• http://thrust-the-sky.deviantart.com/ WildArms

    “he wasn’t sure if it would lead to rewards or if it was just a loading distraction.”

    hahahaha xD

  • gontrand

    I’ll get it even if its the same gameplay as in Raging Blast >_>

    • andref

      what if it only covered the Z saga?

      • gontrand

        It cover from the begining,Z sagas and GT sagas,and some movie :P
        And i hasnt bougth the first one,so i’ll pick this one for sure ^_^

    • http://www.myspace.com/Juan_Rod bluejuan85

      Its been a long time since I played a DBZ game. I think it was DBZ Tenkaichi 1. This looks promising.

      • kupomogli

        Tenkaichi 1 is pretty bad. If you enjoyed it at all, then any game you play next in the Tenkaichi and Raging Blast series you’re sure to love.The best one is Budokai Tenkaichi 3, then Tenkaichi 2, and Raging Blast following that. The regular Budokai games are very good too. Budokai 3, Budokai 2, Infinite World, Budokai, then Burst Limit following for last.

        I’ve never played the PSP DBZ games.

        • http://www.myspace.com/Juan_Rod bluejuan85

          Yeah I played the Budokai games as well and it was a blast and the first Tenkaichi but I stopped after that. I watched a trailer for this latest one and indeed it is awesome.

  • nyobzoo

    saw the trailer and saw nothing new aside from the visuals, will pass on this game

  • Electrium

    I actually don’t own any DBZ games yet, and with the US release of DBZ Kai this seems a good a time as ever to pick one up.

    Characters that have never been seen in a DBZ game before? Didn’t the original Raging Blast have 70+ or something like that? I wonder who it could possibly be.

  • cowcow

    I hope it’s GT Goten & Gohan and end of DBZ Goten & Trunks and Captain Chicken and Vegeta’s little brother and Nekko Majin Z

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