Ghostlight Asks Which Japanese Games Do You Want To See Localized

By Spencer . July 7, 2010 . 5:02pm

imageGhostlight, the publisher that first released Record of Agarest War and picked up the Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga games for the UK, is taking game requests.


Before you type Tales of whatever, please note that Ghostlight is a growing publisher. Smaller titles may have a better chance of getting picked up. We hear Compile Heart is searching for a company to publish Record of Agarest War Zero too…


Bug Ghostlight here. If you’re in Europe, an e-mail also counts as a contest entry towards the goods Aksys packed with their Record of Agarest War limited edition.

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  • nothing, i dont think i can watch another game die

  • d

    Tales of Vesperia!! Let’s do this! :P

    • DemonicX

      Lol, you didn’t read the whole post, did you? Also, there’s already a chance that Team Symphonia will bring that to the states. A small chance, but there’s more of a chance of that than anything like Tales of Graces.

      • d

        I read the post. Just wanted to say it regardless of what spencer wrote. LOL

      • Where did you read that there’s still a chance for Tales of Vesperia? I’ve given up hope on that and almost don’t want to tease myself by asking for your source, but…

        • DemonicX

          Oh, well I don’t have the link, but I heard that only games that Team Symphonia developed will have a chance of localization. I read it on some post located some where on the internet.

          • lostinblue

            A post you read in some forum doesn’t mean it has more chances whatsoever.Both games were made from the ground expecting a full localization to take place, ToV having a script without the extras and new inclusions translated already and Tales of Graces having both a western character subset in, as well as a subtitling thing implemented everywhere.And both should have been translated, but if only one will, perhaps it’ll be Graces, and not Vesperia PS3.PS: Actually on E3, Namco posted on their twitter saying that Tales of Graces making it over is still possible, but also giving a vibe of “we haven’t even started” they didn’t mention ToV at all.I hate those bastards the most.

          • DemonicX

            In wasn’t on a forum though. It was somewhere located on a site. I’ll try and find it again, but either way, Namco may say that there’s a chance for Graces, which is still bull. They know they aren’t releasing that or Vesperia to the US.

    • Haha, fat chance but it would be awesome

  • Rollersnake

    Voted for Princess Maker 4 on DS—and I do hope that what I’ve read about it is correct and it doesn’t have the creepy undertones that 2 does. Hope a lot of people vote for digital novel or dating sim games, as Ghostlight seems to be one publisher who’d actually release them.

    • caddyalan

      I might have suggested a Princess Maker game back in 2004. But now in 2010, there’s several English equivalents: the two Cute Knight games, Spirited Heart, and the Flash game Project Princess. Each one is worksafe.

      I looked at Ghostlight’s site, and noticed that this company publishes on current consoles and the iPhone. There’s a lot of games published by Atlus US. So it’s a good question whether Ghostlight would be able to translate Atlus Japan’s game Growlancer for PSP if Atlus US didn’t translate it.

      If this company were able to translate Sakura Taisen 1-2 for PSP, then I’d be quite interested. But that is a big *if*, since the fifth game wasn’t a commercial success among English speaking fans. The rights to the franchise and the music may be very expensive. And the first two games may not have aged well…

      I also don’t know if Ghostlight would be willing to translate a romance game exclusively aimed at male fans or female fans. But if the company wanted an “inclusive” relationship game, then there’s the PSP ports of Takuyo’s games For Symphony and Etude Prologue.

  • Letiumtide

    Growlanser PSP would be very nice.

    • Kunio_kun


  • nyoron

    My Waifu

  • Ereek

    There are many titles I’d like to see localized, but certainly not by Ghostlight unless they get their act together. I’m willing to give them another chance if they do.Still, I like that they’re asking the fans what they want. I’d like to see Growlanser, but somehow I doubt it would happen.

  • cepp

    7th Dragon too expensive for them? I asked for it anyway :p

    • 7th Dragon I’d love to see brought over as well.

      • lostinblue

        Count me in as well.

        Oh, soma bringer, inazuma eleven, ni no kuni too I guess.

        • I think it’s too soon to ask for Ni no Kuni. They probably want something that’s already out in Japan or North America. Though I’m not sure if there are still North America localized games not in the process of being localized in Europe any more as I don’t live there.

  • Lol spencer, Tales of whatever was the first thing i though of xD and you pwned me with the second paragraph, well anyway these is an europe publisher so i cant have a voice here :P

  • X3 I wish some US teams would do a call out like this. I’d like to see one of the Vocaloid or [email protected] games here one day…

  • SeventhEvening

    They don’t have a terribly good track record with translations…

    Although, if they’re going to do something, I’d like it to be on DS, PSP, or PS3. And something no one in the US has picked up. So I can import it.

    • Some D3 Publisher games, maybe?
      Got to start somewhere.

      There are a few games that apparently just won’t come over to the U.S., but since the rules are a little relaxed for Europe I would like to see games like those published, and if they’re good I’ll import them, too. Something like Happy Star Generation, Tactics Layer: Ritina Guard Senki, Monochrome, Minna no Conveni, just to name a few off my Play Asia wishlist.
      They could build a solid base of decent niche games like that.

  • Rciwws

    Seiken Densetsu 3

    • RupanIII


  • Guest

    Anything I can pirate.

    • lostinblue


    • good thinking…not

    • Kunio_kun


  • malek86

    I wonder if Senko 2 might be a good idea. Doesn’t look like it would sell much.

  • Dreams are free, but if a new japanese game (in fact it’s not avaliable in Japan till next month) deserves a release outside Japan it’s this one, Another Century’s Episode: R.

  • Yeshua49

    I know Ghostlight is a small publisher but still I choose Tales of Graces though I was hesitate with Siren the Wanderer 3. Also glad to see Ghostlight wants to release more japanese game here.

  • sambuque

    I asked for Wizardry: Dungeon of the Imprisoned Souls

    Seems possible to pick and a network release may be more profitable for them.
    Also, Wizardry was one of my favourite ps2 game.

  • Maxemillian

    I just did 7th Dragon. I really want that game localized :3.

  • I enjoyed their more serious translation of Agarest, I think they could do a good job of Tears to Tiara too.

  • Princess Crown on PSP

  • Dimentionalist

    LovePlus. I’m being serious.

  • No offense to Ghostlight (or NISA/Atlus/Aksys) but Idea Factory and Compile Hearts games shouldn’t be picked up anymore until they can be proven to actually sell with customer satisfaction. I bought Cross Edge (imported) from NISA and Agarest War LE from Ghostlight and I’m sad to say that these games are horribly disappointing to me and it’s not these two localizers fault. I’m pretty much just hearing bad things about Trinity Universe and from my own experience of pre-mentioned titles I’m avoiding TU so making a request to Ghostlight for new games without picking a big title is not going to be easy, to me atleast. (Actually it was pretty easy to come up with one.)

  • LastFootnote

    I’d like to see La Pucelle: Ragnarok published. It’s starting to look unlikely that NISA is going to do so.

  • Growlanser V. I’m apparently the only person who bought IV, and since V is a direct sequel I can’t shake the feeling that I own half a game.

  • campbell000

    I’m really sorry, but are we talking about the same Tales of Vesperia released on xbox 360 about 2 years ago?

  • animedemon

    Record of Agarest War Zero all the way

  • 7th dragon for sure

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