UFO Interactive Cancels Illvelo

By Spencer . June 21, 2010 . 8:40am

imageEver since O3 Entertainment vanished, UFO Interactive has been the source for Milestone games. They picked up Ultimate Shooting Collection and, at one time, planned to publish Illvelo in North America. UFO Interactive even went through the trouble of procuring an ESRB rating for Illvelo, but the game won’t make it to stores.


A UFO Interactive customer service rep explained Arcade Shooter: Illvelo has been canceled. The Wii shooter and its colorful box art also vanished from their website as if it never existed.


Milestone has two other niche fighting games, Project Cerberus and Twinkle Queen, which have not been announced for release outside of Japan. Wonder if UFO Interactive will consider picking these up.


Thanks for the tip Denpa no Sekai!

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  • Ah, I was looking forward to playing this at the end of the next month. Even went back to Ultimate Shooting Collection, but so it goes…
    I wonder if this leaves it open for someone else to pick up?

  • neo_firenze

    For anyone who can play Japanese Wii games, heads up that the JPN release of Radilgy Noa also contains a full arrange mode of Illvelo, it’s a complete game – apparently some minor changes from the original arcade version (which I’ve never played either on the arcade version or the Wii stand alone JPN release).

    Also, Illvelo kinda sucks anyway. Radilgy Noa isn’t bad though. If you liked the original (or Karous), you’ll probably enjoy the sequel.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    With the eve moving release window this title had can’t say I am surprised. Disappointing in that you would think whatever english translation they were going to do had to be pretty much done.

    UFO’s one of those bargain release agents like majesco, grafiti and even zoo you need to keep an eye on because once or twice a year buried in the $10-20 shovelware crap storm theres a ‘how the hell did they grab that’ title.

    UFO did just throw koei’s pokemon clone Monster Racers out into the wild.

  • And nothing of value was lost.

    • cool dood alert

      • Well then, as someone who has played the import version enough to feel it’s worth recommending to others, how can I learn to play this spastic mess efficiently, denpa?

        The graphical designs of the levels and enemies aren’t distinct enough making it hard to keep track of what I’m supposed to be shooting at. The jarring transition to “bonus stages” every few seconds doesn’t help any. The three-button weapon system from previous Milestone games is still as useless as it was in Radirgy, since none of the weapons have a clear function. The music is similarly forgettable, and the sound effects are annoying. Can you help?


  • StealthKnight

    They could at least give a reason rather then just say nothing. It would help us understand the situation better.

  • maxchain

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve seen the last of Milestone outside of Japan, considering how badly their shmups get manhandled (and how not-that-great Tank Beat was, but that’s another discussion). Surely, the Radirgy port deserved better than being canceled, then quietly shuffled off onto another system via the most generically-named compilation in the history of gaming.

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