Microsoft: All Kinect Prices Now Are Placeholders

By Spencer . June 23, 2010 . 12:49pm

imageWe’ve seen the $149.99 price for the Kinect Sensor everywhere, even on Microsoft’s own online store. That price no matter where you see it, is just a placeholder, according to a Microsoft employee.


“All prices now *no matter what the retail source* are placeholders. We’ve not announced. :>,” Stephen Toulouse, Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox Live, posted on Twitter.


Microsoft also updated their Kinect product page with a disclaimer. It reads, “official pricing has not been announced. $149.99 is an estimate only and subject to change.”

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  • andref

    and only question is, how likely will it change

  • androvsky

    I’m torn. Part of me wants to see Kinect fail since it looks like it’ll mainly be good for a limited variety of extremely casual games… on the other hand, it looks like it’ll be great for dancing games, to the point where I almost want one. Almost.

    Sorry for going horribly off-topic, but where is the NISA interview from E3? Been looking forward to seeing the whole thing for a while.

    • There are so many things from E3 that haven’t gone up yet. Sorry! Soon-ish, I suppose.

      • No! Or rather Yes!

        But basically, I like this extra post-E3 E3 news. If it had all been done at the time I’d have been more suffocated with it than I was. Plus, I like the relaxed pace of SE.

        I used to dislike waiting a week for the next part of an interview, now I love it. It’s great, since it gives me A) something to look forward to and B) it keeps the news feed (or printing press if you wanna kick it old school) hot and constant.

  • its not 149.99, its 139.99!! (microsoft’s thinking: after this reaction we cant put 150$ bucks uh…)

  • thebanditking

    Well, if this thing retails for 149.99 I think its safe to say MS officially sent it to die. You can prattle on and on about “you are the controller” or some such marketing BS but truth be told Nintendo is just 49.99 shy of being the same price for a whole console (something that I can assure is not lost to them) and the market MS is looking at does not care about HD graphics. All they will see is the 149 Kinect + 199 or 299 360 = not worth the investment. Also given that Kinect was a total flop at E3 (especially for the main 360 fanbase) you wont see them support it either.

    I would bet Nintendo drops Wii’s price this fall to 149.99, which will effectively kill off Kinect. Not that I think Move has an easier time this fall but with the single controller only costing 50.00 and even the bundle coming in at 100.00, its a much easier “try it” option for those who already own a PS3, especially if you want to use it for Killzone 3. Though when considering someone buying a new console the PS3 + Move will likely still be well out of the finicky casual market price range. As for me Im sticking with my controllers thank you.

  • mmm… I think M$ know it’ll fail if they retail it at that price. I get the feeling they’ll try and surpise everyone by leading people on saying its $150 and then being like ‘LOL jk its actually $100’ or something.
    $150 isnt that far off from Playstation Move though mind you, needing 2 controllers a nunchuck and the Eye

    • Aoshi00

      Yea, the whole Move set is not cheap either, there’s a charger too, but I think you’re right, there’s a very high chance they would price the Kinect at around $100. That would be the price point I’m willing to try out the device. I would like to upgrade my Jpn 360 down the road too so that the Kinect wouldn’t need another power source. I’m actually not crazy about the glossy surface though, I saw people handle it in video, mad fingerprint (& dust) magnet, and right now I love putting faceplates on my systems, I’m using these two right now,…and I’m going to try out the Deathsmiles FP in a little bit.

  • I don’t see it being much cheaper than that, really. Knowing M$, (sorry guys, I never got to do this before) the price will stay at or around 150. Probably $149.98 or something.

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