Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Getting A Phoenix Down?

By Spencer . June 22, 2010 . 8:21am

imageLong before RPGs had full-motion video as a lure, Squaresoft tried to broaden the genre’s appeal, much to the chagrin of RPG fans, with a simplified Super Nintendo game called Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.


The story followed Benjamin as he collected crystals in four elemental worlds, befriended a ninja, and slaughtered the last boss with a Cure spell. Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest also introduced action elements like setting bombs to reveal secret paths and using a claw as a grappling hook.


Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (aka Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest in Japan) has not been remade or re-released… yet. Perhaps, Square Enix is kicking around the idea? They just filed a trademark for Mystic Quest Legend in Europe, which happens to be the European name for the game. Squaresoft didn’t have a European branch at that time so Nintendo published the game in PAL regions. Seems odd for Square Enix just to trademark Mystic Quest Legend, a title used only for Europe, unless they planned to do something with it. Nintendo published the game before, so a Virtual Console re-release would be fitting.

  • Verdict: Pass. >.> I didn’t like the original and this aint gonna help.

  • Maybe they’ll port it to the iOS devices? Seems like it would be a good fit there. I’d probably pick it up, I liked FFMQ.

  • I never knew of the hate till years later, but I always loved Mystic Quest. Still don’t understand why people didn’t.

  • Electrium

    I loved this game too! Of course I was a kid back then, so I’m not sure if it’ll hold up, but I’d buy a re-make.

  • kupomogli

    I already owned FF, FF4, Dragon Warrior, and Dragon Warrior 3 prior to the release of FF Mystic Quest and I loved the games because RPGs were an experience that was way too infrequent. Even now they’re my favorite genre alongside side scrolling action games or action adventure games.Mystic Quest was a great game then and it even holds up as a very good game today with the enemy weaknesses based on weapon type, the weapon differences, and the uses for weapons outside of battle. Another thing about Mystic Quest was the music which is some of the best on the SNES. Amazing soundtrack.

  • deltazero

    I would love a remake for the game, as long as they don’t slaughter the music. That was arguably the best part of the game :P

  • RAVENKam

    Over the years I had completely forgotten about this game’s existence. I now have the perfect excuse to hunt down some vids for my daily dose of nostalgia.

    • deltazero

      HAHAHA, very agreed, I just pulled up some music from the game on youtube after reading this post XD. Specifically, the battle themes and the doom castle theme. haha

      • kupomogli

        I did also. Battle, boss battle, dark king, doom castle, and I saw a couple videos of people playing a few songs using guitar so played those as well.

      • EvilAkito

        Don’t forget the song that plays in the Volcano. Easily one of my favorites.

  • jarrodand

    Ugh. Where the hell is SoulBlazer/Illusion of Gaia/Terranigma? Hell, I’ll even take Mischief Makers, Robotrek or E.V.O.?

    • deltazero

      Seconded! So many SNES/SFC gems that got magically ‘forgotten’ about :/ I am still waiting for an official release for Seiken Densetsu 3. COME ON SQUARE

  • fuzzy_hobo

    I confess…I liked this game. The dragon claw rocked. It was superficial, but enjoyable as a Zelda/rpg hybrid…and I loved the battle music.

  • EvilAkito

    I’ve wanted this game on VC for quite a while. It was my first RPG, so I have a big soft spot for it.

    I think that Mystic Quest’s poor reputation is a bit undeserved. Since it was really meant to be an entry-level RPG for American gamers, RPG fans (which made up only a small percentage of the American gaming market at the time) felt that it was too simplistic compared to contemporary RPGs. However, I feel that that initial stigma has been nullified by the passing of time, and when viewed in retrospect, Mystic Quest is a short, sweet, and fun RPG. Not to mention the fact that the soundtrack is awesome!

  • Music. Hands down. Music. One of the star reasons I’d look this up again.

  • Jirin

    But…Mystic Quest was awful. It didn’t even let you control your ally in combat. It’s the game Japan gave us because they thought FFV was too hard to understand for Americans.

    • deltazero

      You could control your ally, there was an option if you wanted it auto or manual. I always had it on manual, since I liked controlling him/her, but it was a nice option to have for an RPG that was aimed towards RPG newbies imo.

      • Jirin

        FF4-easy type and Secret of Mana were both very good RPG newbie games. They didn’t need to dumb it down even further. Mystic Quest was called “FFUSA” in Japan. Short for “Final Fantasy Stupid American”

  • Vino (Tim N)

    Nostalgic! I played this all the way through multiple times when I was younger. Simple as it was, it was easy to sink into when I was a pre-teen. So a port or remake will be most welcomed by moi.

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