Extra BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Character Priced

By Spencer . June 30, 2010 . 1:15am

imageMakoto Nanaya is a newly playable character for the console version of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift and you should be able to use her on August 5. That’s the day Arc System Works plans on releasing the squirrely character in Japan.


Want to add Makoto to your roster? Then you have to fork over 800 yen or 560 Microsoft Points. Roughly, she costs between $9 – $7. The download pack also includes Makoto’s unlimited form, colors, tutorial, and challenge content.


Aksys says in their grand BlazBlue: Continuum Shift FAQ they are “cautiously optimistic” Makoto will be available in North America on the same day.


Arc System Works’ downloadable content schedule and Aksys’ FAQ hint at more downloadable characters by saying announcements for additional characters will be made at a later date.

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  • ElTopo

    Thats a lot of cash for a character. 2.99$ would be doable. 5$ is pushing it. But hey at least this is *new* DLC right?

    • Unlike costumes in a certain other fighter, yeah. Makoto at least appears to be content not on the original disc. (Hence a patch required for everyone to play ranked matches online)

      I think a lot of folks here are just irritated that she’s being released so close to the game’s release date, why not just delay the game a bit and include her in for free?

      • ElTopo

        If you havent noticed, Aksys is all about grinding out that extra buck. They have been charging for overpriced DLC since day 1. Unlock Unlimited characters? 1.99$. Extra colors? 3$.

        This was expected.

        • This is actually a lot better than back then. They’re giving Her as a character, her colors, her challenges, unlimited mode, and colors are in one pack. As far as I’m aware the unlimited characters will be unlocks this time around and if you’re going solely off the arcade version, good luck never playing them there. Besides, Unlimited characters weren’t usable for online play anyway.

  • It should not be DLC to begin with, it should be bundled with the game making it more tourney friendly.

    • ElTopo

      Or just free DLC

      • midgard229

        lmao yeah free for real. Yo guys at Aksys

        go draw up new spirtes animations, get the voice actor to do new voice work for free, make a new theme song, add unlimited mode, rebalance the game, add color pallettes, and add challenges for that character all for free.

        :) this gen is full of morons

        • ElTopo

          Right its also full of twats who who defend developers putting out day 1 DLC priced at a whole quarter of the entire physical product.

          • midgard229

            lol eltopo………u do realize this content isnt day one content??????

            the content is out 35 days from now. thats 37 days after japanese release.

            its almost day one for us because they are still workig on it and it shud be done at same time as japanese release.

            and dammit lol it will not cost 7-9 dollars, everything on the psn jap store is always way more expensive. the realistic price is 4-5$ for america.

            if u save 16 cents a day starting today u can afford it :O

            this content was made after game was finished. it takes 3 months for a character to be made. now if they were day 1 jap release i think it wud be a lil different but its not the case

    • You do know the discs are pretty much done already and the character isn’t, right? Would you rather they delay the game until all the characters are done? That’d pretty much push this into 2011, I’d guess.

      • Pichi

        I wouldn’t mind the wait if that were to happen. I have plenty of other things to occupy my time and to keep me busy till it came out.

        • midgard229

          u know wat u cud do if u dont mind waiting?

          wait 3 months pretending the game got delayed, the game shud be 20 by then, then buy the game and buy the dlc. it shud come out to 40. makes sense huh?

      • I’m all for games being delayed to ensure better quality and a complete product!

        • But it was already a complete product. It’s been that way since 2009.

        • midgard229

          u know wat u cud do if u dont mind waiting?

          wait 3 months pretending the game got delayed, the game shud be 20 by then, then buy the game and buy the dlc. it shud come out to 40. makes sense huh?

  • $9 is a little much for a character. $5 I’d gladly pay. Let’s hope that’s closer to the NA price.

    • raymk

      I have to agree here 9 dollars is pushing it. but i still want her and 9 dollars to me is squirrel nuts if you know what i mean.

    • $1.00 is my limit. I can’t support this nonsense.

    • Not sure where you peeps live, but in the states 560 points is exactly $7. So not 5, but at least not 9? =

      • I wouldn’t know what the weird Monopoly money numbers that Microsoft uses for XBLA are. The system I have uses actual dollars.

  • Chow

    I wonder if there’s any story mode attached to the character.

    • So do I. That would definitely make a $7 purchase a lot more palatable.

      • There are screenshots of her interacting with Noel in her NOL uniform, so probably. You can also assume she comes with a themesong, and there was some stage I hadn’t seen before that she was in during screenshots.

  • Natat

    Well, that IS a lot of money for just a character… but at least it comes with her Unlimited, Challenges and hopefully Story (and I guess some trophies/achievements), I’ll still buy it though, no doubt.

