Dragon Quest IX Gets Its Own Celebrity Bash

By Spencer . June 29, 2010 . 10:18am

imageDragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies is getting quite a marketing push in North America. Nintendo threw a star studded sneak peek for the game in Los Angeles yesterday where Lil John encountered slimes.


The Associate Press were at the event and took photos of celebrities drinking out of chalices and the medieval-esque venue.


While stunt like this may not appeal to Dragon Quest diehards, they help boost the series’ mainstream popularity in the States and that means more localized Dragon Quest games. Well, that’s if Lil John can push Dragon Quest IX.


A hat tip to Tommy Lee for the tip!

  • MrRobbyM

    Is that a Slime DSi?(XL?) If so, then I might actually upgrade to a DSiXL…


    • it’s officially called midnight blue or something along those lines. most likely it’s pure coincidence that it’s slime colored.

  • Guest

    So, do these celebrities even, actually, play/will play Dragon Quest or what? (Rhetorical sarcasm, but answer that question if you wish)

    Wait, who are these people? I’m not American so I wouldn’t know. xD

    Also…Nintendo are really trying to help push Dragon Quest huh? No need to help Square Enix…no need at all (unless they really are trying/helping)

    • Im not american either, but i do know the twins from their show in dysney channel lol (In Spanesh!!)

      • Guest

        lol, I was just using the “not being american” as an excuse for not knowing who the heck they were! xD

    • kylehyde

      Actually nintendo is the publisher for dragon quest IX (in the west) and this series really needs help to sale in the west. Maybe to many of us for default love DQ for what it is, but many people outside of the videogame pages and forums don’t know nothing about dragon quest.And even that most of us don’t know who the heck is lil jhon (and actually I don’t care) I think that is great that nintendo are going to take a different aprouch for promoting this game, I mean,the people that has followed DQIX since it anounced is going to buy the game no matter how is going to be promoted, and the people who doen’t know nothing about it maybe is going to hooked for the advertesings, buy the game and then love it for what it is.

      • Guest

        Yeah. I’m not against their advertising or anything. I know I don’t love DQ for what it is (all I’ve heard is though, is that it’s FULL of grinding, and I HATE grinding).

        Also, I forgot that Nintendo was the publisher, completely forgot. I also forgot that advertising was also the publisher’s job for a moment. xD

        • jj984jj

          There’s no need to grind in a post-NES DQ game.

          • Guest

            Oh really? Wish I found that out sooner.

            Is there a small amount of grinding? I wouldn’t mind that…too much. =P

          • jj984jj

            Some of them do have a job system (or in DQV’s case, not a job system but a monster system), so if you decide to change something you may have to do a bit of grinding like most RPGs with these options.

            Grinding is hardly a good solution to get you out of a situation you’re in like a boss you’re stuck on though. You’re always better off looking for something you might have missed because the game will usually tell you something about getting past a boss. DQ is balanced pretty well and definitely more on the easy side, so you should be able to get by without grinding in any modern mainline DQ including the remakes.

    • Joanna

      Seems like everyone is forgetting about the deal Nintendo has with SE. IIRC Nintendo would publish and market DQIX to generate more western appeal for the title and SE would make DQX for Wii. This is why Nintendo is pushing DQIX advertising so much.

  • oh, i just noticed there’s a video cam crew going around the party in one of the photos. could they have been shooting another commercial there? and this place has a sign that says “Erinn’s Inn” (Erinn is the english name of the inn owner). unless the sign and the whole establishment is temporary, it couldn’t be that this place is going to be the LA equivalent of Ludia’s Bar, would it?

  • WHAT?!?

    • i don’t get it… are you surprised, angry, both, or something else entirely?

      edit:: wait… i think i know what you’re doing… i think.

  • Such a strategy would fail to appeal to someone like me, who never pays attention to celebrities. What would work for me is airing a cartoon series… Somehow, I tend to buy games based on shows I like. Why is that?

    • kylehyde

      Is true that this kind of ads will fail to appeal many of us that visit game sites frecuently and read the reviews, but for default, most of us will buy the game no matter who will be in the commercial.

      But this commercial is aimed to the people that doesn’t know nothing about DQIX, and being realistic, this group is a big majority. The DQ is great, but unfortunately is very unknow outside of japan, it need to attract more followers, maybe the method doesn’t like to many gamers, but if the game saw success I’m glad.

      I still remember when prfessor layton and the misterious were advertised by lisa kudrow, many of the people that visit internet games sites laughed and mocked of this ads (not me because I was happy because I’m a big fan of Phoebe Buffay and Friends), but guess what?, after those ads the layton sales saw a big jump, because before of that this game was selling in a very slow rate.

    • gatotsu911

      Well, presumably as someone who reads Siliconera you are already well aware of the existence and acclaim of this game. Your average American consumer is probably not in the same boat. I applaud Nintendo for trying to market a game from a series seen up until now as a niche title in the West to a wider audience, even if this event looks like a veritable cornucopia of WTF.

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