Dragon Quest IX Could Have Used A Little More Love At E3

By Spencer . June 27, 2010 . 9:22am


While E3 attendees made a beeline to play the Nintendo 3DS and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, some games in Nintendo’s booth got more attention than others.


Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies was the one of the “others”. Nintendo put Dragon Quest IX in a choice spot too. Square Enix’s game was at their booth’s entrance and right next to their hotly anticipated first party RPG. This photo was takenwhen I dropped by to play Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.


Since Nintendo is publishing Dragon Quest IX its only appearance on the show floor was right there.

  • Guest

    To be fair basically all DS games had short lines and small set ups. I’m sure a lot of people are looking forward to it but this just wasn’t special at E3. There were bigger games that no one had played before that took priority over this. Not to mention RPGs demo HORRIBLY at events like this. I understand why people decided to just skip it and try everything else that was something new and not this which everyone has known about, seen or probably already played.

    • Agreed. The only DS demo I saw a line for at the E3 was Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

  • kupomogli

    Dragon Quest 9 was brushed off when they mentioned it in the Nintendo E3 Press Conference.Hey guys, this is Dragon Quest 9, it’s got a lot of stuff, this one person has been playing it over 100 hours and feels that she’s just getting started. Okay. We did our small part Square Enix, screw Dragon Quest 9, here’s Metroid the Other M.I mean seriously. Square Enix published the next Dragon Quest game and the remakes on DS supposedly for Nintendo to help get them recognized in the US. But instead, Nintendo just blows them off pretty much and Dragon Quest 9 is less than two minutes on stage. For Nintendo it’s fine because they already saw the large amount of sales from the Japanese release of the game, so what would they really care about a few more people purchasing the game in the US.Nintendo has a lot of good systems, but I hate the company itself for their douchebag sales tactics that they prove they are the masters of time and time again.

    • I don’t really get what your saying, Square Enix published DQ9 in Japan, so how did Nintendo get profit from the Japanese releases?

      • Because DQ being such a popular franchise people would buy a DS just to play dragon quest!

        But it’s clearly not what he ment.

      • Sold more DS.

      • kupomogli

        Nintendo still gets money on each DS game sold. There’s also the fees, but I assume that Square Enix may have gotten around having to pay those since they’re putting a big name series such as Dragon Quest on the systems.

    • I think the woman who spent over 100 hours on the game might have been at the Nintendo Dragon Quest IX display.

      I say so because I dropped by to play before Golden Sun Dark Dawn moments after E3 started. (The Golden Sun demo DS units were busy.) A woman immediately approached me, I didn’t catch her name, but she and I were talking about DQIX since no one else came by and she said she spent over 120 hours on it.

      More people should have dropped by. It was an admirable demo, and quite fun to play.

      (Maybe if Nintendo had given out DQIX notepads or patches, things would have been different…)

    • Joanna

      “I mean seriously. Square Enix published the next Dragon Quest game and the remakes on DS supposedly for Nintendo to help get them recognized in the US.”

      That makes no sense. While it may be true that Nintendo gets some kind of licensing fee, the majority of the money from DQ goes into SE’s pockets.
      And you have that statement on backwards. The deal was that Nintendo would publish DQIX here so that it would get more recognition in the west for SE’s benefit, while SE would make DQX for Wii (and in turn fuel more Wii sales). Siliconera even covered this!

      Either you got your facts mixed up, or you have some intensive hatred for Nintendo or NOA.

      I agree with you, the coverage of DQIX was underwhelming. But at the same time, we don’t know what kind of deal SE and Nintendo had, maybe that was all there was to the deal. If that’s the case, SE is to blame for not pushing a better deal.

      And another thing that I don’t agree with is your statement that Nintendo’s sales tactics are horrible. If you mean lack of promotion, all companies suffer from this. You can’t always blow loads of money on marketing every single game. And all three companies tend to market the big hitters that don’t really need that much help instead of the new IPs. So once again, you seem to be an irrational Nintendo hater.

      And finally, I think the price point 34.99 helps a bit with the promotion as well. Hell, I very thankful that I don’t have to pay the usual SE/Nintendo tax. And if you pay attention to DS games, you would know that with new IPs (at least in the west), Nintendo gives them a lower price (30-35) to compete better instead of slapping on the same price as well known first party games.

  • While I am glad that Nintendo even mentioned DQIX at their press conference, I was hoping for something more in-depth, and have videos and/or pictures of the game to get people hyped instead of just text of how many hours, how many items, etc.

    I just wish July 11th were here already.

  • i wish to see more videos of this, and no, i dont wanna go to youtube to see all japanese ppl with the lvl 99 videos T_T, something like what namco bandai did with monster hunter united, they made lots of videos about hunting, and etc xD

  • shaffy_oppa

    Personally really excited about the game and will pick up some kind of DS on the launch date but honestly I wouldn’t have played it at E3 if it were there in front of me…

    I know the games good so theres nothing to try and I don’t like standing around playing games like DQ at booths.

  • thebanditking

    I disagree Spencer, personally I think DQ9 is a big step backwards for the series and that peoples attention were better spent on games like Golden Sun, Ghost Trick and the 3DS.

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