Falcom Games Coming To Europe As PlayStation Network Downloads

By Spencer . June 29, 2010 . 2:02am

screen3Xseed, unfortunately, doesn’t have a branch in Europe. Rising Star Games and Namco Bandai release some, but not all of their titles. Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, for example, hasn’t phased into Europe yet.


Falcom titles like the upcoming release of Ys SEVEN won’t have this problem. On Facebook, Xseed announced they will release Falcom games as digital downloads on Europe’s PlayStation Store shortly after the North American release. An Xseed spokesperson says a UMD release in Europe is “unlikely.”


In other words, European Falcom fans won’t get fancy cloth maps , but can still get the game.


Thanks to Laura (hi?) for asking the question!

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  • As long as the downloadable games are cheaper than importing, I would probably go for the download.

  • Guest

    Well, if Europeans really want those cloth maps, they could just import the game from the US.

    • Gestahl

      We’ll do exactly that, good sir, exactly that.

  • All these DD-only releases for PAL regions are better than nothing, of course—but as someone who’s pretty dead set on physical copies, I can’t help but feel sorry for EU/AUS gamers.

    • It doesn’t worry me that much – as I explained earlier in another thread, the cost of the direct download for an Australian copy would actually be more than me just importing a copy, unless they priced it at about half the retail price of standard game.

      Economics, as screwy as it is, has a few advantages…

      • Wow, that’s amazing. And awful. I’d completely forgotten the extent to which they gouge you guys…or maybe, for some unfathomable reason, I thought they might start getting closer to price parity with DD releases.

        Viva the weak USD, I guess!

        • Yeah, I can pretty much certify how expensive gaming is here.

          It’s expected to a point though, considering that we ARE shipping over about a third to halfway across the world, but when you’re talking about how it’s cheaper to just give someone else the money to buy then pop it in the post at consumer rates, AND give them a commission for doing it for you and still come out 20% on top, it’s a bit… silly.

  • Za4th

    I’m looking forward to these Ys games but it would have been pretty expensive to import them all, so I’m really glad about this.

  • Reimine

    There is a game import store in france but the Shipping payment to europe is expensive

    • thebanditking

      Why don’t you give NCSX.com a call or email. I am pretty sure they ship world wide and their prices are usually very reasonable. If not try Play-asia.com, they offer cheap shipping and stock virtually every NA release.

      • Reimine

        Ok, im going to try ncsx but play-asia dont send to europe sony games

  • thebanditking

    Im not going to lie, this kind of stinks for PAL gamers. At least your getting the games, but given that I am a strong proponent for physical media I do feel sorry for those like my self who would want it on a disc. Oh well at least you can import them (for those who can read English).

  • kupomogli

    For those in Australia can you create a US PSN and use it to purchase digital downloads? The ones you want to import you could do that also?

    • Sort of.Creating a PSN account in a country requires you to have a residence in the country in question, as it will ask for your address when creating it, and will validate this address.To add currency to that PSN account, you require a credit card in the country in question, or to purchase a prepaid card and credit it that way.I can’t say I can advise you in the best way to do that, but that’s what you need to know.

  • That stinks. I’d import from the U.S.

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