Planets Aligning For Overseas Release Of Neptune

By Spencer . June 16, 2010 . 4:46pm

image We’ve mentioned Compile Heart’s game about the game industry, Super Dimension Game Neptune, several times. It’s the game with moe-ified video game company mascots where console goddess fight the evil Majicon, the Japanese term for Nintendo DS flash carts.


Neptune was not at E3 since it has not been announced for any region other than Japan. But, I’d hold off on importing the PlayStation 3 game. Chances are good that Neptune will be localized. During an interview with Haru Akenaga, President of NIS America, I asked him about Neptune.


“All I can say now is Idea Factory asked us to localize the game for the US and Europe. We are eager to do that. We are in discussion about the conditions for licensing the title,” Akenaga replied. “The deal is almost done.”


Check back later for the full interview, which covers topics like Hit Maker titles, Sakura Wars, Gust, and bunch of other games.

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  • zhemos

    NISA I love you. ^^

  • nyobzoo

    Hellz Yes!

  • Eddie


  • Draparde

    NISA has yet to fail me yet!

    • raymk

      You maybe but they failed me with their At2 localization with the half A**d voice work (not the voices they picked for the game those were fine i like everyone, no what i’m talking about is the number of lines left out) and also the japanese characters left in the game. I love AT2 but i don’t like the localization of it, i’m still with nisa though they bring out some good titles none the less =D

      • Ar Tonelico 2 US had several problems (like the enemy that had a skill that could literally end the game by crashing) – but the lines left out was a completely different reason – there simply wasn’t enough room for the audio.

        The Japanese disc was chock a block of voicing, so something had to give.

        I personally found the Japanese text bug hilarious, although one of the more confusing bugs with AT2 was at points, the game hint system would actually screw up.

        (First diversion, some of the text would refer to the character that left your party, and another is when they tell you to go to Promise Hill, when the location fell of the face of the map, from memory.)

        • aquagon

          Actually, space wasn’t the issue behind the voice cuts, but simply, budget and/or laziness.
          The disc had enough space to support both voice tracks, and furthemore, the files for both audios were duplicated unnecessarily within the game’s data structure (not to mention that there were a great number of dummy files that could be removed without any consequences).

          • I remember looking over the file structure, and finding that the duplication wasn’t actually removable, which sort of edged it a little too far.

            Granted I had access to the Japanese, US AND PAL discs, to actually make the comparisons.

            Regardless, I’m fairly sure we agree that yeah, NISA needed to learn the lessons. One can hope?

  • It’s settled. PS3, here I come.

  • Pichi

    Love ya, NISA!!

  • Kris





    Awesome. I can’t believe it, but awesome.

  • Yeah, saw it coming from about 15000 kilometers away.


  • Jour un.

  • CoolChibi

    You are so awesome NISA! I love y’all!

  • Proves that JRPG is not yet quite dead. All hail JRPG!

    • Hraesvelgr

      How does this prove that? There are still plenty of JRPGs out there.

    • There are a good number of recent JRPGs that would love to have a word with you.


        I’d like to provide more links from Sankaku, but since it’s an NSFW site, so I’ll just give this…

        And guys, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying JRPG’s are dead. I’m halfway through Hexyz and is struggling with Resonance of Fate >_> (freakishly hard)
        Nier, Cross Edge, Valkyria and Folklore’s still on my to-do list…

        And add Persona 3 Portable for me to add to my collection this July :P

        • ANYTHING from sankaku..

    • Agreed with Chloe. Go play Hexyz Force.

  • I loves me some NISA.

  • RAVENKam

    Awesome, not that this particular title is making it overseas, but that publishers like NISA respect the fact that some of us prefer to sprinkle a little flavour over our gaming.


  • DemonicX

    One word: Awesome!

  • cmurph666

    Nisa is like my favorite.

  • Guest

    2-d sprites would have made this game so much better.

  • Good stuff! now let’s see the interview! :D

  • Ereek

    NISA definitely looks like it has a few great titles coming out in coming in the next year!

  • Feynman

    I love NISA so much right now. Trinity Universe, Atelier Rorona, and Ar Tonelico 3 were already making my RPG future a bright one, but now this, too? It’s almost too much awesome to handle. Almost.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Time to get hype

  • Electrium

    It’s been one heck of a week for gamers, that’s for sure. This just tops it all off.

    Now, brb while I go scream about how much I love my life.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I have a Pre-order on the Japanese Limited Edition already! Time to cancel it…I hope we get special edition goods in ours.

  • Yes so happy for a game that is against R4 chips more than anything and this would be cool but got to play Record of Agarest War again lol

  • Nekobo

    No surprise, but still great news. I guess they’re saving the official announcement for their press party next month.

  • Lets hope that NIS brings the art book over too. Either way, I cant wait to play!!! :D

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Now I need to find some Lenneth fanart….

  • Oh wow. I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting this one to get the thumbs up at all. NISA’s definitely taking on some projects as of late. I’m starting to feel better about what they’re doing as of late from how bad At2 left me.

    Still, they definitely seem to be on the right track. I saw how Sakura Wars was and I know that they’re at least trying to come back from that point. If this and other things I’ve seen as of late aren’t any indication, I can hope that this only proves well for everyone once it gets released stateside.

    Hopefully this goes well. I’d be real disappointed if it doesn’t, like many here.

  • runesong

    Words cannot possible express the joy that is now washing over me.

    ALL HAIL NIS!! *bows* ALL HAIL NIS!! *bows*

  • So much want!

  • z_merquise

    I gotta admit, I’m not a huge RPG gamer but this game looked very interesting. I really love the character designs. Let’s just hope the actual gameplay is good as well.

    Oh and make sure they won’t mess the translation.

    • When has NISA mess up on a translation that makes me wonder on your comment.

      • lessee here.. AT2 on the character naming, some of the hymmnos on AT2 and AT1 , and some script.. Mana Khemia for the character naming and some script.

  • lordryo

    This is the greatest news I’ve heard all year! I can’t wait, NISA is the best!

  • I just went on CompileHeart site on Neptune and the ED is by Afilia Saga and of course everyone knows from the previous videos in the older post the OP is by nao. At least it matches in my opinion.

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