• Electrium

    Yes! I was hoping for some kind of pre-order bonus!! It’s a cool one at that, too. The Etrian series has beautiful art and is definitely deserving of a book like that.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Eh, could be better. Etrian has decent scenery art, but I’m not really fond of the character art. I’ll play it regardless, but if I had never heard of the game before, this would to little to push me towards preordering it.

    • Ereek

      Hmm, seconded. I really don’t like the character art, but the background art is very nice. While I appreciate that Atlus does this, this isn’t really a push for me to buy the game, since I’ve never been a EO fan. I prefer the more traditional dungeon crawler, IE Wizardry.

    • http://www.younganimal.com/berserk Mr_Qoo

      I think it’s a great bonus for those who are already going to get the game. As you say, it’s not going to help net people who don’t know about it (or aren’t interested). I do appreciate the companies trying with this stuff. They _could_ just box it as an LE and slap an extra $10 on but they don’t. Even the Deathsmiles bonus surprised me.

  • http://pto.yetikitn.com MelodyKitn

    This.. this is how you get some cheapskates like me to go crazy and buy games they weren’t meaning to buy at release.

    • Joanna

      hahaha. so true! I wasn’t planning on buying this day 1, but now I am. xD

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Kamiwoo Kamiwoo

    I’ve been interested in this series for a while but never played any, but this might tip me over the edge to try it out. Is there any direct connection between the games or am I safe to jump in with the third one to start?

    • Joanna

      There was no direct connection between 1 and 2 (as far as I can tell since I have yet to start 2) and it look to be the same with 3. The only thing these titles share is the core gameplay and minimalistic story.

  • http://photovoltaik.bandcamp.com/ Ujn Hunter

    Sex… Atlus make me want to have it with them.

  • http://thrust-the-sky.deviantart.com/ WildArms

    Atlus is a master, AND ALL THIS FOR 30 BUCKS!! so GREAT!, im paying 35$ for dragon quest 9, and it doesnt even brings some crappy fan art

    • Joanna

      hey, I would even pay the SE/Nintendo tax for DQIX, but I’m glad I don’t have to. xD

  • cepp

    Yeah, I preordered this the moment I got the email, God bless you Atlus.

  • http://honorless.net honorless

    And this news comes after I buy the slightly-underwhelming EO 1 & 2 artbook off Amazon Japan. Oh well!

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