Final Fantasy Versus XIII Progress Update From Square Enix Super Tweeter

By Spencer . May 30, 2010 . 1:41am

imageSquare Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII team and super tweeter Shinji Hashimoto stopped by Seoul to promote the recently released Korean version. While on tour, Korean site Gameshot asked Hashimoto about the status of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.


“Although, it’s taking some time, development is progressing and we will display it at the proper time,” Hashimoto, Senior VP, replied. “We have the 13 localization and 14, it will come probably after that, I believe.”


Final Fantasy XIV is scheduled for a release worldwide this year. So, maybe we’ll see Final Fantasy Versus XIII sometime in 2011 or 2012.

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  • mach

    Honestly. They should just change it’s name to Final Fantasy XV, since at this rate it’ll probably be the last major FF release for this generation.

    • Aoshi00

      I wholeheartedly agree. Calling multiple games XIII was somewhat ridiculous in the first place. I think it’s befitting to give such a self contained title a different number. Technically this should be called XIV anyway and the other one should be appropriately named “Online 2”. At this rate, it would be another decade before a proper numbered FF comes out. What the heck does “Versus XIII” mean anyway…

      • Kaoro

        I think the “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” name would have only appropriate if Versus released before XIV. Now it just seems like a potential source of confusion for people who are not as familiar with the series. Versus 13 coming after mainline 14? Horrible planning on SE’s part.

        Versus is turning into my personal Duke Nukem Forever. I half expect XV to be announced at E3 and have it release before Versus, too ;).

        • Aoshi00

          If the Online game isn’t called XIV it’d still be okay though, like Crystal Chronicles has its own brand, but they had to buck the trend w/ XI. MMORPG has no business of getting a number. You’re right, Versus XIII would most likely come after XIV, which I don’t mind too much, take all the time they need to make it a good game instead of a mediocre one. Probably too late at this point to change this to FFXV huh?

      • SeventhEvening

        Well, given how it is supposed to be more action oriented, I’m not sure it should be a full number either. I wish the kept the numbered series somewhat pure, but no…

        Originally it was supposed to take place in the same universe, which would make it kind of like X-2, but now SE is dodging that question a bit making it more ambiguous. If it winds up totally different from XIII it has no business carrying that number.

        • Aoshi00

          Very true, but at least it’s not online and more in line w/ the main series.. I have a hard time imagining Versus being in the same world of Cocoon and Gran Pulse, maybe the same world in a different time but that’s still far fetched, don’t even mention Agito, another Harry Potter boarding school somewhere.. I thought the whole Fabula Nova Crystallis FFXIII thing was a cheap marketing ploy anyway, when they first announced there would be not one but three FFXIIIs.. I think they should scrap the name Versus and call it XV, Nomura might appreciate that (helming a real FF, at least in name)

          • Part of me thinks it’s going to be in the same universe, just in the distant past (or future I suppose). Like 10 supposedly takes place in the same universe as Vii. It’s a possibility I suppose.

  • karasuKumo

    I’m annoyed it’s taking this long but it must be bloody amazing then. It’s nice too hear something the information has been low :P

  • epy

    Hmm, hope the unavoidable 360 port doesn’t delay the game even further. Next time just develop all main Final Fantasies as multi-platform from the very beginning without all this “its exclusive for PS3. No, really. Ok, it isnt.” crap.

    • Or they could do the smart thing and just make them PS3 exclusive, since, you know that is where the majority of their sales are (although I do think that Front Mission Evolved will definitely sell more on the 360, since it appeals more to that type of gamer).

  • animaster

    I thought the interview also includes a hint on possible remake of FFVII. He said that FFVII remake would probably take about 10 times more work than FFXIII development … or something like that. (source:

    • Pichi

      Sounds like more of an excuse to not do the FFVII remake…

      • animaster

        I hope they don’t think that way …

  • I don’t know, Square Enix has been very iffy lately. I mean, look how long it took to release 13… Don’t get me wrong, it was a good game, but I was by no means blown away

    Sometimes I wish Square Enix would go back to how their ps1 games were made, with the overview map and everything, even if they had to tone down the graphics i’m sure most fans wouldn’t mind

    • Joanna

      Actually I wish they would go back to their SNES days. FFs IV-VI were some of the best ones.

  • BrotherCavil

    Ridiculous. A game that was announced at the same time as FF13…isn’t even close to being finished when FF14 is about to come out. Nomura can’t prioritize his crap worth frak. I’ve lost all interest at this point.

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