Kingdom Hearts Re:coded And The World Ends With You Have Something In Common

By Spencer . June 25, 2010 . 3:06am

imageKingdom Hearts Re:coded uses the wireless hardware on the Nintendo DS. Not for full blown multiplayer missions like the ones Square Enix created for Kingdom Hearts 358 / 2 Days, though.


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded supports passive connectivity. You can exchange data with other Kingdom Hearts Re:coded players by clamshelling your DS and walking around with Re:coded in your backpack. Remember The World Ends With You’s pin point grabbing mode? It’s sort of like that.


Other games can also communicate with Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. What does all of this wireless data do for the game? Square Enix is saving that reveal for another day.


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded comes out in Japan this fall. A release date for North America has not been announced at this time.

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  • holyPaladin

    Can it come close to the record DQ IX had for this?

  • alastor3

    by seeing the image on the front page, I though it was The world Ends With you 2 :(

  • D’aww, when you said they shared a common gameplay feature I was hoping for something like the combat system from TWEWY.

    This is pretty cool, but TWEWY’s tag mode has been my favorite so far, because it didn’t rely on you walking past just other people with the game – it would pick up data from wireless access points too, locked or otherwise, and turn them into pin PP (I believe TWEWY referred to them as “aliens” when giving you the PP).

    • Joanna

      yup, your right about that. It also picked up on wireless modes from DSes that were playing another game. That’s how I got most of my PP from tag mode. xD

  • joesz

    LOl! I thought kingdom heart re:coded was going to be made exclusively for north america

  • I just remembered i want another game like TWEWY

  • BrotherCavil

    Spencer, there is a another gameplay mechanic the two games share: A difficulty slider.

    Apparently, much like in WEWY where you can tweak the game’s difficulty level at ANY time, you can do the same here too – and naturally, higher difficulties yield better rewards.

    Really, more games need this mechanic. It’s really neat – makes things easy for the casual gamer, while giving hardcore challenge-lovers what they want most.

    • jj984jj

      Honestly I thought that’s what this article was going to be about. XD

    • Kris

      … I think that’s the first time I’ve heard you say something positive about this game!
      Also, that is a pretty sweet mechanic, I love it when you can adjust your challenge level on the fly.

      • BrotherCavil

        Just because I like individual mechanics here and there, doesn’t mean I like the whole package. :3

        If there’s any praise to be had for anything, I’ll be there to praise it.

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