Donkey Kong Country Returns With Diddy Kong Powered Jetpack

By Spencer . June 25, 2010 . 3:18pm


Donkey Kong Country Returns is a blast from the past. The demo level I played at E3 reminded me of the Super Nintendo games.


Aside from on the fly rendered monkeys, developer Retro Studios added new elements to Donkey Kong Country Returns. The most noticeable one is Diddy Kong’s jet pack. Once you free Diddy from a barrel, he climbs on Donkey Kong’s back. And Diddy has a wooden rocket on his back. This gizmo lets Donkey Kong hover in the air and gently glide to the ground. Donkey Kong also has a ground pound attack, which took some inspiration from New Play Control: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. You shake the remote and nunchuk, as if you were Donkey Kong slapping the ground.




While I was jumping on frogs, a blimp flew by in the background. Birds flew by in another spot. These little touches made Donkey Kong Country Returns feel lively. Eventually, Donkey Kong jumps into the background when a land mass pops out of the ground via a special barrel. The screen zooms in on the new area and I completed a barrel jumping segment.


Donkey Kong Country Returns wouldn’t be a Donkey Kong Country game without lots of secrets. Levels have hidden banana bunches, puzzle pieces, and KONG letters to collect. The “O” was tricky to get in this stage. It was floating over a pit. Diddy Kong’s rocket pack didn’t help me get it. I couldn’t get enough lift from the jet to avoid falling into the abyss. On my next try, i used rolled into the letter by shaking the remote. Right before falling, I hit jump and landed on solid ground.


With four letters collected, I felt accomplished enough to move on and play Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

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  • I’ll seriously buy it! I love the Donkey Kong Country games!

  • ZeroBlitz

    Looks great but first there’s one thing I need to know: will it have animal buddies?

    It wouldn’t be DKC without them.

  • MUST HAVE ANIMAL BUDDIES! And yay for the jetpack. All’s we need now is a peanut shooter. ;D

  • About the animal buddies, Kotaku seemed to cover that part (for now)

    [Okay, but what about DK’s animal buddies, like the rhino he could ride in the first Donkey Kong Country?

    Tanabe: “I know people certainly have enjoyed them in the past so we are definitely considering those elements of gameplay. But you’ll have to excuse me for keeping this secret for a little while longer.”]

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