The 3rd Birthday’s Matrix-Like Body Snatching System

By Spencer . June 17, 2010 . 12:19am

imageThe 3rd Birthday is quite different from the original Parasite Eve. Aya Brea, the heroine with evolved mitochondria, is still the lead character and the game is set in New York. Future New York. 2012, to be specific.


The 3rd Birthday, however, is not a role playing game. Square Enix made a straight third person shooter with a body snatching system.


Hajime Tabata, Director, explained the overdive system during a behind closed doors press demo. Aya can take over the mind and body of nearby allies. When Aya dives into another character she becomes them, character model and all. Think Agent Smith from The Matrix. Each character on the battlefield fights on their own when Aya isn’t controlling them. Allies also have different weapons, so you may want to dive into someone armed with a shotgun if it’s effective against a particular type of Twisted, the monsters in The 3rd Birthday. Other times you’ll want to dive into an ally to save them. If a computer controlled character dies you won’t be able to “borrow” their artillery.


The overdive system can also be used to quickly jump between spaces. Aya can pass through walls and large gaps by scanning for allies and diving into them. In another demonstration, the overdive system was used to keep Aya alive. During a boss fight against a demented beetle with a razor horn, Aya had to use the overdive system to escape before the beetle trampled her.

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  • Ereek

    Cue crying because it’s not a RPG anymore. I’m very okay with the change, it’s also expected since they told us this something like last year.I’m definitely okay with the changes and I’m glad they’re finally giving us some real information about the title. The long wait looks like it will be over soon!

  • Aoshi00

    I never really played PE 1 & 2 (because I was an RE fan back then), but I’m interested in this.

    Speaking of Matrix (finally got the ultimate b-r set), not sure if people knew alrdy, if you switch your PS3’s settting to Jpn (not language, but Blu-ray), you can watch the Matrix dubbed in Jpn (Koyama Rikiya as Neo and Kaido Yuuko as Trinity), now suddenly Keanu sounds 10x cooler :) I’ve tried w/ the other Warner Bros blu-rays, but only very few work, like Constantine and Interview w/ the Vampire.. neat trick.

    • Ereek

      I find it curious that you didn’t try PE2 when it was pretty much Resident Evil +2. It has more varied enemies, weapons, skills, and gameplay than the early Resident Evil titles.

      Did you play Dino Crisis? Or even Fear Effect?

      • Aoshi00

        Sry, I meant I “wasn’t” a fan of RE or other survival horror titles back in the PSX days, I get spooked easily :) RE5 is the first RE game I finished, still haven’t finished RE4 on the Wii yet. I tried the first two Silent Hills, but not the other games you mentioned, or PE, even though Aya looked pretty cool. I remember playing a little bit and watched some cutscenes but that was it. I can handle action games better, I’m scared of zombies actually (even in Dead Rising, the time countdown thing didn’t help…)

  • Well, that’s a pretty cool system. I wonder how that’ll work storyline wise. Also, in before people griping about it being a shooter… =

  • ShindoW

    Yeah, I’m not fond that it isn’t an RPG anymore, but I expected as much from them saying the battle system was shooter style. Luckily, I’ve been playing more shooters, so this will be fun.

  • cmurph666

    A Shooter~?! Blegh~!

  • This game looks amazing regardless of being a shooter or not :) It might play like FFVII dirge of cerberus.

  • I’m a little sad about the continuing trend of RPGs turning into shooters with stories, but Parasite Eve honestly always felt a little strange, like it wanted to be a shooter but had to have an RPG mixed in. Hopefully it will benefit from the focus the way Mass Effect 2 did.

  • keriaku

    Is there any kind of leveling up or stat manipulation, even if it’s not turn based or anything?

  • Icon

    PE wasn’t much of an RPG to begin with, although that’s not an insult. I love PE1 and 2. I wonder if there’s any weapon customization in this third game. Upgrading weapons was a big element in the first two games.I don’t like setting it in future NY, however. One thing that I appreciated about the PE games was that although the setting was imagined, it was grounded in reality like present-day NYC or, in the sequel, LA. Now that it’s in the future, all bets are off, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some common landmarks still show up in the game. Especially ones from the first Parasite Eve. Central Park? Wish it were on a console though because now I have to buy a PSP…

  • Icon

    BTW, I remember years back a game called Messiah was released. In this game you could posses the bodies of any enemy in the game. The Overdrive system sounds a little similar.

  • ShinGundam

    The change is expected because they don’t use Pre-rendered backgrounds this time.

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