New Neptune Video Shows Battle System, Dungeons, And Sega Cameos

By Spencer . June 11, 2010 . 12:39am

Wondering what Super Dimension Game Neptune looks like in motion? Wonder no more. This trailer shows battles, dungeons, the Compile Heart mascot Compa ringing a little bell.



Did you catch Alex Kidd and Shinobi? Those are some of the Sega cameos built in the game. Neptune can call them in battle with the game disc system.


Want to add Prinny, Sonic or Mario in the game? You can with the power of the PlayStation 3’s photo album and Neptune’s edit mode. Here’s how it works.


Step 1: Pull a picture from your PlayStation 3’s photo album into the image edit menu. This the picture into a skill.



Step 2: Set “Neptune”, the newly created original skill, on your character’s combo tree. The number of hits, attribute (presumably element), and AP cost appears to vary for custom skills.



Step 3: Use “Neptune” in battle!


Repeat to add *insert favorite character or real life person* into Super Dimension Game Neptune and the video game universe.

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  • DemonicX

    Darn it! None of the awesome Japanese style games ever come to the US, and so I doubt this will either. >_<
    Guess it'll be another import for me.

  • Actually Compile Heart has been searching for an English publisher at recent conventions and Compile Heart’s 3 previous rpgs (Cross Edge, Agarest Wars, Trinity Universe) have all come over here. Here’s for hoping! ^_^

    • Well, I’m hoping for either NISA or Atlus. Aksys totally screwed up the release of Agarest, so I don’t want them near anymore JRPG’s this gen.

      • Vino (Tim N)

        I haven’t heard about this, what they do to it?

        • Nothing wrong at all. The game has a great localization. S/he is probably bitter over the fact that the PS3 version is PSN only (which is the one I own). I personally like my games to be downloadable due to the fact im highly impatient with load times.

          • malek86

            I thought that was SCEA’s fault.

          • No maybe, he/she is bitter because he though he was going to buy an ecchi based game xD because aksys sold it that way, still it was a great localization, and i dont mind at all to have it on my psn :D

  • I have mixed feelings about this game. It reminds me of Trinity Universe, which doesn’t really look like a good next-gen jRPG juding from the trailers…

    • Code

      rar, that’s kind of how I feel — there’s aspects I like, but I feel like the trailers shelter the viewer from looking at the blander elements of the game. I feel like this is the equivalent of having compile hearts throw a fist full of sparkles in my eyes, to keep me from looking at the somewhat dry looking enemies and locations >w<'

    • its like reading a comic/manga with an original story but with crappy drawings? or vice versa :P. It isnt that bad either though, and its not all in graphics, the interface and speed of everything, and with a good story, this may be a nice addition, we can already give them many points for originality, also, we still have yet to see an actual video of a dungeon crawling going in battle fighting etc, i’m supposing the next video will be like this…

  • I miss SEGA as a console developers so much.

  • heartless141

    words cannot express how brutal i gonna kill for this game right now.

  • RAVENKam

    I’ve never liked the idea of cross-overs. Guess that’s why I take my coffee without cream.

  • Wohooo someone have to localize this!

  • SeventhEvening

    Customizable….shojo battle parts!? Importing your own attacks!?

    I might even import this one.

  • Oh this is getting better and better can’t wait but really hope it gets a NA/EU release

  • Zeonsilt

    NISA will pick this up – 99% chance!
    p.s. the other 1% is.. Sega O_o
    Like this game.

  • masuto

    The most original game I’ve ever seen.

  • O_O


  • Electrium

    This is far too awesome for JRPG publishers to pass up. I think if Agarest can make it over here, this definitely can.

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