Nintendo 3DS Can Bring NES Games Into The Third Dimension

By Spencer . June 18, 2010 . 2:48pm

The Nintendo 3DS isn’t limited to games with 3D models. A proof of concept video shown on Nintendo’s upcoming handheld had classic games – Punchout, Tennis, Mega Man 2, and Super Mario Bros. running in 3D.


All of the games retained their original sprite graphics with a newly applied 3D filter. Tennis had a blocky ball bounce towards the player from an opponent who was far away. Nintendo’s Table Tennis game had a floating hand that looked like was stacked on top of the screen.


The clip from Mega Man 2 was taken from Wood Man’s stage. See the fire? It appeared as if it was on its own plane in front of Mega Man. The robot wolf and Mega Man were on their own plane and the background was behind.




Super Mario Bros. in 3D may be the easier to explain. The 3D filter appeared to create layers – one with Mario and goombas, one for pipes, and another for background objects like bushes in the distance. The 3D effect made the pipes appear smaller, but in the distance when 3D was on.




Turning 3D off with the depth slider would revert Super Mario Bros. back to a regular NES game shown in a letterbox on the Nintendo 3DS.

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  • ElTopo

    Pretty excited for this system, just waiting for some full release details and system hardware specs and a price point. 180$ or less would be ideal.

    • I agree but I highly doubt it’ll be less than $200.

    • I’ve heard $200-300 quoted.

      Doubt I’ll be an early adopter. I mean sure it’s interesting in all but not for that amount of money. I’d be wanting a handheld capable of decking a PS3 for that price.

      • ElTopo

        Analysts are just guessing right now, nothings official. They would be insane to debut it @ 300$, hell even 250$ would be a hard sell when the PS3/Xbox are in the same price brackets and anything over 200$ is gonna be hard sell when its a portable thats now pricier then Nintendos flagship console.

        I think it needs to launch under 200$ to really be successful.

        • $199.99. I called it. It’s just below $200. 8D

          • ElTopo

            haha while it would be funny to see the 3DS and the Wii sitting pretty at the same price point, I can totally see that happening.

        • SeventhEvening

          I thought it would probably be around 180 or so. That’s judging from the cost of the parts I know are in it. Not having the full specs make that number a bit iffy.

          Additionally, that’s judging from a stand point that they’re trying to get as many adopters as possible and just make a bit of money on the system. Given that many “game journalists” and forum commenters seem to believe that the system is powered by magic rather than parallax barrier screens, Nintendo might be able to sell those idiots a 300 dollar handheld.

          I’ll be an early adopter is the price is right below 200. If it isn’t, they need to throw me a game or something at least.

      • Nintendo has not said what the price is yet. We tried asking them about that and a bunch of other 3DS details. No answers though, sorry!

  • maxchain

    When are they going to quit teasing us and announce a Virtual Console for the thing with Virtual Boy games?! I’ve been jonesin’ for some Virtual Boy Wario Land for well over a decade!

    • SeventhEvening

      If they do that, I hope they colorize them a bit, rather than a direct port. I liked the virtual boy for what it was, but that bright red and “3d” technology they used at that point was like being beaten with a fire extinguisher. If I could play Jack Bros. sans headache, I could die a happy man.

      • maxchain

        The only thing that could top Virtual Boy Wario Land is Virtual Boy Wario Land in full color. I like the way you think!

  • Hoho, I was right about that idea, told my brother it was possible, told everyone! Keeheehee *shakes cane*

    Man, that’s totally great though.

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