Dissidia: Final Fantasy Downloaded Illegally Over 5 Million Times

By Spencer . June 9, 2010 . 12:09am

imageCESA, short for Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association, has been tracking illegal downloads of top selling handheld games. Out of all the titles – DS and PSP – Dissidia: Final Fantasy was downloaded the most.


According to their data, the PSP game was downloaded 5,281,223 times. CESA estimates a loss of 30,631,093,400 yen ($335 million) in sales. The dollar amount is questionable due to used game sales, price drops, and people who would never have purchased Dissidia anyway. In spite of those factors that number is still staggering.


These are some of the other top pirated PSP games developed in Japan.


Phantasy Star Portable 2
4,665,510 downloads worth 22,394 million yen ($245 million)

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce
2,072,942 downloads worth 9,950 million yen ($109 million)

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
1,820,282 downloads worth 8,322 million yen ($91 million)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
1,223,881 downloads worth 7,098 million yen ($77 million)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Gundam Next Plus
1,1187,341 downloads worth 7,100 million yen ($77 million)

Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2
1,131,319 downloads worth 5,603 million yen ($61 million)


Not all top selling PSP games were heavily pirated. Konami’s Power Pros Portable 3 is the 12th best selling game and it was only downloaded 4,358 times. SD Gundam G Generation Portable, the 20th title in Japan, also had a comparatively low piracy rate with only 65,112 downloads.


It appears PSP piracy increased greatly when you compare Phantasy Star Portable and Phantasy Star Portable 2. Phantasy Star Portable, released in 2008, only has 665,320 downloads, a fraction of the 4.6 million downloads of the 2009 sequel.


CESA’s figures the top 20 selling games in Japan were downloaded 23,249,418 and cost the industry 118 billion in damages.

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  • One wonders how something like this would stack against titles on the DS or any other console for illegal downloads. Outside of the PS3, all of this gen’s gaming systems are susceptible but most of the downloads would come from people that weren’t going to spend the money anyways.

    • Check back in a few minutes and you’ll find out :)

      • jarrodand

        Any chance we’ll get figures for 360 or Wii as well? I imagine they’re likely well lower, but it could be interesting…

        • Sorry, CESA only released handheld data, which is only limited to the top twenty selling games in Japan.

          • jarrodand

            Yeah, I looked up the original report and saw that. Too bad.

            It’s also worth mentioning though that their methodology for the figures is only 25 surveyed websites. Actual downloads for these games is probably way, way higher.

  • ElTopo

    You know whats funny? Sony went with the UMD format to help prevent piracy. Ironic isnt it.

    • Wow. Did they forget they gave the system a SD card slot?

  • speedstersonic

    Hell, I preorded the Japanese version before it came out, but I still downloaded it because it was leaked early and I wanted to play it right away. Still paid for both the Japanese version and the English one.

    • shaffy_oppa

      Same here did that for both American and Japanese version and then European one after I found out it can’t be played multiplayet unless you have the same region versions -_-

  • fallen

    i bought it used for super cheap. i refuse to give square enix my money (two words, chrono resurrection). i regret even that. i can’t imagine it would have sold very well, with or without piracy. in my opinion, used games and piracy have the exact same effect on the publisher; one of them just costs the user more. one is no more evil than the other.

    • So… you wont “give money” to square… just for 1 game? out of… what? 100 nice games?

      • fallen

        Yes. That team poured so much effort and love into it, and, like, weeks before the demo was to be released, it was C&D’d. Square WAITED until the last minute to C&D it. If you’d been as excited as I was for the game, you’d probably understand.

        Besides, any of Square Enix’s schlock I get sucked in by, I can buy second-hand.

  • It’s amazing how they have people gathering all these, “statistics” for pirated games and such, but aren’t doing a damn thing to stop people from doing it or doing something to the people who have ALREADY done it. It’s like, “Yep. We’ve totally got proof right here of who is downloading what. Are we going to do anything about it though? Nah”.

    Seriously. What’s the point?

    • Aoshi00

      Sad indeed.. I’m not sure what can be done about it or how they could go about doing it.. I remember some people get arrested and fined for downloading w/ napster many years ago or something like that.. guess the honor system just doesn’t work. Wish there is someway to stop it..Speaking of pirates, some people thought anything’s up for grabs and fan translators don’t need to pay no mind to the original creators right? It’s interesting I just caught sight of this on Shounen jump’s official Jpn website, they just put up this plea on their front page asking/imploring people not to read manga illegally, as that is against the artists’ wishes and tramples on their blood and sweat..http://www.shonenjump.com/j/index.html今、ネット上には漫画を不正にコピーしたものがあふれています。これらの「不正コピー」とアップはすべて、漫画家たちの気持ちに反しておこなわれたものです。そして、「この作品はこう読んでほしい」という作者の意図をも大きくねじ曲げています。「不正コピー」を作りネットにアップする行為は、たとえそれが気軽な気持ちでおこなわれたとしても、漫画家が心血を注いだ表現活動を傷つけることであり、また法に触れる行為でもあります。私たちは、こうした「不正コピー」を発見するつど、漫画家と話し合いながら、考えられるあらゆる策を講じてきました。しかし、心ない人たちはあまりに多く、残念ながらそのすべてには対応し切れてはいないのが現状です。読者の皆様にお願いです。ネット上にある「不正コピー」は、漫画文化、漫画家の権利、そして何より、漫画家の魂を深く傷つけるものです。それらはすべて法に触れる行為でもあるということを、今一度、ご理解ください。また漫画家の方々と集英社は今後も、ネット上のあらゆる「不正コピー」に対しては厳正に対処していきます。読者の皆様の変わらぬご支援をお願いいたします。週刊少年ジャンプ編集部 As for Dissidia, I bought it new from Amazon when the price dropped to ~$26 (came w/ the OST). Game still hasn’t been played yet, still sealed in my drawer…

