need to pay sales tax which sucks… Well, point or no, I like to buy in bulk anyway if I means I’m saving some money :) I’m cheap that way, I always calculate the dollar to point conversion. like 1600 MS pt card which normally cost $20 on sale for $16.54 would give me a almost 1:1 ratio so I bought 3 cards, or getting a 3000 yen PSN ticket for $41.90, would be like a dollar getting 71.60 yen.. I’m a penny pincer when it comes to getting DLC or downloadable games. I don’t mind having extra points sitting in my account if I bought them for cheaper in the first place.

      • crunc

        For me points work out way better then $ (or your favorite currency), as I get my points at steep discounts via various means, mostly buying and trading to gamestop, amazon and other places when the getting’s good. I probably pay, on average, 50% to 60% of face value, but the calculation gets complicated so it’s hard to say exactly how much. In any case, much less then face value. In fact, in the case of Wii points, I have a stash of points that I payed less then 20% of face value for – a while back Pepsi had a Rock Band contest in which you got free tracks, but on the Wii they had to provide the spoils in the form of 200 point allotments that didn’t really have to be used on Rock Band. I bought pepsi caps on ebay, and playing the contest strategically, won way more often then I lost, making a tidy points profit.

  • LastFootnote

    I’ve bought a lot of games I didn’t really want all that much in order to support NISA, but that’s pretty much on hold until they announce whether or not they’re going to localize all the NIS-developed games for the PSP that I want.

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