Arc Rise Fantasia Is Three, Maybe Two, Weeks Away

By Spencer . July 6, 2010 . 7:04pm

arcriseL’arc’s fight against the feldragons is almost here. Ignition set July 20th as the day the game ships to stores. The press release later says the classic Japanese RPG experience filled with humor, drama, and action will be available on July 27.


So, if you’ve been waiting for Imageepoch’s first title for Wii, check your local video game retailer in two and a half weeks. Some stores may have Arc Rise Fantasia in stock early.


Arc Rise Fantasia will retail for $39.99 and has an option to mute the voices.

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  • I’m a little disappointed with the delays and bad voice acting this game has gotten. I am willing to pick it up but the first thing that I will do is turn the voices off. Sigh I was hoping that Atlus would have picked this up.

  • Kris

    Is it de-Ignitioned yet? Will it be by the time it’s released? Please?

  • Guest

    Sorry Ignition, but you deserve to crash and burn for this level of incompetence. No buy.

    • Kris

      Only in a game from Ignition would the ability to mute the ingame voices be touted as a feature.

      • rinshu

        Yeah when the dev from Ignition said that dumb ass remark it sealed the deal for me NOT to buy this game.

  • i’ll check in two and a half weeks to decide if i want it, but not two and half weeks weeks.

  • Aoshi00

    I wish Amazon would do a $10 or $20 credit deal, this game sorely needs it, w/ such dubbing from Ignition..

  • Im gonna get it, and if i dont like dubs, i just mute voice, period, i wont let such a small and unnecessary detail ruin a game that may be great, just like old times when i made up ppl’s voice and acents xD

    • Hraesvelgr

      Yeah, I agree with this. I was pretty livid about the horrid voice acting at first, but I don’t really care now, since it can be turned off.

    • Guest

      So the ENTIRE DUBBING JOB is not a “small and unnecessary detail”? For those of us who have ears and enjoy using them, this is just false. Managing to ruin every character’s voice is an amazing and terrible feat, and Ignition deserves to be punished for accomplishing it. I actually don’t care if you get the game, but try and get it used, or steal it, or borrow it.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    Even with the dubs, how well its the script localized? The muting might help me actually think of buying the game, cause it does look like a decent game. Just the whole Ignition thing…
    I really wanted this game, thats why I may still buy it.

  • Remind me to write to Marvelous Entertainment, telling them to NEVER LICENSE THEIR GAMES TO IGNITION EVER AGAIN.

    Instead, from this point on, it should use it own US office for US localization purposes.

  • FaL

    bad voice acting or not this game is a must buy for me..the setting, the colorful environs and neat gameplay all look like a hallmark for an awesome game….if we survived Resident Evil horrendous dubbing then this game wont be that bad!!

  • MisterNiwa

    That’s my birthday…

  • urbanscholar

    It would probably be classier if I would try this first game and bash accordingly afterwards….once its in the bargain bin

  • rinshu

    Sorry ignition, sh**** English dub and no Japanese language voice option means a no purchase from me. I hope the sales are low enough to make you realize that you MUST leave Japanese voices in a game like this. The only way I can protest is with my wallet, and so that’s just what I will do.

  • already no news for europe? :(

  • ForeverFidelis

    I don’t even care anymore, man

    July 27 is Blazblue day, nobody’s gonna waste money on you guys, Ignition..

    • Hraesvelgr

      More like July 27 is StarCraft 2 day, even though I have no interest in it.

  • cowcow

    Having played the import game a bit already, I couldn’t care less about the ‘crappy’ voices. Either I’ll bear it or just mute them. I just want to play the game in English now because I often get lost in the JPN version. I really don’t see the voices any worse or better than Trinity Universe voices really and frankly I’m sick of all the whining….

  • Choosing the “voices can be turned off” route is like giving Ignition a free pass, and they will make a mess of the next fully voiced game as well.

    If you really want this, get it (I’m no saint, I also buy shoddy ports from time to time because I really want some games).
    But if you are not sure yet: don’t buy it, wait for a price drop or get it used.

    • I’ll just wait for a price drop. After all, every time @IgnitionUSA localizes and sells a Marvelous Entertainment game in America, it automatically goes to a price drop.

      Just look what happened at Lux-Pain, for example.

  • I’m mostly picking this game up for the bonus cards on Amazon, but I’ll suffer through the voices or turn them off. Seems to have done very well in Japan and sounds fun to play so I think it’ll be awesome.

    I personally find Japanese voices distracting– my main problem w/Agarest War… Its not bad for battle but in-game just takes me out of it.

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