Final Fantasy XIII Producer Discusses Future Final Fantasy Projects

By Spencer . May 31, 2010 . 4:36am

imageYoshinori Kitase, Producer of Final Fantasy XIII, has something else to say about a Final Fantasy VII remake.


“We received this question from many countries [laughs]. It took 3-4 years to make Final Fantasy XIII with this quality level, making Final Fantasy VII like Final Fantasy XIII would take 10 times the time therefore it is a difficult project to start immediately. However, we always keep the many requests in mind,” said Kitase, at a launch event in South Korea, according to Gameshot.


Gameshot also snuck in a question about an unannounced game, Final Fantasy XV, and asked Kitase if he has plans to work on it. “We don’t have any plans after 13. I have been working with Toriyama for a number of years. In the future, it would be great to work with him again.”

  • Can we take this as a confirmation that there will be an FF7 remake, to be released in 2040?

    • yh!! xD and dont forget th Chocobo breeding thing LOL…

  • hyuver

    *Yawn*They should really stop teasing us with this bullshit, either make the game or stop spreading false hope for the fans.I was interested when the remake issue surface during PS2 era, but I am growing tired because they keep giving us false hope.I am not really interested in it anymore, plus they need to bring back Sakaguchi and co if they intend to do the remake, FFVII is not the same without Sakaguchi, if Nomura became the director for the remake I doubt I will like it. I hate Advent Children, the selling point of that movie is just the pretty boy and how they pose in front of the camera

    • sasuke222

      Advent Children was a great movie I saw nothing wrong with it.

      • karasuKumo

        Same, I love the story it’s my favourite film. But I agree Cloud got too much screentime.

        • Moriken

          Wasn’t the story just an excuse for action scenes and Sephiroth?

    • Aoshi00

      Would be nice if they get Sakaguchi and Uematsu back on board, but such collaboration would be quite unlikely, as the Gooch is kind of sticking it to S-E ever since, what w/ “Lost Odyssey” and “The Last Story”. I can’t say for the latter yet, but Lost Odyssey is alrdy better than the last 3 FFs since X.Yes Nomura is about style over substance, from design to film direction (Advent Children action not confusing? If there’s ever a true cause of motion sickness, I think that would be it). Kitase is okay, but I don’t like Toriyama Motomu (X-2 / XIII).

    • BrotherCavil

      They never spread ANY kind of false hope… It’s just you all getting excited over something that clearly doesn’t even have a semblance of existence, then whining about it and pointing fingers at them.

      True story.

      • hyuver

        Ok I admit I was excited for it in the past like 5-6 years ago but I am growing tired of it and will just wait for concrete statement from SE before I get my hope out on the remake.

        But then again I don’t think I am wrong when I said they are giving false hope when they keep talking about FF7 remake when there is still no plan for them to start making the game, especially when they talk about it during the release of new FF games. I remember back in February month before FF13 released SE keep making headline news for unimportant thing like
        “I think Avatar was inspired by FF13”,
        “I would like to see FF13 in 3D”,
        “FFv13 have airship, might not made it on time for e3”
        “FF7 would take 300 people(iirc) to make and longer development time”
        “Which old FF games that the producer/director of FF13 would like to remake the most”
        and many more

        For me all this talk about FF7 remake is just one of the way SE trying to milk money from die hard FF7 fan to buy their game. It’s one of indirect way of saying
        “If you want FF7 remake, then buy the new FF! The more it sell higher chance we will do the remake!”

        Well it just my opinion, expect some talk about FF7 remake again during the release of FFvXIII or FFXV

        • mach

          Except that most of those headlines come from interviewers explicitly asking Square-Enix about the possibility of a remake. It’s not like they just issue a press release that says “A FFVII remake would be really, REALLY hard”. People ask them questions, and they answer.

          If you want to blame someone, blame all the interviewers who keep asking the same question over and over.

          • Aoshi00

            W/ these two amazing FF7 intros out, I don’t think ANYONE should be blamed for such expectation. It’s not like “hey here’s a PS3 demo showcasing what a next gen FF7 remake could look like, but after you watch it, forget about it OK?” Or after you watched the last CG sequence in the Crisis Core ending leading up to the beginning of FF7 and then see the words “to be continued”, “but… don’t expect any followthru, just forget about it K? It’s done” you know. liked the original FF7 and certainly would not mind a remake, but I won’t die if there isn’t one, I understand the difficulties and obstacles making one, so I understand S-E’s point of view (but who would be stupid enough to deny such a “possibility” flat out). I’m not holding my breath, but if there ever were one, I would buy it day 1, I would gladly pay to S-E for 2 copies (Eng/Jpn). For those who don’t like FF7 or a remake, just don’t buy it. Why such argument?

