Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Demo Set For PSN

By Spencer . July 8, 2010 . 2:22am

imageNaruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 producer Sasaki posted a blog reminiscing about old pre-order items for the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series.


While Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm didn’t come with a keepsake in Japan, Sasaki says they have a pre-order bonus planned. In North America, some stores gave out codes to access support characters early.


Oh, and a PlayStation 3 demo is slated for next week. Sasaki briefly mentions the demo at the end and says it will be distributed in Japan first. That gives everyone reading this a week to create a Japanese PlayStation Network account if they don’t already have one to get early access to the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 demo.


Update: As commenters pointed out, I read this too quickly. The demo will not be released next week, the release date for the PS demo will be announced next week. Sorry for the confusion, everyone.

  • OMGOMGOMG FINALLY!!!!!!!! i can go on living my life

  • MizushimaTsukasa

    I think you guys have made a mistake
    In the blog it says
    taikenban no haishin KAISHIBI ha raisyuu happyou simasune
    Which means the release date of the demo will be announced next week, rather than the actual demo coming out.
    In other words, we will just know when the demo is released come next week, not actually be playing the game.

  • hey spencer is there gonna be a demo for xbox 360?

  • Cant wait for this game!!,

  • woho!! awesome! been waiting for it!

  • ForeverFidelis

    What the heck?

    No demo for Xbox Live?

    Geez louize

    • Electrium

      Considering the first Ninja Storm was a PS3 exclusive, I guess this is how they’re going to show their favoritism. Bleh.

      No but really, I AM EXCITE! Although I’ll be waiting to play this game for a while…I still have ~50 more episodes of Naruto to watch before I can skip to Shippuden, and then I’ll have even MORE catching up to do.

      • ForeverFidelis

        Ahahaha, believe it or not I’m actually gonna use this game to catch up with the series.

        I’ve watched part 1 in and out, but after shippuden came out, I was just readin’ totally erratically. I’ve got almost no clue what’s going on right now, so I figured this game would pull my butt back in if it’s gonna have the “deep story” people are saying it’s gonna have.

        • kibito11

          dats stupid read the manga

          • ForeverFidelis

            D’aaaw no it’s not

            I think it’s a fine idea for a guy who lacks motivation to accomplish anything like me.

            Already tried catching up with One Piece. Didn’t work. Now, I gotta plan to get caught up with Naruto with minimal effort!

            Aaaaah, I’m sure glad I’m already caught up with the last of the big 3, Bleach. That’d be impossible to catch up with as well..

  • The first one was a bit of a letdown but i have confidence this one is going to be awesome.

  • You mistake,
    Producer Sasaki said the demo release date info will come out next week.
    No demo release next week.
    [PS.体験版の配信開始日程は来週発表しますね。] are
    “I will announce the demo release date, next week.”

    • today is the july 15 2010 when will the naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 demobe released……………………………. just TELL ME

  • kibito11

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    • lol sounds nice u should challenge my clan MFK

  • Aoshi00

    I hope the 2nd game would have fewer mandatory side missions… I bought the Limited edition of the first Ninja storm but couldn’t get very far before I sold it for half :(… even though I wanted to see those epic fights like Sannin or Naruto going against the One-tail.. This game looks even better than the anime, unfortunately the animation quality has kind of taken a dive in most of Shippuuden :(…

    • I agree about the lower quality animation, especially that latest episode…the animation looked ridiculously “cartoony”. It almost ruined the episode for me.

      Almost :D

  • Sweet But I want a bleach Game on ps3 and xbox

  • luckyjt5762

    If your planiing on buying this for ps3 add me luckyjt5762 on ps3. I also play mw2 and will buy black ops as well

  • Fuk xbox!!!!!!!! Ps3 rockssss ps3 users iam ganna get this game an I also play mw2 an will be getn black ops an medol of honor so if wanna play me add me xpainx2theworld ….. I got tht name frm tha naruto series lol pain ma favorate he understand ma pain an I understand his nagato is ma role model :);)))

  • will the demo be released in Sweden becuase the first one didn´t do it and all the swedish naruto fans is heartbroken because of that=(

  • RasenMike21

    if u gunna buy this add OnePieceOfMike18 on the psn il be waiting for a good challenge