  • kupomogli

    Just a way to get more money off the product. Release the game as an unfinished product and then throw DLC for more money on top of that.Considering that the DLC is coming out so close to the game, it’s more than likely that the character was already created prior to the discs being printed. I hate when companies create an incomplete game and then sell the rest of the game for more money as DLC. Capcom and just about every game they’ve made in the past two years comes to mind(Monster Hunter excluded.)Looks like I’ll just wait for the release of the version that has everything included and if there’s not one then I’ll skip the game altogether.

    • Electrium

      Well, we definitely know she’s done. I’m not sure if it was on Silicon Era or not but I read an article that said she would be in the game as an opponent but not playable until purchased.

      • BrotherCavil

        Requires an update patch though.

        Meaning, she’s not on the disc itself.

      • Code

        Silicon Era? rarrr, nooo I always thought it was Sili-conera as if it was all one word!! You’ve broken the illusion! Now I can’t unsee it! Electrium you’ve ruined my day!! T_T!!

      • SeventhEvening

        Expanding on what BrotherCavil said, we actually don’t know that she’s done.

    • ElTopo

      Well actually the game has been out for months as the arcade release, meaning that they probably produced this after the fact, specifically for the home release. I dont like payed DLC at all, but at least this is *new* content.

      The worst part is that 7-9$ remark. Why the hell would anyone a whole quarter of the price of the entire game for a single character…

      • midgard229

        hey u do realize thats japans price which is always higher???

        american price will probably be 5$

        and to Kupo, if ur gonna whine bout the price how bout wait 3 months till game is 20$ then buy the dlc? it will be as if they delayed it.

    • SeventhEvening

      I agree with the notion that companies shouldn’t release unfinished games and shouldn’t hold back content for DLC.

      But Continuum Shift really does have a complete game’s worth of content in it. And it comes out at a lower price point. I don’t really see this as DLC gouging. It’s nothing compared to Assassin’s Creed 2 which was missing two chapters that were intended to be in the full game, or Bioshock 2, in which the DLC was already on the disk, you just paid to unlock it.

      Additionally, I like the idea of fighting games being able to extend the roster without having to release another installment. Especially given that Guilty Gear usually only added one or two characters an installment. The character was definitely created (from a conceptual level) prior to printing, but the sprite work and all that probably wasn’t. It takes a pretty decent amount of time to do sprite work, which is why the character roster is as small as it is in the first place.

  • JustAnotherTraveler

    I’m sure Arcs is sitting in their chair laughing like someone herding sheep. This is pathetic. They are going to release a patch day one that lets you fight her, but they refuse to release free DLC to let you play as her just because they finished her maybe two minutes after they didn’t feel like updating the disks? That’s pure bull. Almost ten dollars for the character is even worse. Even Namco didn’t do that with Darth Vader and Yoda and SC4 has far more characters than Blazblue. This game only offers two new characters out of the box and they want us to spend 1/4th the price of the game on the third character? Yeah that’s pathetic. For serious games, you don’t charge money on the characters. That might as well be taboo. It isn’t fair for the people who want to be competitive since they either have to pay or they are stuck not knowing anything about a character that might become used in tournaments for example.

    • SeventhEvening

      Day one patch? You mean a patch that comes out an entire month later.
      And it’s new 4 characters, not 2. It’s cool that you want to rant, but you should at least start out with knowing some basics on what you’re ranting about.

      And…you’re familiar with Guilty Gear right? Each Guilty Gear adds two, maybe three characters with each installment.

      Really, it’s a blessing for them to let “serious” fighting game fans drop 5-8 dollars for a new character rather than forcing them to drop the money for a full on “new” installment every 5 or 6 months in order to remain competitive. Besides “remaining competitive” in fighting games these days requires a constant internet connection for rebalancing patches or constant trips to the arcade to stay up with the updates. Isn’t that unfair to people who don’t have internet, or don’t live near an arcade, or don’t have enough disposable income to shell out in arcades? The competitive fighting scene has never been fair. Hell, if I could remain competitive for $5-9 dollars, that’d be a blessing, because these days I’m a constant time disadvantage and don’t have the opportunity to spend the amount of raw time I’d need to compete in a tournament again.

  • MrRobbyM

    Ouch..that’s too much for something that should have already been in the game. I understand it’s business but if you add something to a game then make it free. This DLC nonsense is stupid. It should be 3 bucks max.

  • Code

    Owch, that is pretty steep T_T’ The worst part is Aksys knows how to twist my arm, rar, why do you hurt the one’s that love you Aksys! I could maybe stomach $5, without feeling too one way or another about it, new characters are new! But at $9, if I buy all 3 new characters that’s over half of what the game cost right there. What gets me is I just think as a whole this tactic isn’t winning Aksys any fans, and if anything that should be Aksys’s top priority.