          • mach

            Sorry, but all of that just sounds like wishful thinking. Square made a PS2 tech demo using Final Fantasy VIII, but no one took it as a sign that the game was being remade for PS2. Why is this PS3 demo different?

            As for the “To Be Continued” in CC, that’s an obvious reference to the fact that the main plot picks up in the original FFVII. It’s not an obvious tease about a remake.

            People are only seeing what they want to see.

          • Aoshi00

            Let’s face it, many things get remade, especially a successful and famous movie or game. If anything deserves a remake, it’s FF7, the first 3D FF propelling RPG into a mainstream genre of video gaming back then. There’s no point arguing if there is a potential remake or there isn’t a potential remake. Note the word “potential”. But I think we could all agree on these facts, fans want a remake, a remake would make a lot of money, S-E wants money so they would “want” to do a remake. Is it doable or worth doing, that’s up to S-E. Going back and forth about whether FF7 was a good game, could surpass the original in terms of presentation/gameplay, or worthy to be remade is totally moot and a different subject. Fans seeing what they want to see sure, who doesn’t want a FF7 w/ FFXIII’s graphics. Okay, forget the PS3 tech demo or Crisis Core ending, how about Dirge of Cerbersus, Advent Children CG movie. It’s common sense S-E doesn’t mind milking FF7. I actually don’t want prequels or sequels, I just want a remake. What do people ask S-E if they’re remaking 7, but not 6,8,or 9? Because so far we have not seen compilation of FF6,8, or 9. It’s pretty simple isn’t it? It was the most influential installment, in terms of technical merit at the time or attracting more gamers into the RPG genre. None of the other stuffs were revolutionary on groundbreaking per se, there was sprites pre-FF7, and there was 3-D post-FF7.It was like back then when they added anime cutscenes to the Playstation ver. of Chrono Trigger, I thought to myself a full anime of CT would be pretty cool. When people see what they like, why do you want to blame them for wanting to see more? It’s all demand and supply.

      • Aoshi00

        They kind of did… wouldn’t you say that’s enough tease? In addition to the PS3 tech demo, there was also the epilogue in Crisis Core.

        • BrotherCavil

          That’s not false hope…that’s all of you interpreting something, when they’ve been damn adamant about not making the game for the better part of half a decade. The ending is very much a clear, and clever homage and awesome set up. Not a tease.

  • If they want to do a remake, make FF9 not FF7 fkc

    • MisterNiwa

      Or rather FF6.

      • I’m onboard with this idea.

      • Ever since they started doing the older remakes I’ve been only waiting for this…. soooo, Squeenix, hurry up already!! ;_;

    • epy

      I must be the only one that wants a FFV remake. I’ll even take it on the DS, just do it.

  • MisterNiwa

    For such a well known Company like Square Enix to be such whiny “insert bad word” is really hilarious.

    They do complain about the next gen being to hard to work on, they complain that cities are too much work to do and then they say something like that..

    Lost Odyssey had like.. several Towns and a bunch of Cities, wonderful Cities, and that was made from a small studio compared to Square Enix…

    Thats sad. :I

    • Aoshi00

      I know, while I try to understand their position (of wanting to doing a remake, it’s just simple math it will print money, but resources and time post an obstacle), I really find it strange they would stress the difficulty so many times, are they really that bad w/ the next gen technology? It’s really disappointing this is the best that they could do w/ FFXIII in 4 yrs, that they can only make good graphics at the expense of gameplay, can’t they do both like many developers? There are many games w/ size 5-10 times as big as FFXIII and much more things to do. Lost Odyssey had a variety of explorable towns and cities like you said, it felt like a bigger game to me. Even Alan Wake’s Pacific Northwest felt bigger, more beautiful, and more interesting than Cocoon/Gran Pulse combined. And Red Dead Redemption making player feel he’s in the wild West. (I know it’s a diff. type of game and based on a real location, but the world felt big and immersive instead of restrictive). Well, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about a potential remake when they showed the PS3 tech demo of the train scene, especially when I saw its variation again after beating Crisis Core. My take is I’m not holding my breath, but if they do ever make it, I’ll buy it (2 copies, I’m not kidding you). I have nto lost interest yet, but now I’m not hopeful either.Toriyama!? Can we have Chrono Break :)? Wait, must abandon hope….

