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By Spencer . June 24, 2010 . 3:31pm

NTR_GoldenSun_04ss02_E3While the characters I played with — Matthew, Karis, and Terrell — were new, battles felt familiar. Djinn and psyenergy, elements from past Golden Sun games returned in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.


When I encountered enemies I could strike with a regular attack, cast psyenergy spells like Ragnarok or call a Djinni for help. Matthew was imbued with earth Djinn, which gave him abilities like Flint, a stone cleaving blow. Karis’ wind Djinn allowed her to cast Gust, a wind spell that may strike twice, and waft, a sleep spell. Terrell had fire Djinn with Fever, a spell that deluded enemies, and Torch, a fire attack.


In the first fight, I made everyone use a Djinn to attack. This was a demo, so why bother being conservative? After each Djinni was summoned it floated to the top screen. Before the battle was over, two released Djinn were up there waiting for me to call them back or summon them. All of the Djinn were reset after each encounter.


Before I could use the summon command I had to use two Djinn attacks. Ogre Titan, the boss of the E3 demo, was the perfect monster to test this on. I started by hitting the beast with a few attacks to charge up my Djinn. Terrell was ready first and called a flaming Kirin that ran through Ogre Titan. Karis then finished the monster off with a now 3D rendered Atalanta who shot a torrent of arrows. Both summons took up both screens and looked something like the screenshots below.




Djinn appear to be linked to each character’s class too. I played around with the menus and noticed Knight –> Squire on Matthew’s status screen. Karis, the token magic user, had Magician –> Windseer. Terrell looks like the tough guy of the group with Soldier –> Guard. Golden Sun fans should be familiar with this system too.


With Ogre Titan vanquished, I was free to explore a town. The residents of Vale are psyenergy users while the people below the mountain aren’t adept at using it. I spoke to someone else in the pub who said, “Your mothers and fathers, the Warriors of Vale, saved the world from ruin. Unfortunately, the rest of the world only sees the Golden Sun they unleashed as a horrific catastrophe.”


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn takes place 30 years after the events in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. As the bar dweller explained, the heroes in this game are the descendants of characters from the previous Golden Sun games.

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  • joesz

    …The AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hwaaa~
    Procne, Neptune, the middle summon kinda looks like Megaera…..
    Also, all of the various Djinni look different from the others in their element?
    Even awesomer~
    I expected Karis to be water, because she looks like Mia, but I’m happy they didn’t just go with that and made her Jupiter~
    I can’t wait~

  • Its cool, i saw the video and it really took me back in time xD, but i wish there could be some new stuff in battle as well, so far i’ve just seen better versions of all the GBA battles’s features. Still, im excited to play this X_X

    • There will probably be some twists to the battle system, even if they are just small ones. I think the Battle system was great though, so I’d be perfectly happy if it were still the same.

      • Of course xD, what i think they are doing now is feeding us hungry fans that wanted more after golden sun 2, just having the name golden sun would be a 100% buy for me

  • Hraesvelgr

    The Golden Sun games were two of my favorite GBA games, so if this is just more of the same… I’ll be honest, I’m okay with that. It looks a lot better than the trailer they showed last year, too. Hopefully “this holiday season” is not too late in the year.

  • Electrium

    Gah, I’m gonna have to rename Terrell. Reminds me of my room mate last semester >_>…

  • joesz

    Btw is this game going to be on the normal ds or the 3ds?

    • Normal DS, comes out this holiday.

      • joesz

        I’m super happy that this game is going to be released in this year,But little sad that this game is going to be on the normal ds.

        I really wanted to see it on the 3ds so I could buy it along the 3ds as well for the hd graphic of the game.

        But yes those screen-shots are kind of hd……

  • kylehyde

    To the date, Golde Sun has been my favorite game of all the time (even that I already played Chronno trigger and FFVI) and currently The world ends with you is my favorite DS game. I hope that this game dethrone or at least comes close to second place.

  • Guest

    Only 30 years? Then where are their mothers and fathers? They can’t have died already could they? Issac…=(

  • holyPaladin

    OMG I gonna play this if it comes out.Golden Sun is one of the best RPG on GBA

  • Judging from the screenshots the characters look almost the same as in 1 & 2? I know they are the descendants of the old protagonists, but I would have sworn that were Garet, Mia, and Isaac in the screenshot ;P

    • Yeah lol, but hey, i loved the characters, so i dont care if they look alike >8D, i just wonder… are isaac and etc DEAD OR WHUT!?

      • Probably just retired :P

  • Code

    rar, I’ve never been able to understand the appeal of Golden Sun, I played both games, but I got nothing from them. It always confuses me a little when I hear veteran JRPG fans give hardcore props to the Golden Sun series.

    • Joanna

      What not to like? Great story, fun characters, great puzzles, memorable world. I have to ask, why don’t you like it? :|

  • alastor3

    nobody complaining about 3D graphic ??? We could have an awesome 2D/3D game but no, the DS can do 3D let’s do that…..

    They totally ruin it for me….

    • I think at least the towns look charming though. Not to sure about the battles yet, but can’t really say until I can play for myself.

  • I called it here: Alex comes back. I just know it.

  • Can’t wait for it to be out. It’s bound to be epic.

  • NeoTechni

    Here’s hoping it reads save data from the GBA games

  • Starmony


    Also, about the relase date, is it just for Japan, also for USA or worldwide?

    • Joanna

      It’s definitely coming out in the US. It was featured at Nintendo’s E3 conference and the release date is holidays 2010.

  • I hope that Terrell is the child of Isaac and Mia.

    (Let me spell this out: I’m a Mudshipper).

  • Joanna

    I’ve been dreaming of this game since the DS was first released. I can’t wait to play this. :D :D

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