All Neptune Battles All The Time

By Spencer . July 9, 2010 . 8:32pm

Compile Heart released a four minute video that’s entirely Super Dimension Battle Neptune battle footage. See Neptune in human form attack with a sword, IF-chan’s flash kick, and Compa-chan shoot green goo out of a giant syringe. Yeah, Compile Heart went to that level of fan service.


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  • Guest

    The footage is really low quality and there are some awkward cheap sounds when you land hits…
    Still doesn’t matter nothings going to stop me from playing this game.

  • Hmmm… it’s looks like familiar territory, which I like. I think I’ll enjoy this system. Then again, I find almost all sorts of games enjoyable.

  • This really is not impressing me, to be honest. Chirpy voices, obscure references, rather cheap fanservice, and a battle system that doesn’t make much sense (how the hell do the girls have so much TIME to make those attacks?) on top of the low production values (those sound effects are hilarious).

    I know game-bashing isn’t a keen thing to do in the comments here, but really, there doesn’t seem to be a lot to like here – or at least there isn’t much (if anything) here that can’t be had in other titles, potentially in a better way.

    Of course, the review mags and whatnot in Japan are ruthless about this too. Neptune had better hope it’s got a great, absolutely hilarious script or the press will absolutely savage the game.

    • Letiumtide

      How much time they have to attack is truly sickening. At that point I’d be bored to death because I want to play as other characters as well. By watching this video I don’t feel any anxiety, rush, or anything about that boss, in fact I’d call the whole thing has rather lazy feeling.

      The voices are annoying and the sound effects are kind of cheesy.

      Visually it doesn’t look bad, but it does look simple.

    • Just want to be clear (for everyone’s sake!) it’s totally OK to not like a game or an article and post about it in the comments.

      But, please, articulate yourself, like spacedrake did. You know, say why and open a discussion instead of “THIS SUX!!!1!! I h8U *angry face*” or whatever. It’s hard to say anything else after that, you know?

      • Thanks, Spencer. I saw someone get taken to task for excessive negativity earlier and I just wanted to make sure I made it clear issues with the game actually have a *foundation*.

        Also Letiumtide actually explained my biggest problem with this video better than I could – it’s so un-dynamic. The combat just feels so… lacksidasical. When the player can chain together this many “hits” without real fear of interruption, it feels like there isn’t any ebb or flow to the confrontation. I just wasn’t *excited* by this at all. I mean, even when the thing attacked, it didn’t seem like it was all that big a threat despite how much damage it did. (And I’m still confused as to why each of the girls got a turn to “heal” after it attacked.) Simply put, it doesn’t look fun to play, and that’s a bit of a problem for a game that has “fight using anthropomorphic game consoles!” as one of its selling points.

        Combined with the somewhat low production values, I have to be honest: if Compile Heart is trying to impress potential buyers with this video, I can’t see them succeeding much.

        • I’m derailing discussion (sorry!), but I want everyone to know that we won’t ban anyone for “excess negativity”. Directly insulting someone else, a staff member or a commenter, is a different story.

          It’s not like someone is sitting next to a ban button waiting to press it. If an account gets too many flagged comments that’s tells us we should look it over.

    • godmars

      Yeah, was really hoping for some Disgaea level special attacks. A combo option between the three girls. Those never get boring.

    • Yeah, they should had choosed a normal battle rather than a Boss, i imagine the attacks have to do with AP or smthing like that, and is always easier to build it up (like in other IF games) to pwn the boss. And…

      “I know game-bashing isn’t a keen thing to do in the comments here”

      Is not a keen thing to do, but there is always some negative comments lol, is the web, is ok to express yourself freely, WHILE you are not degrading or instulting anything doing so, to do that is just stupid.

  • Electrium

    It was only 4 minutes but it felt like a lot longer…hopefully it doesn’t feel so drawn out when you’re the one playing.

  • What’s with the nonstop fade-to-black?

  • Didn’t look bad. I like combo-based turn-based battle systems, so that looks right up my alley. The sound effects, though, do sound kinda weak, and with a boss that big, I’d expect an explosion instead of a fizz, when it was beaten.

    Still, it did nothing to take away from my excitement towards this game.

  • Kris

    Hmm, strange hitting sound effects, and the quick-cut thing is a bit odd, but I could see the gameplay being fun in and of itself. Seems more than a bit drawn out though… Hopefully this is just for a boss. Also, I hope the backgrounds are more interesting in other levels.

  • I think what bothers me the most about the video is the fact that the boss (most likely) took a total of one turn – and it’s unlikely that such a combat would be designed to take a single turn.