      • MisterNiwa

        What will happen if Toriyama isnt around anymore? ;_;

        • Aoshi00

          Which is why they need to do Chrono Break before it is too late (like wait till Dragon Shiryu’s VA to pass away before finally wrapping up the Saint Seiya Hades arc, so the five bronze saints having original cast is impossible now..). Toriyama is not that old though (55), Goku’s voice actress is 73 and still sounds energetic as ever. I’m glad they are doing Kai before it’s too late :) Boy am I feeling my age…

          • MisterNiwa

            I’m 17, how old are you? :D

          • Aoshi00

            Holy, didn’t realize you’re that young…. um… going on 31 in 3 months lol.. good to be young :) passing 30 last year was quite a shock to me. I think my gaming days are almost over…

          • MisterNiwa

            Hardy Harr Harr.

            Well I still need to play Chrono Cross. :I I herd its better than Chrono Trigger but I never really got to play it.

          • Woah, I would have never thought that either. XD

            And Aoshiii… nooo, you’re gaming days are far from over! *pats* You’re not old! :) *saunters off to finally reply to a certain email*

          • Aoshi00

            Thanks for the kind words (and long e-mail, will reply later :)! Well, once I’m married w/ a kid, we’ll see what the mrs would have to say about that lol Maybe it’d just be Wii sports resort w/ the family :)

          • Moriken

            Didn’t they actually censor Kai?
            I only watched it ’till Goku got pierced by Piccolo in the battle vs. Vegeta. I’m pretty sure there was supposed to be blood somewhere…

          • Aoshi00

            They did some touch-up (since some cuts are damaged beyond repair in the remastering process), but only very minimal. Maybe a couple of instances like Goku getting blown a hole in his body by Piccolo, or when Yamcha got stabbed by android No. 20 (in the latest ep 59), you don’t see no. 20’s hand drenched w/ blood, but when he pulls out his hand, blood gushes out of Yamcha’s body and drips on the floor. Overall Kai doesn’t have any useless fillers/drag-ons and resembles Toriyama’s original manga much more.

            I alrdy bought the orange bricks and now getting the Dragon sets, I’ll collect Kai eventually when they come out w/ a set. Right now triple dipping seems a bit too much.

  • cmurph666

    FFVII Remake. Coming 2017. 20 Year Anniversary. Heard it hear first.

  • evilmoogle

    FF7 remake?
    man, screw that!

    Give me something, that ain’t FinalMilking 7.

    • I’d go for a new Bushido Blade.

      • No, argument from me on that one. Hell, the other day, in the embarrassing gaming moment thread, I was talking about how much I’d love to see a Bushido Blade 3.

  • Every day, I hate Wada even more. See, I don’t see why they don’t just make a VII-2, with the story threads that were left open with Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus, but hey, I also don’t see why they keep falling over themselves to please Microsoft when the majority of 360 owners don’t care about their products.

    Seriously, though, I’d like to see a VII remake, simply because I’ve met a whole generation of gamers who won’t play the original because the graphics aren’t good enough. There’s some great story there and it’s sad that it’ll get missed just because the characters look like abstract art.

    • Aoshi00

      I don’t think anybody wants a VII-2 (wasn’t that Dirge anyway?) just like nobody wanted a X-2, X didn’t need a sequel, none of the FFs do. People are alrdy tired of S-E milking the FFVII “compilation” to death. Dirge was horrible, so was the Advent children movie other than dazzling but dizziness inducing CG eye candy. The only remotely good thing out of the compilation was the prequel Crisis Core. The original game was good, if somehow they could give a face lift, good for them (and we don’t need a PSP remake either, that’s Crisis Core, I would take a PS2 remake, I just don’t feel like playing a 70-hr RPG on a small portable screen). If not (like they said they CAN’T do it, FFXIII took 4 yrs, x10 would need 40 yrs), just let it go, we don’t need a long string of FFVIIs. Don’t mess w/ something good in our memory *cough* Star Wars Ep 1-3 *cough* (now we need to live w/ Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen being Vader). And Microsoft certainly has nothing to do w/ them requiring “40 yrs” to do a FF7 remake.

      • Oh, Microsoft has nothing to do with it, I was just making an observation about one of the many things that Wada is doing wrong. Two different subjects really.

        Back to the subject at hand, I have only seen Crisis Core videos on Youtube, I can only go by people’s word that it’s good, as I don’t play portable systems, butI found Dirge to be better than I expected, at least better than people were telling me it was. Advent Children: Complete, at least, was good. And if you got the secret ending of Dirge, it hinted at another story taking place after. What I would like to see would be a full on sequel to VII. A turn-based RPG with Cloud, Tifa, Barrett, all them, taking place after Dirge of Cerebus when Genesis returns. He did tell Weiss that there was much work to do. That would be the perfect bookend to the series.

