Hands On Hard Corps: Uprising

By Spencer . June 28, 2010 . 3:58pm


Contra with Guilty Gear art is the easiest way to describe Hard Corps: Uprising. Konami hired Arc System Works to develop this downloadable game, which feels just like anime Contra, even though it doesn’t have Contra in the title.


Two characters were selectable during the demo Christer and Bahamut, the villain from Contra: Hard Corps. I went with Bahamut and blasted through the first stage. In typical Contra fashion, alien ran towards my character as soon as he jumped out of a helicopter. I fired back and ran towards them. Saucers hovered overhead carrying power ups like the spread shot and a rapid fire laser. Unlike other Contra games, you don’t die when you get hit by a bullet. The penalty is one notch of your life bar and special weapon. Traps like quicksand can kill you if you don’t jump out of it in time.


One of the most interesting additions in Hard Corps: Uprising is bullet reflecting. Bahamut can toss a bullet back at an enemy if you press a button right before he gets hit. The bullet homes in on its target, which makes it easy to counter-kill enemies attacking on different vertical levels. Bullet reflecting has slow recovery time, so you can’t mash the bullet reflecting button. That’s an easy way to get killed.


What you can’t see in the screenshots is how smooth Hard Corps: Uprising looks in motion. Hard Corps: Uprising is eye candy, especially if you dig anime-style graphics. While I only got to see two characters, Konami plans on having a larger roster. Three characters will be available as downloadable content.

  • Code

    rar, sold!

  • This may be game of the year from E3 for me. As soon as I have the funds and know that I can get it I probably will.

    I´ve been waiting for this kind of title for a long time. Looks fun to play and I hope that there will be co-op both off and online.

    • Yeah, there’s both. I played offline co-op and Konami said there was an online mode too.

      • Great. One more reason to get it without a second thought :)

    • You can see a little gameplay footage here:

      It’s funny Spencer described it with GG art, since I immediately thought of the beat ’em up part of the GG: AC.

      • Code

        hooray! thanks for the footage >w<! rarr, can't wait, looks sharp and fast, just as I'd have hoped! Also Arc has done a beautiful job with the graphics, very clean and crisp!

      • It was the gameplay from the videos that were on gametrailers that got me interested in the first place :)

        Thanks for the link though.

  • EvilAkito


    Konami, Arc Systems Work, you may have my money!

  • Is Ishiwatari doing the music?

    • This is a good question… that I didn’t ask. Sorry! If I get a chance to bug someone I’ll ask it next time.

  • andref

    only question from me is when they will let me play it

    • Sometime this year is what I have in my notes.

  • deltazero

    Online co-op contra-style game (if not contra itself)? Day 1! :D

  • OMG, I’m a sucker for gimmicks like bullet reflection. Reminds me of Riposte in Demon’s Souls.

    So does the reflection cover your body from head to toes or is it only for bullets aimed at your torso area?

    Can you deflect bullets in-air?

    • On ground its head to toe.

      And now I regret not testing out mid air deflecting.

  • cmurph666

    With awesome titles like these its no wonder why I buy more PSN games than PS3 games…

  • raymk

    now I have to buy Necromachina and This dammit why do the good psn games decide to come now (not that i’m complaining =D)

  • Did the build have voices? If so, did they have hilarious accents?

  • Hraesvelgr

    What? Konami? And here I thought they weren’t in any way related to any good upcoming games.

    Also, my mood dropped a bit when I read about the character DLC. I guess in a game like this, having characters as DLC isn’t as bad, but… still not fond of it.

    • thebanditking

      I agree there is absolutely no reason for DLC characters, especially since its already a downloaded title (what you can’t make the download a few kb/MB bigger?). Its really is a rip off, but thats the trend these days. Shorter dev cycle, 3/4 of the game on the disc the other 1/4 as DLC.

  • thebanditking

    I can’t wait for this on PSN, I love (but really suck at) the Contra games.

  • Lol Is it me or does anybody else think When they say Contra isn’t in the title did they forget “Contra: Hard Corps”?

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