  • RasenMike21

    hoping for a challenge in naruto add my psn account OnePieceOfMike18 if ur good cant wait

  • ima kick total ass in this game….anyone think they can take me down add me on PSN…thepkr5

  • TheBoss321

    Hey Guys! Im creating a clan for Nsuns2 (obviously!)! We need skilled ninjas! People can join but when time comes (when you actually get the game) you will be tested to the best of your abilities, Over the EDGE , and far Beyond! If you dont have what it takes to succeed then youll be cut! YES there ARE CUTS! We’ll be using ranking Techniques to run the clan! I, The leader ( gamertag : xslytyx )(for XBL) will make the organization strive to become the most CRUEL and InFamous clan out there! I cant reveal the name yet but in due time it shall be heard! excluding if your going to join! I have been to the NSUNS2 Expo and a promoter and supervisor ( something like that but im not sure if it was the supervisor) Confirmed that Killerbee will be in it as long with ALL Forms of naruto which means Sage, 4tk, 6tk, oh and like a special scene where you shoot beams at pain with the 8 or 9tailed. Just like flying with gaara trying to attack deidara well this is shooting a beam at pain from that huge Sphereical Earth dirt thingy!( if you watched the anime or read the manga youll know what i mean)! Well let me just tell you a bit of info since im here! Boss battles are supposed to be AMAZINg! not only will it be difficult but..! It will be broken up into 3 or 4 parts! One straight up fighting. The next special cutscene! then you do some special unique fighting techiue whicj differs by each boss. ( like gaara and deidara in the mid-air battle) then back on to fighting and one more special thing depending! oh yah and we will only have one jutsu to do But when you go into awakening mode or different mode You will have a different more powerful justsu! So i have plenty of more info So we can talk about the most anticipated game of 2010 yet! Come in and join because i hope i havent wrote this long ass paragraph for no reason on like 3 different sites! We may play other games as well as a clan but primarily NSUNS2! and oh i almost forgot! There will be a limited edition that comes with Minato to be a playable character from the start! Seeya guys Hmu on XBL the gamertag is above in the middle of this crap^!

  • TheBoss321

    Hey Guys! Im making a clan for Nsuns2 (obviously)! I cant reveal the clans name yet but in due time it shall be heard! Excluding if your gunna join! We need skilled people that wont humilaite the clan! When time comes ( when you actually get the game!) you will be tested to the best of your abilities , Over the EDGE , and FAR BEYOND! If you DONT have what it takes to succeed then Youll be cut! YES there ARE CUTS! I, the leader (gamertag : xslytyx )(for XBOX LIVE) will make the organization STRIVE to be the most CRUEL and INFAMOUS clan out there! Well go up toe to toe against other rival clans such as the ” MissingNinof The sOutH” and others! I have been to a NSUNS2 expo and i must say it was exciting! so im gonna tell you a little bit of news! There will be a limited edition that comes with minato to be a playable character from the beginning! KillerBEE and ALL FORMS of naruto and PAIN are going to be in it! Meaning regular shippuden, 4tk,6tk, oh and that special thingy where you shoot beams at pain whil your in the FREaKIN HugE Earth Sphereical thingy floating in the sky AS 8 or 9 Taild! ( if you watched the anime or read the manga youll know what im saying!) Oh and youll only be able to use one special justu Per one type of character meaning : naruto will use like a rasengan while 4tk will use some beam while sage naruto will use a rasenshuriken! As you can see i hve alot of info so come join and ill be able to say more! As a clan we can play more games but primarily NSUNS2! a website will soon be up about us! seeya guys my gamertag is in the middle of the paragraph^! HMU!

  • im glad that u could play online with this game i cant wait to get this and black ops thoses are the only games im dying to play!!! add if u want simply_selene in psn

  • so i waited all week to figure out what day naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 demo is coming out so will somebody please tell me

  • they make a game this exciting and expect people to wait along time for the game the least they could do is release the demo this week or weekend gosh

  • can you get a japanese psn on a american ps3?

    • kibito11

      yeppp yu cn

      • thank you, i made it today. now the demo just needs to come out

  • it’s been a week now

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