        I think that a full-on sequel to VII would be a huge seller if it were for the current gen systems, as long as it was an actual RPG and not an action game like Dirge was.

        • Aoshi00

          Dirge was not an action RPG, it was a shooter, a flawed one at that before they fixed all the problems in the US ver, as usual. I rarely play portable games either but Crisis Core was good, I haven’t seen many FF7 fans who did not like Crisis Core. If you put it that way, just about anything COULD have a sequel, but is it necessary? If even remaking FF7 (where the story and gameplay alrdy exist) is as hard as S-E claims to be, I doubt they would want to make a sequel from scratch which would take even more time. Turn based, I’m not sure, that’s very rare these days and even the Last Story is not going to have that. People want “action”. Why using FFXIII as the standard? Because it’s the next-… wait.. um.. current-gen?

          • I said “action game” not “action RPG.” It isn’t an RPG in any way. And honestly, I don’t think it’s as hard as they’re saying. As someone said above, if it takes you 40 years to make a game like that, then you need better programmers.

          • Aoshi00

            Yep, it’s quite unbelievable, but here they are repeating “We WANT to do a remake, but at the current moment, it’s beyond our power”. So yes, that casts a doubt on their ability to make next gen games, w/ good gameplay and graphics up to today’s standard.

  • malek86

    Why would people want a FF7 remake anyway? Do they really crave the thought of replaying a game that they already played a thousand times, but with better graphics, that much?

    And besides, considering the Squenix of today, it might even end up being bad. And people would whine that the original was much better and that Squenix should have never bothered. It doesn’t sound like an impossible scenario, if you ask me.

    • Aoshi00

      The point is it would be cool to see one of your favorite works (be it movie, book, game, etc) given a facelift, like how you had the animated series in the 90’s, or the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton Batman, Chris Nolan/ Christian Bale Batman movies. Who wants to see Adam West in tights today right? And we do people need to keep seeing a new Batman for a new generation?Just like the recent anime Aoi Bungaku series, animating six modern Jpn classic novels, like Kokoro or Ningen Shikkaku (it’s even made into a live action movie) w/ art design by Obata Takeshi. Sure, it’s only one small bit from the book, but nonetheless cool to see it interpreted differently and artistically in another form of medium (Sensei looking like Light from Death Note :)FFVII was a great game (might not be to some), but admittedly it is outdated now, looks like lego blocks. In other words it has not aged well. If I were to show somebody the Maison Ikkoku anime (made in the 80’s) today, it still holds up and doesn’t need to be redrawn. So it would be nice if it could be remade w/ PS2 or PS3 graphics. Just like when I was playing Blue Dragon a couple of years back, I thought to myself “Hm.. if Chrono Trigger were to be remade in 3D looking like this, it would be pretty cool”. It’s not like I would die if there isn’t a Chrono Trigger remake, and Chrono Break is some lost dream.. You’re right, w/ S-E being vastly different today, remake might not satisfy old or new fans alike. Why do people want a remake? Because the showed the awesome ~2 min train scene tech demo to pique the interest of millions of fans maybe?Again, I do agree w/ you, after so long, a remake might not live up to old fans’ expectation. Like the world-famous classic anime Saint Seiya, the Hades OVA was not made in the 90’s after the run of the TV series, but when it finally did get made several years back, the animation was not as good as the old staff from the late 80’s, some of the old seiyuu cast passed away, and old voice actors being replaced because the author thought they sounded too old (which is a bad decision), etc, the titular character Seiya wasn’t even voiced by Furuya Tohru (he was voiced by Tidus/Ichigo from Bleach lol). Just don’t add the unnecessary prequels and sequels anymore. FFVII which did not have voice acting originally would not have that problem. And note to S-E, not every single line of dialogue has to be dubbed.All I can say is if there ever were a FF7 remake, I won’t mind buying it.

    • Alexander9

      I feel the same way. I think I look at FF7 like a classic movie that doesn’t need a remake. I still love it’s graphics, so I don’t really care about seeing a prettier version. However, if they added a significant amount of new stuff, then I would definitely be into the idea.

      I’m much more interested in a sequel (hopefully rpg) to Dirge, considering there wasn’t complete closure at the end. I think a final rpg game would be the perfect way to end FF7. Hell, if they’re too lazy to do that, then just make a CG movie that’s better story wise than Advent Children. I love AC, seen it a million times, but that plot was messed up.

