Yakuza 4 Will Have Hostess Clubs, Maybe Mahjong

By Spencer . June 21, 2010 . 10:11pm

imageSega heard your cries about the cuts in Yakuza 3 and pinky swear to make Yakuza 4 better. We spoke with Aaron Webber, Community Manager, who confirmed Yakuza 4 will have hostess clubs. So, all of the slow motion table tennis action in the Japanese version will be in the English localized release.


Other mini-games like mahjong and shogi, Japanese chess, are up in the air. Webber said he needs to check on these features before confirming anything either way.


Answer x Answer, an arcade quiz game developed by Sega Japan, won’t make the cut, though. The problem with Answer x Answer is there are 1,000 questions to localize and changing them goes beyond a text swap. The questions have characters are written on images making each one tough to edit. The arduous task of fixing Answer x Answer would push the PlayStation 3 game past spring 2011, if Sega opted to localize it.

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  • Well, I’m sure a whole lot of people who would never have bought the game anyway will just love to complain about OMG CUT CONTENT CENSORSHIP SEGA==EVIL.

    • deltazero

      Haha, 100% agree with you there. Myself, I am looking forward to grabbing Yakuza 3 when I get my ps3 in a week or three. People complain all over the place about cut content, but if a game we would’ve never gotten otherwise shows up 95% intact….thats enough for me :P Hope they get everything sorted out for Yakuza 4, though.

      • I hope you realize that the cut content in question didn’t just end up being mini games but substories that gave a good amount of EXP for completion. Random encounters in the game give terrible exp and the fact you’d have to do more to make up the difference (Imagine 5-6 random encounters to gain 1000 exp when 1 substory that was cut would net you over 10k+). I hope that puts it more in perspective. Especially when skills start costing over 50k each level.

        • deltazero

          Well yeah, I do wish they had kept the stuff intact. But it’s hard to complain about a game, which is 90-95% intact, that we would not have gotten otherwise. Even if it means to grind on a few random encounters to progress (not really bothersome to me, I love DQ. haha)

      • I was debating, myself, as to whether or not to cancel my pre-order when word of the cut content came out, and, in the end, I decided to go with it, and I don’t regret it at all. Even with the stuff cut out, it’s a great game.

  • bVork


    See, that’s what bothers me. Not the simple fact that they’re cutting stuff – and I do understand why the quiz game keeps getting the axe – but that they bothered to translate all of this for Yakuza 2, and can’t scrounge up the money to do it for what should be a flagship title? This is just Sega being Sega, though. For every good decision they make, they also make three utterly retarded ones. I guess we should be happy that they’re bothering at all.

    • kupomogli

      Except Answer x Answer wasn’t in Yakuza 2 or the original Yakuza.

      • bVork

        Yes, I’m aware of that. Hence my sentence about how it keeps getting the axe. That’s one localization decision that makes perfect sense to me.

  • Not bothered by the loss of Answer x Answer. Pretty much assumed that would be gone. As long as the Hostess Clubs and any side missions are there, I’m fine. I could go either way with Shogi and Mahjong, but you might as well keep them in. It’d be fun to learn how to play those.

  • Hraesvelgr

    So, at the rate they’re going, they will release a Yakuza game with no content cut when they release Yakuza 6 or 7. Oh, Sega…

  • BrotherCavil

    I still don’t get all the senseless fanrage. Hostess clubs in general are kind of creepy anyways…

    • It’s a great to relieve stress :)

  • Shogi better be in the game or else I shall be a very sad man!

  • How about this: Don’t edit the image and just SUB it. You know, it’s very popular to do that anime. Saves you time to edit or create new stuff and just add a subtitle in there.

  • Guest

    Not willing to localize it right? Don’t localize it.

    • SeventhEvening

      Really they did a great job on the localization other than the cut content. Having content cut sucks pretty bad, yes, but at least people got to play a great game.

      Besides, I’d rather have a well localized game with cut content then something like Revelations: Persona, or Star Ocean 4, or Lux Pain, or Mobile Light force. There are much greater travesties in localization then a little bit of cut content.

