Sonic Colors, Not Sonic 4, Is The Next Mainstream Sonic Action Game

By Spencer . June 21, 2010 . 6:50pm


Sega has a Sonic the Hedgehog surge this year with Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and Sonic Colors slated for release. When it comes to Sonic games, Sonic Colors is the next major release. Takashi Iizuka, Producer, pointed this out during a presentation and said Sonic Colors is the follow up to Sonic Unleashed. Other games like last year’s Sonic and the Black Knight are branch titles.


Iizuka, who is also the current head of Sonic Team, explained the story. Dr. Eggman used a giant tractor beam to bring a cluster of planets together creating an amusement park-like world. Wisps, colorful aliens live on these planets, and Sonic can gain special powers when he touches them. Iizuka decided to hire American writers to craft the story, which he hopes will be better accepted by a Western audience.


The colorful powers – cyan turns Sonic into a laser beam that zips through fiber optic cables and yellow which lets Sonic drill underground – are designed for exploration. By using these abilities, Sonic can reach new areas and different paths which may be shorter than running through a level. Creating powers “that wouldn’t kill the tempo” was paramount to design.


Tails shows up in Sonic Colors, but Sonic is the only playable character. Iizuka opted for this because he believes that’s what fans want. OK, Sonic fans does is this starting to sound like a Sonic game you want?

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  • urbanscholar

    On the DS, of course it is. Console though? I remain on the fence to see.

  • Guest

    Maybe we’ll see the first non-mediocre Sonic game in a very long time…

  • RAVENKam

    ‘Dr. Eggman used a giant tractor beam to bring a cluster of planets together creating an amusement park-like world’. So this is Sega’s answer to Mario Galaxy?

  • Kris

    I’ve got some faith in both Sonic Colors and Sonic 4. From what I’ve heard, Sonic Colors on the Wii plays just like the good parts of Sonic Unleashed. Here’s hoping that they don’t add something odd to ruin it though. :p

    • Watch them add something odd to ruin it.

    • Same here. Granted, I haven’t played a new Sonic game since a demo of Adventures, but they got me interested in both games, so I guess that’s something! I’m looking forward to Colors a little more though, if only because the gameplay sounds like an improved Unleashed.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I don’t even know what people want from Sonic anymore. I’m all for this game. Since my favorite Sonic game was Sonic Adventure DX.

    • MrRobbyM

      My favorite Was Adventure 2. A bit different from Adventure 1/DX but this still seems fun.

  • I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Sonic Colors Wii on the show floor, so I’m all for seeing more about it.

  • Chow

    I was perfectly happy with the way Sonic Rush handled. I wasn’t too keen on Sonic Rush Adventure, strangely. Sonic Unleashed had great 2D daylight segments, although Sonic’s boost ability was a little too turbo-charged when going through the 3D daylight parts.

    As for the colors powerups, they sound like an extension of the way using the different characters to reach areas unreachable by others from Sonic 3 & Knuckles, which could be good.

  • shion16

    Iizuka was right
    we want sonic, not tails, not knuckles, maybe shadow, but 99% sonic

  • Kuza21

    It looks really good so far so I’m hopping I feel the same after it’s release.

  • I just want another Rush-like game with a Naganuma soundtrack…

    • DrAvatar

      Absolutely key. Naganuma for the win, so let him do the soundtrack for the DS Colors at least.

  • P4ine

    What about Sonic Adventure 3 :/ 2 was the best Sonic 3D game, imho.

  • NO!
    Sonic 4 look name SONIC 4
    Is awesome,perfect art,16 bit musc and no mainstream?
    Sonic 4 is WIN
    Sonic colors is unleashed good for wii

  • cmurph666

    What no PS3?

  • ForeverFidelis


    Am I the only Sonic fan alive who LIKES multiple playable characters?

    At least make them optional!

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