      • Aoshi00

        I liked the 1998 modern movie remake of Great Expectations w/ Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow, I thought it was beautiful and a great interpretation of the Dickens novel.I feel different w/ FF7, I want the gameplay to stay relatively the same or like Lost Odyssey, only looking like FFX or FFXIII. So if they didn’t manage to give a good story to Advent Children (people were jumping, flying, riding bikes, and fighting for 2 hrs w/ impossible camera angles), you think they would do a better job w/ a game sequel? Sequels rarely exceed the original, other than a few like Terminator 2. The more they add things the more they mess it up. Remember, prior to the infamous X-2, there was never a sequel to any FF.

      • RupanIII

        I totally agree about FF7’s graphics. I guess it’s different for someone growing up on PS3/HD stuff, but to me the amount of detail crammed into those pre-rendered backgrounds is still something to behold. And as far as the characters go, imo there’s a certain charm to the blocky/distorted polygon chibi style models that can’t be replicated by slick realism. I like your classic movie comparison. You won’t find many people in favor of remaking Casablanca with HD cameras and today’s celebrities (well aside from greedy execs perhaps), and I don’t see it being too much different with games. In either case the updates would totally change the feel and aesthetic of the original worlds, and likely not for the better.

  • karasuKumo

    “therefore it is a difficult project to start immediately”

    I believe they are already working on it, maybe since advent children complete. I’m getting ahead of myself lol but how they said that it sounds suspicious. Take out that pointless cross dressing and sexual crap and it would take less time to make >:|

  • keyboy7

    did i read this right?
    It took 3-4 years to make FF13, and it would take 10x the time to remake FF7…

    *calculates in head* *checks on actual calculator*

    Buddy, if it takes you 30-40 years to give a game that was made more than to years ago HD graphics, YOU NEED TO GET SOME DEVELOPERS THAT DON’T HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE.
    not that i want the remake. give me FF6 instead. or 9. 9 would be sweet.

  • keyboy7

    WAIT WAIT WAIT. did i read this right?It took 3-4 years to make FF13, and it would take 10x the time to remake FF7…*calculates in head* *checks on actual calculator*Buddy, if it takes you 30-40 years to give a game that was made more than 10 years ago HD graphics, YOU NEED TO GET SOME DEVELOPERS THAT DON’T HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE.not that i want the remake. give me FF6 instead. or 9. 9 would be sweet.

    • Moriken

      VI would be way more interesting, since the jump from 2 to 3D should make QUITE a visual difference :D

  • Tofuuu

    People are probably gonna be pissed at me for saying this but I really need to say it hahahaI read this comment in a Game Informer issue a month or two back concerning WoW and i felt it hit the target in the bull’s-eye. “People who like WoW can’t get enough of it, people who don’t could care less about it.” I really feel the same applies to FFVII. FFVII fans are obsessed with the lore and all the merchandise/products that comes with it — they want to hear more about upcoming FFVII releases. People who are not as deeply into FFVII have played the game once and maybe even seen the movie and are completely satisfied — they don’t need anything extra to enjoy the moment. I’ve played the game, it’s a good RPG, but i didn’t feel that it was as epic as everyone hypes it up to be. To me, playing it just once was enough = and by pissed i mean because i’m comparing FFVII to a game of a completely different level like WoW lol (not saying that it’s better or worse, just that it’s a different level hahaha)

  • You know what I keep wondering, too? Why would a FFVII remake even have to be to FFXIII standards? Why not just update the character models to this gen quality, keep the pre-rendered backgrounds (but up their resolution), re-arrange the music, and add voice to the CG cut scenes (which would also have the newer style characters)? Sure, it’s not like you could pull that off in a month, but a year? Maybe a year and a half? That doesn’t sound like too hard a prospect. The only thing you’d have to do from scratch would be the mini-games and the racing parts.

    • malek86

      Can’t see that working. Not after you’ve teased everyone with a full-blown 3D cinematic intro.Really, Squenix kinda brought it upon themselves with that tech demo. Although admittedly we didn’t see people whining about an FF8 remake during the PS2 days. But that was probably because everyone thought FF8 sucked anyway.Well, I guess people will eventually forget about this whole ordeal. And then we can go on with our lives and keep on playing new, different RPGs.

      • Alexander9

        “But that was probably because everyone thought FF8 sucked anyway.”

        Why do you speak blasphemy?

        • Come on, 8 was awful. Well, it didn’t start out that way, but once it got to the orphanage twist, it killed any and all momentum the game had up until that point.

          • Alexander9

            Yeah, that orphanage thing was kinda weird, but it didn’t come close to ruining the story for me.

  • holyPaladin

    Give me new Chrono and they can forget FF VII… =p
    That franchise too much exploited

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