  • karasuKumo

    I don’t have custom firmware on my PSP, I bought Dissidia, Crisis Core FFVII (my favourite game :D) and Phantasy Star Portable to support the developers. It really isn’t that much too ask :P

  • heartless141

    you know if people can’t download em, over 90% of em won’t even bother with the game itself. hence console sale will see a loss.

    • kupomogli

      This is false. There are many more garbage games on the PS360 and Wii that gets more sales than the best PSP games.

      If you pirate a game, you’re a thief and nothing more. There are some honest people who actually purchase the games that they pirate and just wanted to play them without opening the game or play it earlier(if it’s a Japanese release that isn’t localized yet,) but a guaranteed 99.99999% wouldn’t purchase them because they can pirate them. Not because they would never purchase the game anyways.

      • heartless141

        did i say anything about pirate being good? >_> just saying that even if there’s no way to pirate games, their sale WILL NOT experience a gain of blah blah blah millions dollars.

        • kupomogli

          Yet they will still get most of the sales they were hoping for and should have received.I think people were far more hyped up about Dissidia being released than FF13 and most people you might end up talking to will say Dissidia is a great game after playing it. For day one sales, all regions for Dissidia has less sales than all regions for Final Fantasy 13 on the 360 only. Both have ~700,000+, FF13 360 has more. ~500,000+ sales first day sales for Dissidia were from Japan, ~150,000 from US, and less than 70,000 in other regions. I’m not even going to bother listing how many sales the PS3 had on day one for all regions.

    • idofgrahf

      A DS game is much easier to pirate. Just look at R4DS, you don’t even need to flash anything or risk bricking your system. So I don’t think piracy is whats dragging PSP down.

  • This totally sucks, i have my pretty dissidia there, and came with a pretty soundtrack, but still, i cant imagine where would the psp be if it wasnt because of the piracy

  • cowcow

    I want an updated Dissidia for PSN with PS3 graphics, Lightning, Noctis and online

  • FireCouch

    I pirated it when it came out and guess what? I bought it the next week full price. I’m sure I’m not the only one out of 5,281,223 people who purchase PSP games this way.

  • kupomogli

    Makes me think that most of the pirates are in the US/PAL regions. A Japan only baseball game gets pirated 4,000 times(top 12th selling,) while games such as Monster Hunter and Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus, which are games you know the Japanese are going to buy gets pirated over a million.

    • jarrodand

      Uh, GVG is “Japan only” too…

      • kupomogli

        Yes but most people haven’t ever heard of that baseball series and I doubt many would care. Again. It’s a quirky Japanese only baseball game while Gundam is Gundam, a set of anime series that we in the US have received, regardless of not receiving the game. So the series has a huge fanbase regardless. Go to somewhere like Gamefaqs and check out the Gundam vs Gundam boards and just see how many different accounts you see have posted on threads just on page one. I’m sure some of them own the game, but most of them more than likely pirated it.

        • jarrodand

          We’ve also gotten PowerPro games before. MLB Power Pros hit Wii/PS2 the past 2 years, and even DS last year.

          • kupomogli

            Didn’t know it got released here. Probably because I’m not interested in the series.

            But checking out VGChartz, the Wii game has 100,000 sales. More than likely a parent looking at it and seeing it’s something kid friendly. Something that more than likely, most people that know how to play backup or pirated games on their systems wouldn’t download.

  • urbanscholar

    On a positive note: This is probably one of the few games I’ll say is worth owning a PSP for and a big supporter of why handheld gaming can stand with at home gaming. Also one of the few FF brand name games I actually enjoyed, plus it blended arcade fighting with RPG elements so well. Negative note: Damn shame so much money wasn’t given but hey at least a sequel is coming

  • JC

    Nice, but there is one problem – even if I want to buy it I HAVE to wait at least 6 month for the localized version (if ever) + few more for the local retailer in order to get it (if preordered). So until they fix this “small” problem I intend to download it regardless of the owner complaints – after all I HAVE PAID for it and I believe I have the right to get it as soon as it is officially available (if not early) and not 6-9 month after official release date …

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