Lord Of Arcana Has God Of War Style Slaying

By Spencer . July 8, 2010 . 3:36am

imageLord of Arcana looks and probably has features comparable to Capcom’s Monster Hunter series. Square Enix’s game isn’t exactly the same, though. Lord of Arcana has differences like how it switches between the field and monster fights. When a Slayer runs into a monster the game creates an arena with invisible walls to fight in.


And, as illustrated in this trailer, Lord of Arcana has cinematic finishers. Slayers tear monsters apart with quick time events, somewhat similar to the God of War series.


image image image image


Will blood splotches and Bahamut summons make Lord of Arcana a worthy competitor in the ever growing multiplayer hunting genre?

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  • ShinNoKami

    Said it before, I’ll say it again.


    I dunno… that just feels limiting, those “invisible arena” things. Though I know we can’t help but compare Monster Hunter and this even though people will be saying it’s Two Different Things…. and it’s made by Squeenix.
    That said… I’d rather play God Eater.

    • SeventhEvening

      I kind of feel the same way. Each feature they announce that is different from Monster Hunter actually make it sound worse. Those invisible arenas could limit the free feeling you get from roaming the wilderness in Monhun. And it prevents the chase you get when the wounded monster flees, which is fun as hell. What the hell do the other players do while you QTE the thing to death? That really stalls the action and lets one player steal the show.

      This game is actually making me loose what faith I have left in Squareenix. I mean, if you want to rip off another game, do it like GodEater. This is just wrong. Worse yet is it may sell real well just because it has SE’s name on it.

      • Take it easy guy.

        • SeventhEvening

          Man, thanks for slowing me down. I might have gone into some kind of internet rampage if it wasn’t for you.

      • Dragon Quest hasn’t been selling well in the U.S., is better than this, and it has SE’s name on it. :/

  • Video has been removed. Bummer.

    Works now, thanks :)

  • Well, the magic thing looks cool, and different, but even the life bar goes down like in MH lol, though it doesnt leaves a red part of the dmg that can be recovered with time…
    I wonder if it will support multiplayer with random people? like monster hunter tri..

  • The cut-in to arena battlefields and body part cutting reminds me of Valkyrie Profile 2 a bit.

  • Single player modes became campaigns, games on rails became guided experiences, now QTEs became cinematic finishers.

    I’d rather have some wonky yet fun new combat systems, e.g. something inspired by Hybrid Heaven’s turn based wrestling.

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