Sega Knows People Want Jet Grind Radio

By Spencer . June 30, 2010 . 9:43am


Did you know Sega checks the American forums? They do and they know Jet Grind Radio is a hot topic. Yosuke Okunari, Producer of the digital Dreamcast lineup, mentioned this in an interview with Impress Watch.


While Okunari did not announce the spray painting game, he pointed out Sega listens to their fans. “A packaged title, Virtual-On Force for Xbox 360 was born from voiced requests.” Unfortunately, Phantasy Star Online looks like too big of a project to release. Okunari said the “scale of the title is a problem.”


Another interesting tidbit from the interview is the Dreamcast games are not emulated. They’re ports. Emulating the PowerVR2, the Dreamcast’s graphic chip’s pixel processing seems to be a problem. Also, Okunari wanted to go back and add features like a 16:9 widescreen mode to Crazy Taxi.


Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure are scheduled for release this fall.

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  • They know, but the question is: Are they doing anything about it? If so, I want to see them bring it to Wii.

    • Guest

      not gonna happen. the hd graphic whores would bitch from the highest mountain if a brand new jet set radio game was developed for the nintendo wii.

      jet set radio move will probably happen first.

    • lostinblue

      As much as I like Jet Grind Radio… I don’t see many benefits other than development costs to do it on the Wii, to be honest.

      Not to be a dick here, but… I think if they were to do a game for the Wii based on their franchises then they should go with Panzer Dragoon (point and shoot) or Shenmue (we controlled Ryu’s hands often I believe motion controls well done could do more for the game than flashier graphics).

      Of course a good game is a good game, and the Wii userbase is massive so it could be atractive nonetheless, and sport a classic controller option as well as a new control scheme for Wiimote+nunchuck, but point stands… I think?

      • Honestly, I think Sega would be smart to avoid the Wii altogether with their classic franchises, and just stick to the HD consoles.

        • lostinblue

          Sure, because Sonic Unleashed sold more on the Wii than PS3 and X360 combined (hence why Sonic Colors is exclusive) Sonic and the Secret Rings an offshoot is a million seller and House of the Dead 2+3 port sold so well that they decided to do new and exclusive House of the Dead for it, who also sold well.I honestly think you must be bollocks, and are overly partial here. Deciding not to do one game for the Wii or the HD’s… Is fine, jeez; ignoring any of the platforms altogether with their classic and more valuable properties is stupid; hint: because they sell.Just like they decided to port Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram to X360 and not PS3… it’s fine! Stop hating on the Wii so much just because it’s the Wii and acknowledge it might actually be the best patform to put some “classic properties” on.

          Thank god you don’t run a development company.

          • Are you actually coming at me with the sales of Sonic Unleashed? Really? A game that shouldn’t have sold on any platform? Come back to me about Sonic after Sonic 4 is released if you want to talk classic franchises.And on what planet did House of the Dead: Overkill sell well on? That sounds very different from the interview with the guy at Sega that I listened to a couple months ago. How about the sales of Nights? How did that go? Did Sega make a profit?And do you really use the word “bollocks?” Really?

          • lostinblue

            Have it your way, stubborn person.

            Sonic 4 is being released across all platforms because it’s possible and easy enough to do so, it was build from the ground for that and they’re doing the right decision doing it that way, meaning yes, they’re making the right decision suporting the Wii and the HD consoles since it’s possible to do so. Yes, that’s my point, the other platforms are fine but so is Wii, and sales for that title will hopefully be fine across all platforms (I still hope they fix that running animation though)

            Also bare in mind there’s a lot more Sonic on the Wii than any other current gen platform, it must have some following there might I add (it does)

            Now for House of the Dead Overkill, it only happened in the first place because 2+3 ports sold incredibly well; that alone means there’s a market; and yes, it sold well; you might have heard a Sega Europe dude a few months back brushing his individual opinion on the topic on the premise of “I work for Sega so I know” only to be disregarded by a Sega statement of commitment to the platform; Sega made a huge chunk of money this gen on the Wii mind you, they’d be bollocks to not support it, just like they wouldn’t really be a third party if they didn’t support other systems who have a market such as X360 and PS3.

            As for NiGHTS Journey of Dreams, I don’t know any data, but I know it sucked since I purchased it. I’d guess Sega didn’t spend much money on that one though, and certainly not the sum they should have invested. I don’t pitty them if they lost money on that one, and will go as far to say that if they did so on the Wii, with that end product they deserved to lose money in any platform and they probably would.

  • kupomogli

    Port Phantasy Star Online Sega. I want to give you my money.

  • malek86

    I hope a PSN/XBLA release won’t be too far. I mean, you can never have enough JSR. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

    • MisterNiwa

      Well.. I got the game 3 times and one of them is still original packed and untouched.

      So you are right, you cant have enough JSR.

  • Sega would be stupid not to port Jet Grind Radio.

  • thaKingRocka

    Wasn’t PSO available on PC in Japan? Why not just release it on PC here to sate that crowd?

  • Guest

    I remember playing one on Xbox and I didnt know what the hell I was doing….it was before I really got into gaming. I’d like to try it again. I wish they hadn’t rejected the Wii proposal a dev had brought up. =/

    I’d like to give this one more shot.

  • Loved the first one (never played the second, as I’ve never met anyone who owned an original X-box) and I would love to see it on PSN, or even a new PS3 entry in the series. I do wonder, though, how much of a headache the music licensing would be. I don’t think the game would be as fun without the music.

  • cmurph666

    Betcha’ any monies this is next on their porting list.

  • capristrider

    I love to get my hands on Jet Set Radio Future (XBOX), the only one I haven’t played. Great news if Sega are listening to their fans at this moment. As for a new 3rd entry, I think its a great way for more people (assuming its multi format) to find out what this game this game is all about and see the cool and quirky characters like Beat and Gum!
    Oh yeah if JSR is release make sure its the rarer “De La Jet Set Radio”….

  • i always wanted to play this game. never got a chance. it would be fanDAMNtastic to play it on psn WITH trophies! ( i’m such a whore… )

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