Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Is A Full Remake

By Spencer . June 16, 2010 . 2:33pm

recoded1Kingdom Hearts Re:coded is based on Kingdom Hearts: Coded, an episodic Kingdom Hearts game for mobile phones. “The scenario is the same [as the cell phone version], but the game system is different,” Tetsuya Nomura explained. I asked him how the Nintendo DS version was different from the cell phone release.


Square Enix modified the combat system for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and changed the controls. “The game system uses a mix between the DS and the PSP controls,” Nomura continued. “One of the challenges with the DS version of Kingdom Hearts is there is no analog control. So, I tried to create a control system that would be more simplified than previous Kingdom Hearts titles. Again, this was a challenge for Re:coded.”


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded also has bonus full-motion scenes and extra gameplay designed just for the Nintendo DS remake. The game is slated for fall in Japan and has a TBD release date in North America.


recoded2 recoded3

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  • BrotherCavil

    Nomura truly is a clueless chap…

    Apparently, even after the critical panning and general fan backlash as to how utterly crappy and pointless coded was in all respects, he still thinks he created a masterpiece that everyone needs to enjoy.

    I think it’s high time he gets disappeared from the video game industry…

    • Aoshi00

      Somebody make the man stop :(.. If I want Disney I think I’ll just play Epic Mickey.

      • BrotherCavil

        He won’t stop. :< Ever. As long as there are people who continue to eat whatever comes out of his ass then encourage him, he'll just be a machine with this sort of stuff.A MACHINEEEE!!!

        • Ereek

          Again, please give me a source that it’s actually Nomura who wants all of these titles out. It’s highly likely that it’s a business decision on the part of SE to release so many and Nomura has very little say in the matter.

          Surely you don’t think Horii is the one who wanted to make all of the DQ spinoff titles, do you? Blaming Nomura is pointless.

          • Aoshi00

            Dr. Frankenstein has created a monster then…? Too much’s just too much sometimes (like Yakuza), but KH fans seem to think there’s never too much? Not sure about Nomura’s involvement w/ each one, he seems to be quite proud of each one of his babies… Does Horii still work w/ DQ even or like Sakaguchi had graduated to the exec prod before?Only finished the first game, would like to finish KH2 someday… just to see Mulan and other Disney chars… For me the Disney part is interesting, w/ like 10 chars looking like Sora and Org. XIII just confusing.. Wonder when we would ever have Sora as the main char again.

          • Ereek

            For me the Disney part is interesting, w/ like 10 chars looking like Sora and Org. XIII just confusing..

            This about mimics my opinion on the series exactly. I love the Disney parts, but I’m not a big fan of the OCs. Being able to run around with Disney characters in Disney worlds is great, I love it. The Disney remixes are great (The Kingdom Hearts ~ This is Halloween is a personal favorite of mine), too. I tried to play Days but only got around 1/3 through because I just didn’t really enjoy it. If there ever is a true numbered “KH3” I hope it goes back to being more 4-5 OCs only.

            Also, I think Horii has some creative influence in the main series, but isn’t really “in-charge” anymore. I might be wrong.

  • joesz

    *drooling” this ought to be awesome!

    Can’t wait to see the final result of this game.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    I’m really happy Recoded has so much more new content and that it’s not just a port. The game needed a face lift, and what better way then using the 358/2 Days engine and adding Deck command system from Birth by Sleep?

    Brilliant Nomura, just brilliant! :D

  • epy

    Looks pretty good. I hope more of these cellphone only games that can never be released overseas would get handheld ports. I’m still waiting on that port of the Star Ocean Blue Sphere remake.

    • holyPaladin

      I’m waiting for SO BS remake too :P

  • keriaku

    I feel that Kingdom Hearts could turn out to be a completely epic series if the story got tightened up in future installments and became a clear cut story.

    • cowcow

      never. its stupid fan fiction

      • BrotherCavil

        Finally someone sees it for what it really is.

        That was EXACTLY my impression of Days’ story. I mean…look at it from the standpoint…

        1-Author wants moar RoxasXAxel
        2-Author decides to place herself in the story!
        3-Magically, she looks like Kairi!
        4-Magically, she even has a keyblade! OMG!
        5-Every subsequent decision Roxas makes afterwards, influenced by her. OMFG!!

        Like I said. :/ It’s like Nomura browsed through to look for something to tack onto the game and call it a “story.”

        • ShinNoKami

          Not to mention she just comes outta nowhere and conveniently isn’t mentioned in KH2.

          …and she’s bestest best friends with Axel and Roxas without even trying.

  • kupomogli

    I’m sure this game is going to suck. I’ve only played Kingdom Hearts to completion and a portion of Kingdom Hearts 2. This series is garbage.

    • Zeik56

      And yet you still take the time to read up on new releases and comment on them.


  • Ereek

    These articles make me so sad. For someone who is just curious about this title, like myself, I have to avoid reading the comments all together because it’s all “whinewhinebitchwhinewhine.” If you’re not interested, why post at all?

    • Ditto. If you folks consider KH garbage, or aren’t interested in any further KH titles – why even bother mentioning it? It isn’t exactly very constructive. Yes, we all would like a KH3 – Nomura himself is aware of it. So what can further ranting accomplish, really? And as for the detractors of the series, its not likely that any of the new games would change your mind.As for re:coded, I figure it wouldn’t hurt to give the game a shot. From what I hear, the gameplay mechanics haven’t changed too much: run around, whack heartless, progress to the next world, etc. Its not even out yet, so there isn’t any point in blasting it out of the sky – yet. As with 358/2 Days (which I found to be excellent), I’ll reserve judgement for the title until I get my hands on the game itself.

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