Final Fantasy XIV PC In September, PS3 In March 2011 [Update]

By Spencer . June 30, 2010 . 10:21am

imageFinal Fantasy XIV is on track for a 2010 release. It’s not even that far away either with a September 22 release date. That’s when the Final Fantasy XIV Collector’s Edition arrives in Japan.


This package includes: the game, a tumbler, Final Fantasy XIV security key, Eorzea – The Making of a Realm DVD movie, one month of free play, and two virtual items: an Onion Helm and Garond Goggles in box art designed by Yoshitaka Amano.


A standard edition with one month of play will be released on September 30. Pricing for both games is “open”, which means its up to retailers to set a price.


After the free month, Final Fantasy XIV costs 1,280 yen ($14) for a thirty day subscription.


The announcement, posted on Famitsu, notes the PlayStation 3 version is slated for release in early March 2011.


Update: The US Collector’s Edition is a bit different. You still get the making of DVD, security key, and Amano-san package art. However, the tumbler is just for Japan. We get a travel journal with new concept art and a right of passage certificate instead.


In North America, Final Fantasy XIV costs $49.99. The Collector’s Edition is $74.99. Both bundles come with a one month subscription. Afterwards, Final Fantasy XIV is $12.99 a month.



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  • shaffy_oppa

    Damn, thats the a really nice box…

    Fail at the delay for the PS3 version tho, I guess I get to play wait being mac and all -_-

  • Okay, if they plan to make the ps3 version paid as well, i will never see FF14 in my hands

    • MrRobbyM

      Yeah, I’m still on fence about FF14, I really want to play a good MMO but I refuse to pay more than 7 bucks a month for a game. It’ll be interesting if they work out something with Playstation + and offer a discount for the monthly fee or maybe even free? Either would be awesome and would definitely make it more likely to pick up the game.

      • Code

        According to the article directly above you’ll be paying twice that, unless they have a different monthly fee on the PS3.

        • MrRobbyM

          Yeah, I know. That really sucks, but that’s why I’m hoping there’s a discount or something for Playstation + members.

      • Sephiroth

        if you can’t pay more than $7 a month then you should get a job like most people or not get the game at all and Sony would only offer a discount on the game itself to playstation+ users to download onto the PS3 if that was ever an option, Square Enix would never agree to lower the monthly cost at any rate, keep dreaming dude…

    • rinshu

      Have you been living in a cave for 8 years? FFXI was pay to play on the PS2, the 360 and the PC. Why in the hell would this be any different. There are a lot of costs associated in running an MMORPG of this scale, 12.99 is a fair price to pay.

      • BrotherCavil

        Because the only successful subscription-based MMO today is WoW…?Sorry, but facts are facts – that’s about the only MMO that can get away with it these days. FF14 is dead before it’s even out. When you have even Blizzard admitting it to an extent, you know it to be true.

        • MrRobbyM

          to be fair, you did reply to him in a not so nice manner.

          • BrotherCavil

            Well, originally I replied to Rinshu. With WildArms, I just couldn’t stand to see him using sheer ignorance as a weapon of debate.

            And it’s ironic – a while ago, several of us asked him to quit being obnoxious… Ishaan too. >:/ So much for that.

          • MrRobbyM

            I see.. carry on then!

          • Right… all i see is you insulting or degrading and not giving any usefull opinion, What if ishaan said that? we’ve talked normally other times and there werent any kind of “fights”,is normal to not agree sometimes. There are opinions in the world you know, people stand in different places with different opinions, people has seen different stuff than other, we cant all think the same thing, either agree in the same thing always, and yes, not even when you think your are right, a shame uh?

      • I havent been living in a cave for 8 years, as you can see, we are talking about FF14 not FF11, so i dont know wtf you talking about, and FF11 wasn’t released on a console, so i was expecting a Free to play system, with real life money to buy some special items. As you may know, the most famous MMORPG are F2P (free to play), for example MapleStory, and they have been doing REALLY well with the system i talked about, this is why i wasnt expecting a montly play.

        • BrotherCavil

          …Apparently you HAVE been living in a cave. Somewhere on pluto, and have been stuck in a time warp of some sort for the last ten years:”FF11 wasn’t released on a console”FF11 was originally released on the Playstation 2, bundled with a PS2 harddrive kit. THEN it came out onto the PC, and much later was ported onto the 360.
          “MMORPG are F2P (free to play)”

          And not only do you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about, you also seem to not realize the existence of this game called World of Warcraft. Which only intensifies the fact that you indeed have no idea what the hell you’re talking about…
          Way to counter his argument, slick…

          • So what? lol you totally lost the point about what we are talking about, there will be more ppl getting the game if its F2P, WoW? that game is just living of fame, not of quality, there are plenty better games that are F2P, and i know that F2P games like maple, or… hell, tibia, get more money than WoW.
            The only reason i can imagine for FF14 be P2P is to filter all the online game destroyers, like those spammers, or all kind of ppl who are always destroying the online community.

          • BrotherCavil

            You know….Spencer, and especially Ishaan… >::<

            Dude, I'm really done trying to converse with you, like forever…cause honestly, 90% you have no idea what you're saying, while the other 10%, you're completely misinformed. Doubled with the fact that you're stubborn about what you're saying, makes you for a VERY obnoxious conversationalist. =_=

            I'll let the other hundred or so users on this site *attempt* to convince you that you're dead wrong about your "facts", but my heart still goes out to them…

          • Sephiroth

            LOL any major MMORPG you play will have spammers and destroyers of the like no matter what. can’t get rid of em so most people would live with it and keep playing. and most of the people that i think that destroy the online community are 8-16 year olds who call random people [email protected] or noob for no reason and think they’re better than anyone else, those people make me sick, make me wanna go to their house and smash their face in with brass knuckles!

