Guwange Will Be Released Worldwide, In English, On Xbox Live Arcade

By Spencer . July 9, 2010 . 11:53am

imageItching for another Cave game after playing Deathsmiles? Then keep your eyes out for Guwange, one of Cave’s earlier works.


Makoto Asada, a Producer at Cave, announced Guwange will be released worldwide on Xbox Live Arcade. Asada’s blog post also mentioned Guwange will be localized in English. Guwange has three playable characters and takes place in ancient Japan. You shoot demons and other figures from Japanese mythology. Think Muramasa: The Demon Blade style creatures in a vertical shooter.


A release date was not announced at this time. Whenever it comes out, Guwange will be Cave’s first game on Xbox Live Arcade.


Thanks for the tip Matty!

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  • so happy.

    • Interface23

      I’m ecstatic

  • Interface23

    Yes. That is AWESOME.

  • I’m not sure how I feel about this. I love Guwange and all but I would have preferred a retail copy of the game. I have no incentive to buy a downloadable game if it’s already available elsewhere (in this case, MAME + Guwange ROM). Plus, I don’t care about leader boards, achievements, etc. Oh well, that’s a start I guess.

    • malek86

      We’re still talking about a very old game… which, as you said, is already available on MAME. If they wanted to do a retail release, they should’ve offered more than the game, to justify the higher price (can’t see a retail release being less than $20).

      For example, they could’ve thrown in Esprade. Two games would be far more interesting. Kinda like Raiden Fighters Aces (and even that was budget-priced in the US). Uh, and maybe also include that soundtrack CD.

      Besides, this gives them the chance to release it worlwide, simultaneously, for basically no cost.

      • Oh man, I would do terrible things for an ESP Ra.De. + Guwange bundle.

        • malek86

          I know, right? Esprade is my favorite Cave game.It came in second place in that poll… maybe, if Guwange is successful, we’ll see it later.

          • neo_firenze

            ESPRaDe XBLA would be bad ass, and isn’t too unrealistic of a proposition.

            Although my main concern is still ports, preferably retail, for Pink Sweets (pleasepleaseplease) or Muchi Muchi Pork. The drama is that it appears from Cave’s previous discussions that one of those (but only one) one of those will show up. They’re supposedly working on a port of an existing arcade title, along with the inevitable DDP Dai-Fukkatsu 360 port.

            Man, I really want Cave to release some new news now. After having tons to look forward to for so long, it’s feeling a little empty now that all this stuff has released (Futari, Espgaluda II, Ketsui, Deathsmiles 2) and Guwange is coming soon… I’m really getting more curious about what’s next.

      • superdry

        You might get your wish. Over at cave-stg, someone translated one of Asada’s blog posts that mentioned the possibility of doing a compilation disc for the 360.

      • Aoshi00

        I wish they would’ve given it a HD graphics upgrade like Deathsmiles or Mushihime-sama 2 if it were a retail copy. But it’s okay, it’s a steal at this price for an XBLA US release.

        • What price? Hope it’s 800 MS Points, because I really want to play it, and I refuse to buy downloadable games for more than that. Which is sad because I’d gladly pay $40 for a retail release.

          • Aoshi00

            They haven’ said, but either 800 or 1200 MS points is fine by me since I have never played Guwange. Actually for most XBLA games, I get them when they go on sale, like Mega Man 10 and After Burner Climax were sold for half (400 MS points) recently, even Castle Crasher or Trials HD. One of the few XBLA games I got on day 1 were BC Rearmed and Shadow Complex. For a retail w/ HD graphics, I would gladly pay $60-70 (got used to it by now..)

    • I wholly, wholly agree on this matter. *sigh* It’s my favorite, but I’m not going to buy an XBox 360 and start playing downloadable games just to thank them.

      • krokounleashed

        You could than buy a xbox 360 and import Mushihimesama Futari and ESPGaluda II which are regionfree …

        • Both of those are region free? Thanks! I’ve been playing the heck out of Deathsmiles (my first Cave game!) and have been wishing the other games would come over seas!

  • Kris

    Okay, I need a 360… I wish my finances weren’t so limited this summer!

  • I’d rather have espgaldua but this is awesome.

    • Aoshi00

      You know the regular ver. is region free right?

      • krokounleashed

        He mean the first one, i guess.

  • Aoshi00

    Thank you Asada-san! That just makes the game twice as cheap in effect since I don’t need to spend Jpn MS points :) I really want to go back to collect Inoue Junya’s Ogoti Matsuri manga, but it’s so expensive… I have never played this, but I guess it would be a bit like MUSHA or Sengoku Blade w/ the ancient Jpn motif.

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