Dreamcast Lives On Through Digital Downloads

By Spencer . June 10, 2010 . 9:25am

crazytaxi sonicadv

There have been rumors and rating board leaks hinting at a Dreamcast digital comeback. Today, Sega confirmed the rumors.


Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi will be re-released this fall on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Sega enhanced both titles with modern features such as high resolution visuals, surround sound, trophies/achievements, and online leaderboards. While Sega is making some improvements, these are essentially the Dreamcast classics you love (or hate) transferred over fiber optic cables.


“There are few things that are more requested from us than making Dreamcast classics available for download in today’s digital market place. We’re very excited to begin offering gamers our beloved Dreamcast titles again on the current console systems,” said Haruki Satomi, VP of Digital Business at SEGA of America.


C’mon Sega, let’s see Jet Grind Radio, Shenmue, and Illbleed next. Those are some of my picks. What are yours?

  • Sonic Shuffle, PLEASE. And I would LOVE SEGA if they announced a disk of DC releases for Wii. In fact, I have a good feeling it’ll happen.

  • cowcow


    Also…Rent A Hero #1 we never got that in the U.S. and it was actually translated for XBox

  • CrimsonFlamesX

    PSO Ep 1 & 2 please. I’d love to hear the music again.

  • SeventhEvening

    *sigh* I’d like a program that would let me play my Dream Cast titles on my PS3. Or something that would read the disk and give be the download at a discount since I already own most of the US Dreamcast library.

    Or, I’d like to see games that never got localized for the US make it through now. Like Atelier Marie + Elie or Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku.

    Otherwise, I hope Skies of Arcadia gets added and D2 as well. I’d like a new generation of people to experience those two. D2 was one of my favorite DC games.

  • As usual, this selection FAILS hard, due to an obvious lack of Sakura Taisen.

    • nyoron

      Seconded, my first thought was ST 1-4 when I read about this. Hop to it NISA!

      • malek86

        I have a feeling this will be limited to the more famous games, at least in the beginning.

        • nyoron

          I think so too. But the series is (was?) pretty famous in Japan so I wouldn’t be surprised if Sega ported it over there sooner rather than later.

          Once that happens it’s just the “simple” matter of localizing it!

          • malek86

            I also have a feeling they are going to release the translated titles only. If it were just for PSN, it could have been like the PS1 classics, and get different games for each region. But since it’s also on XBLA, they are probably going to stick with international releases.

          • Stupid reply chain limit. v_v;

            You know, the overprioritization of Sonic during the Saturn era fueled a lot of rumors that Bernie Stolar’s administration was overrun by furries.

          • Mind you, #SakuraTaisen sold more Saturn units in Japan than Sonic did. Yes, in Japan alone, #SakuraTaisen is THE killer app of the the Saturn.

          • malek86

            Helped partly by the fact that there wasn’t a single good Sonic game for the Saturn.

  • superdry

    I would love to see Skies of Arcadia re-released as a digital download. I hope that’s one of the games SEGA will consider to re-release.

  • malek86

    Good, now I just have to choose whether to get JSR on the 360 or PS3.

    Or should I get it for both? I mean, you can never have enough JSR.

  • Not having ever owned a Dreamcast I’m not too familiar with many titles, but Project Justice, Illbleed (if only to see “Brain-less Randy”), and Zombie Revenge are what I’ve been wanting to try. Also, Chu Chu Rocket, just to see what the ruckus is all about.

    • malek86

      You need to try Jet Set Radio. You seriously need to. Everbody does.

    • Project Justice will probably never be released due to rights issues Capcom no longer owns apparently… which is sad.

  • Considering I still have both a U.S. and a Japanese Dreamcast hooked up to my TV… the price of these games is going to be the make or break it deal for me… $10/800 MS Points or bust. I imagine Sega will try and sell these for $15/1200 MS Points though and lose me as a customer.

  • I still regret selling my copy of JSRF for the original Xbox… Only now I realize how good of a game it was. C’mon Sega! Bring JGR over!

  • kupomogli

    Phantasy Star Online with free online and the ability for players to host games so as long as PSN/XBL is up it’s playable. Hopefully Sega takes it one step further and releasing 1, 2, and Blue Burst even though the others didn’t come on Dreamcast.

    They should allow some you to purchase PSO and then if you want to add either PSO2 and Blue Burst you can as long as you pay extra.

    Anyone of those interested when(if) this comes on the PS3 I’ll add you to my friends.

  • Interface23

    Raido? Raidou Kuzunoha? Sonic the Hedgehog vs the Soulless Army?

  • capristrider

    Spencer! you ask for some of our picks right? Here goes: Jet Set Radio, Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram, Grandia 2, PowerStone 2, PSO and Plasma Sword(guilty pleasure!), …….must….stop, holding….back…..click… post…

    • CrimsonFlamesX

      Oh you just HAD to put, Grandia 2, didn’t you!? I was playing that again, just a few days ago. God I’d love to see it again.

      • Vino (Tim N)

        I would love fucking Grandia II as well. We already have Grandia I on PSN!

  • Is Shenmue doable? I feel like it might be too big of a game for XBLA. Unless they’re going to do it through Games on Demand or something.

    • malek86

      I think they ditched the limit some time ago. Zeno Clash was 2GB. Although I read somewhere that XBLA can’t possibly have anything bigger than 2GB because of technical limitations.

      I guess it might be better compressed this time around?

  • Eldorado Gate, volumes 1-6, translated to English. Otherwise, “meh.”

  • Zefiro Torna

    Puyo Puyo~n, Chuchu Rocket and Sega Swirl. Those deserve to be ported to every platform in existence.

  • Happy Gamer

    As great these ideas are I wish they re-released the system LOL just a wish.

    I had an amazing time with this console more than any other consoles I have gotten afterwards…maybe because I was younger but either way.

    some great games

    Grandia II
    Skies of Arcadia
    Sonic Adventures 1 and 2
    Zombie Revenge
    Shenmue I and II
    Gunbird 2
    i dunno just so many…time to break out my collection.

  • Technically a Capcom release, but Power Stone needs to be making a comeback with online multiplayer, and soon.

  • D2
    Project Justice
    Lack of Love (not likely)
    Power Stone 1 & 2
    Sword of Berserk Guts’ Rage
    Code Veronica (and the other REmakes?)
    Blue Stinger
    Space Channel 5
    Cannon Spike
    Virtual On Oratorio Tangram

  • mikanko

    If anyone was going to localize ST1 I’d hope to see them translate the PS2 remake.

    Seeing that they seem to be porting the games rather than upping a DC emulator I doubt we see anything that’s not published by Sega.

    That said I’d love online powerstone and Canon Spike and hope Capcom takes the initiative to re-up them rather than lukewarm “new” games they’ve developed like the 1942, and Commando sequels.

    Of Sega published DC games I’d like to see both eps of Space Channel 5 and Cosmic Smash, and both would see me part with my money gladly.

    Speaking of DC nostalgia, it’d be sure nice if Namco could patch Soul Calibur 1 with online play, I still prefer the original to all its sequels.

  • Aoshi00

    Under Defeat…? Other than that I just want Crazy Taxi, it was my very first Dreamcast game. Make a Shenmue 3 alrdy if they could keep cranking out so many Yakuzas…

  • I will add my voice to the calls for Skies of Arcadia (maybe even with the Gamecube extras).

  • I want to see Chu Chu Rocket remastered for PSN
    oh, hopefully this would be a golden opportunity to finally bring SegaGaGa stateside

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