      • Hraesvelgr

        There wasn’t anything wrong with Star Ocean 4’s localization, it was just a terrible game with a terrible plot, characters and script.

        • Maybe I was just expecting the worst game ever from what people were constantly going on about with that, but I didn’t find Star Ocean 4 that bad.

          • SeventhEvening

            Well, Star Ocean 3 was so awful that Star Ocean 4 seems like a bloody work of art. So setting your expectations low was a good choice. Although, Star Ocean 2 (preferably not the remake) is actually legitimately a bloody fantastic game, so people should give that one a shot. Although, after playing it, it really makes SO3 and SO4 seem much much worse, since you could see how easy it would have been to make a good sequel to SO2.

          • I thought Star Ocean 2 was only okay, when I played it on PS1. I thought there were too many side stories and missions, to the point where I eventually forgot what the main story was supposed to be. I remember the last boss was ridiculously hard, compared to all the bosses before him, which I breezed through. I eventually sold it to a friend of mine.

            Star Ocean 4, the only problem I have with it is Edge’s annoying angsty period after his big mistake (trying not to spoil it for those who haven’t played it). But that doesn’t even last the rest of the game. I actually enjoyed it. Star Ocean 3, I never played, since someone spoiled the twist for me and it just sounded so incredibly stupid I wasn’t going to waste my time playing it.

            On a side note, I wish someone had spoiled the twist of Final Fantasy VIII, actually, and saved me the 65 hours I put into that game.

          • SeventhEvening

            SO2 was just one of my favorite titles on the PS1. I may be looking back with nostalgia glasses on, but I loved it. Your criticisms are totally valid through. There are a lot of side stuff unrelated to the plot, the plot changes DRASTICALLY when you hit the end of the first disk and the final boss was one of the most difficult fights I’ve ever encountered in a videogame.

            I hated SO3 because I was so excited about it. It has a terrible plot twist and it’s rather mediocre, but given the fact that I loved SO2 and I had looked forward to the sequel for 5 years, and then I played through most of the game trying really hard to like it…when I hit the twist it just killed me on the inside.

            As for Final Fantasy VIII….they didn’t do anything right. That plot has so many plot holes and apathy kills the cat multiple times throughout the story. No one questions any of the nonsensical story elements, they just get discarded at random when they get inconvenient. I do not understand why people like that game so much. I mean, I liked VII, and I understand its appeal even though it isn’t the best Final Fantasy. I can’t see anything appealing in VIII.

          • kupomogli

            I didn’t even get to the plot twist on Star Ocean 3 before I quit it. Bought the game day one, put about five hours into it, turned it off and have never played it again. I just didn’t enjoy the storyline or the battle system.

            I always try to give a lot of games I own a second chance, especially ones that I am a fan of the series so I will eventually play it again. First time I played Star Ocean 2 I didn’t enjoy it that much as I started with Claude, and as you can guess, the hour to two hour storyline portion felt like it never ended. Any time I pick up and play Star Ocean 2 now I love the game from beginning to end, so I think it’s just that first time and not expecting the storyline to drag so long in the beginning.

            Also SeventhEvening. While I really enjoy both the PSP and PSX version of Star Ocean 2, I like the PSX version more. I’m guessing your reasoning is the same. Both the inability to skip voice acting once you’re done reading and the triple attacks, correct?

          • SeventhEvening

            Those two things were reasons I didn’t like the PSP version as much, but the biggest problem I had was actually a bit more trivial. I hated the new character artist they hired. Claude is 19, Rena is 17/18, Ashton 20….Other than 4 characters, the cast is in their early 20s (Ernst is in his 30’s), and the original art from the game depicted that well. There’s some romantic tension between Rena and Claude that matches their age. In the re-make, Rena’s portrait makes her look like an 11 year old girl and Claude looks like he’s 13. That romantic tension is creepy when they look that young. Ernst even looks like he’s 19. Again, the plot didn’t change or anything, but the addition of a new artist and then forcing me to look at the character portraits made it harder for me to imagine the characters as they were suppose to look. I know that artist did some other stuff as well, like radiant mythology (if I’m not mistaken), and I liked their work there, but in this case they were messing with characters I knew well and adored, so seeing them looking so young really rubbed me the wrong way.