          • This is a response to your last post since i cant reply there. Really…., all you did was insult me, or degrade me… what did you gain from that? you just made what you said less credible.

          • BrotherCavil

            …Unreal. You’re truly unreal. I’m seriously beginning to think you’re just some troll who doesn’t even bother to read others’ comments.

          • Ya sorry but Brother Cavil is right, your statements in general are pretty ludicrous. Even with F2P games in the market they don’t even make up a small percentage of games like less than 10% the rest are subscription based. So your statement that more people would play it is incorrect. According to the information more people actually play P2P games.

            Though Cavil is absolutely wrong that the only successful MMO today that is fee based is WoW, WoW wasn’t even born yet when other MMOs were doing their thing.

        • Sephiroth

          if you have to pay money for “special items” then it’s not “free to play”, it’s better to pay monthly to have access to all items including special items than to pay $30+ for lowest amount of points (2037 points) to buy those special items like i did on Shayia which was the biggest mistake i ever did since i was able to use the special items only once and it only lasted for a few hours, hence all that money was wasted for nothing!, so those “free to play” games aren’t worth playing at all when you can pay monthly for a game that gives you access to everything.

  • Code

    A Tumbler? Clearly Square wants me playing FFXIV with one hand, and cradling my drink in the other! Marvelous!

    • MrRobbyM

      “Pinky up, pinky up!” -Patrick Star

  • BrotherCavil

    Subscription fee?

    Bye bye FFXIV.

  • asgeras

    Might want to update your title to say March 2011, rather than March 2010. Unless there’s time travel involved…

    Edit:Problem fixed…probably through the use of time travel

  • And if this didn’t have a subscription fee, I’d actually care about the game.

  • i387

    12 bucks/month? Bye FF Online 2.

  • Aoshi00

    I don’t have a problem w/ $12/month per se if this is the only game I play for the next year or two, but w/ so many other good games, I know I will be just wasting the fees away.. After buying the HDD and network adapter for the PS2, played FFXI for 2 months and calling it quits, no more MMO for me, just don’t have the time.. like I’m paying 9 bucks for Netflix every month, but I watch enough movies to get my money’s worth (to be fair I could use Red Box, but I stream things on my 360).. Why does Uematsu have to compose the soundtrack for this out of all FFs :(… the tumbler and Amano art are nice…

  • Hraesvelgr

    $12.99 is around the price FFXI was, right? I guess that’s not too bad… provided they don’t design the game to make me loathe it and add additions that do nothing to appease me, like they did with XI.

  • Feynman

    I find it utterly hilarious at how much people whine about monthly fees in MMOs. Every time major MMO comes out, and it turns out to have a monthly fee in the range of 10-15 dollars, hordes of people act surprised and upset that an MMO is fee based.

    Inevitably, the huge amount of free-to-play Korean MMOs are brought up as an example of how MMOs shouldn’t have a fee attached to them. I’ve played numerous subscription-based MMOs over the years, ranging from FFXI to EVE Online to EverQuest to WoW. Some of them I played for a long time (been a happy WoW subscriber since the beginning), some for only a year or so, but all of them have one thing in common: free MMOs are total crap by comparison.

    I’d rather pay $12 a month for a GOOD game than have to endure garbage like Maple Story for free.

  • I believe EU may also be getting the tumbler (from reading elsewhere), also, it’s an additional dollar to make an extra inventory character (mule) but 3 dollars for a playable/levelable extra character.

  • shaffy_oppa

    Europe gets the tumbler as well as all the other content and a map instead of the certificate.

  • this thread made me stay at my home instead of preordering ff14… they should just make you pay per hour, since im not gonna be able to spend 12$, cause i usually play mmorpgs for only 1-4 hours, 3 times a week….. i also have competetions to win… etc. life is hard here in the philippines…. and im gonna enter college soon so i wont be able to spend much time playing this game… too bad… maybe if ff15 is online ill give it a shot !:D

    • Sephiroth

      ehh…FF15 sure won’t be a MMO since FF14 will cover as many years as FF11 did and then some, FF15 will be pretty much what FF13 is which is a non MMO game.

  • Hello day 1 purchase!

  • Er…nobody has mentioned that the post reads, “March 2010” instead of “March 2011” yet? Astonishing.

  • I guess the game will be trashed before its release
    because of its crap subscription fees and sorry
    excuse to earn profit I mean square enix ruined the title
    final fantasy just like the past MMO FFXI seriously though…

  • jad

    Yeah, I can’t pay 13 dollars for a game a month, I rather wait 4 months saved up about 60 dollars and buy a new game and keep doing that than throwing money at fee based MMO’s. Plus there is a hundred thousand MMORPG games that are free to play that are on par with World of Warcraft (well not to that extent). I am sorry, I just can’t be seen throwing money every month at a virtual game because I want items in-game you can’t get if it was free based. Rather throw money at a game where I have a totally different experience rather than the same experience through one game being paid monthly. And when I said I don’t want to throw money at virtual items and you answer “But you are throwing money at a virtual game”, I said that because I rather have an utterly different experience of another game rather paying off the same game which instead of costing me 100 dollars to buy, costs me in like a year or two, 200 dollars for one game. Rather more games than one game. If it was free-based with in-game bought items than that system would work, I have never had problems in free-based MMO’s where I needed a bought item. From this you can probably tell I don’t like Xbox Live as well.

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