Trinity Universe’s “Spoony Bard” Joke

By Spencer . June 26, 2010 . 11:43pm


Edward’s “spoony” legacy found its way into the North American version of Trinity Universe. This photo was taken from Demon Dog King Kanata’s storyline.


Yes, Etna and Prinnies are in the game. Both of them join Kanata’s adventure as party members.

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  • Kris

    Dang! Isn’t this out like, tomorrow? It really snuck up on me!

    • Feynman

      Tuesday actually, or at least that’s the official street date last time I checked. But yeah, I’ve been eagerly anticipating this one.

  • Disgaea, FF4, Soul Nomad.

    Oh yea, that many references in one sentence…

    • Excellent! I hope you can catch the other references I snuck in there =)

      edit: Another acceptable answer to the “eat worlds” reference would be Unicron from the Transformers movie.

      • Why did I know it was YOU?

        gg Nick.

        • Thank you! That’s very kind to hear after reading all the hatred over at the GameFAQs board, claiming I ‘dubtitled’ and all that. If they know that, they must know Japanese… and they must know the original script was very vanilla and characters all had the same personality. I dunno.

          It’s probably dubious to ask, but if anyone can go post some happy threads in there, I’d be very grateful. I can’t believe how impossible it is to satisfy those folks!

          • Why do you even go into that snakepit? Nobody there has anything constructive to say. They just spend their time complaining about everything. If you left the script exactly the way it was written in Japanese, they’d go after you for that too. Don’t listen to those guys. They’re the probably the same people who, years ago, would’ve been complaining about Working Designs’ localizations.

            Personally, I go there every now and then, and I usually end up stuck in some stupid argument for days. They do not represent the majority of your audience, man.

          • Thank you =)

            I will take that to heart and keep doing what I feel is the best direction for the titles I work on.

          • raymk

            your not the only one that gets caught in the muck with gamefaqs. Some people there are good people but they are hard to find and limited to certain boards.

          • Feynman

            I think they’re all nuts. All the videos I’ve seen so far point to your localization efforts being top-notch! I actually appreciate slight script changes that help give a game personality and zest. Translate too literally and dryly, and you end up with Ar Tonelico 2… I don’t think any of us want a repeat of that!

            Should Neptune continue on it’s path towards getting the green light for an NA release, here’s hoping that you get to handle it, dood!

  • I live in a town called Kanata~ :D

  • 311

    Sweet! I see this and I can’t wait for the release

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