  • A squirrel girl? That’s just n…yeah ok, I’ll stop. :P Sort of an interesting character I guess. How often does a fighter like this crop up in a game?

  • DemonicX

    I don’t know if I want to pay that much for her. Wasn’t really a big fan of her in Calamity Trigger, so unless I see that she plays amazing in terms of game play, I won’t be buying her.

  • Eh. $7 is a bit, but at least they’re not being half assed with the new character. New stage, new bgm, challenges, unlimited form, story path, etc. Way better than $7 for just a character and nothing more imo.As said before, bring on the DLC. I love the idea of having the lifespan of BBCS being extended through DLC rather than tossing it all aside for another brand new blazblue edition in a year or so.

  • BrotherCavil

    You know what I just remembered….? This game is only FORTY DOLLARS.

    So, even if the DLC character is $5, people still don’t really have much right to bitch and moan, considering they’re STILL paying less than the rest the pack out there.

    Only when the price of “crucial material”, like characters or chunky new content, begins to exceed the $60 mark, THEN maybe your argument will have some merit to it…

    But for now, just shut the hell up, people. >:/

    • Code

      I’m not exactly sure what your referring too when you say crosses the “$60 mark”, but at $40 + (3 x $7) it is crossing the $60 mark. This isn’t even counting outside the US, where I live it’ll be closer to $50, plus $9 a character for $77 total. It’s just kind of one of those instances I think a lot of people are put out because they thought they were going to get a great game for a great price, and get some new characters for hopefully an equally cheap price, but now are left shaking there fists and cursing, at those Aksys boys (possibly as they jump a draw bridge, in the general lee) after they’ve realizing the savings was just a trick, and they gotta pay if they want half the new characters >w<' I mean myself after digesting the notion all afternoon, I’ve come to terms with the fact $9 for a beautiful traditionally animated 2D character is hardly a bad price, gotta respect the art >w<! But maan, I know for a lot of people this is going to be a buzz kill — although I still dunno how if Jubei shows up, I'll get my friend to buy Jubei on there systems for when I'm over T_T'

      • :/ When you pay $4 for just skins in Street Fighter for a set of 5 people each, then you have plenty reason to complain as all they were was just skins. Now if you really wanna get shot in the foot, Super Street Fighter 4 has the first alternates from the original on the disc… but if you didn’t purchase those you’d have to buy those as well for another $4 a pop. Those were $20 already now you’re paying $28 for the rest. That just brought Super Street Fighter IV to $88 on JUST skins.

        • Code

          True, but skins are still just skins, if Jubei shows up in BB:CS, I KNOW I’m going to have to shell out $9 to even play as the character I wanna main/sub/play as, lettalone worry about what colored pants he’s wearing (ha fooled you! Jubei doesn’t wear pants! He’s the strongest cat in the world! You wanna fight about it!?). I suppose when it comes down to it there’s always an option to not buy stuff, but I think with characters it’s really going to tests the limit of people’s willpower >w<' Alternate costumes are a bit easier going on the wallet, just because at least myself I'd probably only buy them for my main/secondary, it's not like your literally doing without cast members.

      • BrotherCavil

        The $7-9 is for Japan only, however.

        Logically speaking…a niche company like Aksys wouldn’t even dare to price it higher than $5. Hell, even Bamco of all failed companies known as rip-off merchants wouldn’t price a character download more than $5.

        A character that was on the disc to begin with, no less! So, I think everyone needs to be chill for a wee bit. Besides, like I said – Makoto isn’t printed on the disc. She requires a patch first.

        And I’m also fairly certain that Valkenhayn and Kokonoe will be a while till they’re released. A good waiting period should justify a DLC character, me thinks.

        • Code

          Yeah agreed, I think everyone will cool off with a little time. Yeah $7-$9 did surprise me, it is a pretty bold price, but I don’t expect America to be different, but it very well might be! Plus when it comes down to it, no one’s really done DLC characters post-disc for a fighter like this, there is going to be some tension around it, but someone has to start somewhere, glad to see Aksys is taking a step forward.

  • ForeverFidelis

    Ahahahaha, I see what you guys are doing, Arc System Works.

    You know no one’s gonna pay that much for one modestly dressed school girl, so you give her some sheets that show off her bodacious figure.

    Well played, ya sly sneaky basterdous geniuses

  • >>BB:CS is coming as a disc at a cheaper price of 39.99Bawww, why is it not DLC.>>BB:CS has DLC contentBawww, why is it not on disc.

  • Code

    rar, word is Platinum Trinity (http://blazblue.wikia.com/wiki/Platinum) and Valkenhayn Hellsing are the other two DLC characters >w<' rarr, this breaks my heart though, what about Jubei T_T~!!

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