Pokémon Black and White Coming To North America In Spring 2011

By Spencer . May 28, 2010 . 12:22pm

Nintendo got one E3 announcement out of the way early. They just confirmed Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version for North America.


Pokémon Black and White have a new storyline, region, and, of course, new legendary Pokémon to catch. Look for both games, Zekrom, and Reshiram in spring 2011.



Legendary Pokémon Zekrom from Pokémon White Version



Legendary Pokémon Reshiram from Pokémon Black Version

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  • Wow the post kinda took a time xD but those Quality Images of the legendaries worthed the wait! Thanks!

    • urbanscholar

      I’m so buying black based off that pokemon’s design. I really hope those rumors of new types are just rumors. I don’t need more hours of type studies please.

  • karasuKumo

    Zekrom looks part jet :P and Reshiram looks like Palkias deformed ghost :( What happened to legendaries or even pokemon in general being based off real animals? :S

  • I hope Zekrom is Psychic/Dark, so that I’ll be FINALLY convinced that Game Freak doesn’t have a bias in favor of Psychic types.

    • TomSkylark

      Over at Pokebeach, they’re “reporting” that both are dual-types, with one of those types being Dragon. It seems likely that Zekrom will be Dark/Dragon, which we haven’t had yet. As for the other, who knows?

      • A Dragon, weak against Fighting-types!? Weaker than weaksauce! If anything, it should be Psychic/Dark, so that it would have one weakness; while we’re at it, let’s crank it up to 11 by hoping that it has Wonder Guard, should it be Psychic/Dark, and it’s a guaranteed Uber.

        As for Reshiram, it should be Water/Dragon, so that it would have only 1 weakness and Wonder Guard as its ability. :)

        • ElTopo

          How about not having a copious amount overpowered ridiculous legendaries. Yeah that would be nice.

          • But, official Nintendo tournaments are UBERS.

        • TomSkylark

          Eh, we’ve already had a Water/Dragon, I’d like to see them mix it up a bit. And everything has to be weak to at least something.

          Personally, I’m just hoping we don’t get three ridiculously useless “cute” mascots in addition to these two–Generation IV was far too legendary heavy on them, and it delegated far much to post-National Dex content as a result. Moreover, they need to come up with a more regular way to release legendaries over wifi–all this “You still have to go to Toys ‘R Us or Gamestop” business is really silly.

          Granted, Nintendo seems to persist in thinking that the only thing the internet does is rape children, so I’m guessing there’s no point in hoping they’d implement more intuitive online features.

          • Joanna

            yeah, that would be nice, especially for people like me, who live in Canada, and never get these events. Why do you leave Canada out Nintendo? :(

            Yeah Nintendo of Canada sucks, it’s small compared to NoA and doesn’t have any events.

          • “And everything has to be weak to at least something.”

            Spiritomb and Sableye would like to say “Hi!” to you.

          • TomSkylark

            That may be so, but they’re also two out of 500. Moreover, look at their stats and movesets–Sableye’s stats are downright embarrassing. Spiritomb isn’t half as bad, especially with its ability, but its speed is pretty caustic, especially since you can’t give it Trick Room. They might not have type weaknesses, but they’re certainly pretty weak in general. Making a version mascot legendary with the usual stats but no weaknesses would be heinously broken by contrast, wouldn’t it?

            I guess the other thing is that I simply don’t really like how pervasive Legendaries (or pokemon you can only get post-game) have become as a concept, or at least I don’t think there should be as many in this generation as there were in Gen IV.

            One version-specific legendary per version and then the usual set of three legendaries is great, but throwing on twice or three times as many gets sort of silly, especially when so many of them are only available from distribution services Nintendo/Gamefreak/Pokemon Co. won’t fully bring up to speed.

  • heartless141

    so i’m guessing Reshiram is a male?

  • Legendaries? Meh.

    • LastFootnote


  • Pichi

    I like how people are mystified that GameFreak made colors opposite. People wanting to get Zekrom are saying they will get the Black version, when it’ll be the mascot for the White version. Nice change up there, GF.

  • nyoron

    I wish they’d start giving Pokemon games a simultaneous global launch already.

  • kylehyde

    I’ll get the white version, Zekrom looks really awesome to me, at least looks better than palkia and dialga.

  • luckgandor

    I really like both of them. Much cooler than the cover legendaries for the 4th gen.

  • Guest

    I’m still getting White version even though I like Reshiram more, its why they invented trading. =P

  • MrRobbyM

    I think Reshiram would look cooler if it’s face was a little more bird like. Other than that, I really like the designs. Much better than Palkia.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    And thus we also are given the release window for 3DS in the US.

    • ElTopo

      Its for the DS, I doubt this game will coincide with the 3DS launch.

  • Joanna

    I’m still unsure which version to pick, but I’m now leaning toward Pokemon White because I think the Black legendary looks a bit better.

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