    I suspect that you wouldn’t be anywhere nearly that powerful, since 3 character turns were all it took, and that it was mostly supposed to showcase the combat system – basically, this video should not be indicative of real world results. Then again, I could be horribly wrong.

    And all in all, for some reason or another, it’s actually reminding me of Super Robot Taisen OG Saga’s combat system, minus the ‘not touching the ground’ bit. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not, but it has all the hallmarks of one – a set of attacks, where you can pick them and chain them in any way you wish.

    I imagine some movesets have requirements or limitations though, but the game doesn’t have that sort of data for me to study yet.

    I still don’t feel it’s a good video, on the grounds that if that’s a boss, that’s not a very good way to show gameplay. If it ISN’T a boss, then I wonder how the heck it did 4/5 the characters’ life in the space of a single attack, and require so much beatdown.

    Gust (surprisingly) made a similar mistake with showcasing one of their minibosses by taking it on with an absurdly overpowered team, which led to some people thinking the game was going to be easy – they were wrong, as I can attest to when I first rolled up against it.

  • This doesnt seem to be a battle demo, I think its just an attack exhibition and doesnt represent the actual flow of battle. That’s why it keeps fading to black.

    • Ereek

      That’s what I’m getting out of the movie, too. I think a lot of people are jumping the gun.

    • Joanna

      I really hope so because if that were how the battles go, they would be way too slow for my tastes.

    • If you look at the hits, it doesn’t seem to be an attack exhibition…
      If you look e.g. at 3:47, it continues at 14 hits, after it faded. Then she hits the boss 5 times and it fades again.

  • karasuKumo

    So let me get this straight, the camera changes after every attack you make? It seems super slow to me. Eventually that’s just going to get boring. A Star Ocean style battle system would have worked a lot better, but that’s just an opinion.

  • Well, it wasnt bad, but they should had choosed a normal battle, rather than choosing a freaking boss xD, wich normally take longer, then again, we cant know if in these videos the characters have super attributes that you can only get post game or something like that, and thats why they can attack so many times.

    They should make a normal battle later, those are the ones we will be dealing more with :P. Im still getting this anyway, regardless of anything xD

  • androvsky

    I noticed the nico nico style comments didn’t start floating by until after the player went into the options, and some of the comments had the icons of the game characters… is that actually part of the battle system?

    Otherwise, looks a lot like Trinity Universe’s battle system; at least that’s supposed to be a step up from Cross Edge’s. And honestly, the battle system in Cross Edge wasn’t that bad, it was interesting enough to keep me going through the disaster the rest of the game was. Once I got it figured out, that is.

    • To me, in all honestly, Trinity Universe felt like a complete step back in design. There was no way to do some of the basic things like checking difference in stats between weapons without having to go a ton of entering and exiting menus. Its been in pretty much every recent Idea Factory game so far and this… this is not what I wanted for $50 when I enjoyed Cross Edge far more than Trinity Universe is currently giving out. Besides that, another Idea Factory game, Record of Agarest War, I’ll hold up above those two titles in every regard. It just feels like they put more effort in that game than these crossovers.

    • I can’t wait to finally try out Cross Edge. It seemed early impressions of the game were mostly negative (downright brutal), but later on it kind of mellowed out. Still didn’t leave an overall positive impression…

      As for the gameplay here, it looks cool to me!

  • This is Published by NIS right? I’m losing more and more faith in their games for Localization. I’m just gonna pass on this after the let down that was Cross Edge and Trinity Universe.

    • Joanna

      I think you just don’t like Idea Factory/Compile Heart. So I don’t think you should abandon NIS just because their parent companies’ releases aren’t your cup of tea. Just be a bit more selective and only pick up games made by NIS (rather than published by NIS). Since from what I understand, you do like NIS properties.

      • Actually you’re incorrect. Record of Agarest War is currently one of my favorite RPGs this gen and currently awaiting localization of Zero and/or 2.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Hopefully they refine the battle system a bit with this delay

  • This isn’t too representative of battle flow. Their AP is through the roof and each of their attacks are linked to a pretty advanced “finishing move” you should link to the end of your combo string.

    This more seems like a “lookit all the funky attacks our cute girls can do!” video than a “check out the insane flexibility and customization options you have for battle combos” video. I’m a bit sad this was released since it’s pretty misleading.

  • I hope this isn’t the final production of the game..
    and rather than just a promotion video.

  • cowcow

    Hmm I like the idea because certainly it is ambitious (Well Sega had this idea before with SEGAGAGA years ago), but I think in my mind the perfect game for this idea would never happen because if it were me, I’d want all the video game nostalgia classics involved; a total cluster-mash of Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Sega….which we all know would never happen.

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