            But yeah, the inability to skip the voice and the triple attacks bothered me as well.

        • SeventhEvening

          Well, maybe part of the problem was the bad script. But it still suffered from bad localization on top of that. I mean, those voice-overs…..They still give me nightmares.

          • CrimsonFlamesX

            I feel sorry for the voice actors. Some did an okay job, but others needed better directing. Edge Maverick had a good voice, but at certain times he sound flat. Lymle…okay I’m going to throw this out there, but I loved her voice, kay? Umm, Faize is alright, I’ve heard him act better though. Reimi(forgot how to spell at this moment), she can ACT, but in this game…eh, it didn’t shine.

            Okay I’ll stop now. It did have a terrible script. The plot was stupid, Disc 2 it picked up, then it fell flat again. To me, Star Ocean 4, was just “okay”. Played through twice….couldn’t go through it again. Wow, my post is long….I’m sorry about that.

          • Once again, the voiceovers were fine to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing a whole lot of years, so when I think of bad voice acting, I think of Grandia for PS1 or Resident Evil (original) or more recently Chaos Wars. Star Ocean 4 wouldn’t have won any awards, but the voices, including Meracle and Sarah (who was annoying, but I think that was part of her character. She felt like she was written that she was SUPPOSED to be annoying) didn’t seem awful to me.

  • Damn shame the Yakuza games are PS3 exclusive after 2, I just started playing 1 and I’m really liking it.

    • SeventhEvening

      Plot-wise they don’t get too much better than the first (although 2 has some amazing scenes in it), but mechanically things improve a lot.

  • SeventhEvening

    I’m glad hostess clubs are back. I liked them. I hope Mahjong and Shogi make it as well.

    Of course, some people are going to whine about Answer x Answer being cut, but that’s ludicrous. Any American who’s ever played Answer x Answer knows why it needs to be cut and would want it gone. Sega should bring an arcade cabinet and take it on tour. I played it in Japan and it is bloody impossible for a foreigner to play because it requires flawless language skills and serious Japanese history knowledge. It is an incredibly hard game even for people who are Japanese and who learned this stuff in school. Having it in the (localized) game means completionists are just screwed, and it would make about 4 trophies unobtainable.

    The only way we could get Answer x Answer is if they edited all those images, and then rewrote the trivia questions to be something more in tune with what Americans would know. And then possibly re-write them again for our European friends. That is a massive amount of work and would considerably delay the game. All for a feature that almost no one would enjoy.

    If you are actually shaking your fist at Sega for localizing a brilliant niche game but depriving you of a single mini-game, you should re-evaluate the situation. Either you have irrational hate for Sega (who is trying to make up for the mistakes of Yakuza 3) or you just can’t enjoy games any more and you need a new hobby.


  • kupomogli

    Yakuza 3 was amazing game even with the cut content. On Yakuza 1 and 2, I probably got one hostess in each game to date me outside of the club so the hostess clubs weren’t such a big loss but they were still missed. Atleast we received the game and that’s all I care about.With Yakuza 4, we’re losing Answer x Answer and it’s up in the air for Shogi and Mahjong. I, like many people that don’t just want to complain, couldn’t care less about Answer x Answer. I can see about people wanting to keep Shogi or Mahjong, but this is another thing I couldn’t care less about as if I did want to play these then I’ll just put in Yakuza 2.So because the translation of Shogi and Mahjong really aren’t too difficult. I do hope they’re still in the game for those people who want to play them. For those whining about losing Answer x Answer, something I guarantee even those who are complaining don’t want, please go cry me a river.

  • EvilAkito

    I sure hope they leave Mahjong in. Ever since watching Akagi, I’ve wanted to see a Mahjong minigame actually NOT get cut out of the US release of a video game for once.

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