Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Then And Now

By Spencer . July 1, 2010 . 12:08am

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded is a mobile phone game to Nintendo DS port. This is how the game originally looked on widescreen cell phones.




Here’s the same scene from the Nintendo DS version.




Kingdom Hearts Re:coded feels more lively since the game zooms in on the Disney characters. The Nintendo DS version also uses text bubbles instead of text windows with character icons. What you can’t see in the cutscene comparison is the revised battle system. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded uses the shuffle deck system introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. There’s a picture of that and Destiny Islands Tidus below.


image image image image

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  • joesz

    Didn’t they say that the remake is fullvoiced?

    The scenes seems non motion voiceless scenes.

  • holyPaladin

    Oh 358/2 not finished yet and now this one :x

    • Guest

      Yeah…I know…way too many are coming out…they’re trying to milk it without making it seem like they’re milking it, but it’s still obvious. T_T

      • And you find this surprising? This coming from the company that made 14 “Final” Fantasy games?

        • Guest

          No, I don’t find it -too- surprising…I just didn’t think they’d go that far…Freaking enix. They ruined everything. =P

          • holyPaladin

            Not Enix fault IMO
            They haven’t milking any of their franchise except DQ ~.~

          • BrotherCavil

            Lulz. Like hell. :P

          • Guest

            As BrotherCavil said. =P

        • pressstart

          At least each of those Final Fantasies actually have either major or slightly different art assets. These Kingdom Hearts games are straight up recycled models, worlds, and story.

          • PersonaBull

            I’m very confused as to why everyone thinks each game is a recycled version of the previous ones. You revisited worlds, yea, but each with different experiences in them. If you’re talking merely about Chain of Memories, then it’s quite obvious why the worlds were similar, isn’t it? Even with that, the fact that there were minor differences that happened more frequently as the game went on was a major plot point that the “side game” was based around.

            I completely agree with “all these games” coming out, if not for the fact that I get to play all these games! Each game has crucial plot points in the fabric of the series itself, and without the “side games” filling in the details otherwise ignored all of your precious “main games” would end up feeling bland and extremely confusing.

            Stop being impatient for an ending and enjoy the ride, guys.

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