What Would You Like To See In A New Persona Game? [Update]

By Spencer . July 9, 2010 . 10:44pm

imageHey, Persona and Shin Megami Tensei fans, what would you like to see in a new Persona game? Post a clever comment and you could win Junpei’s cap!


Atlus sent us five of hats. We’re giving them to the suggestions, ideas, anecdotes that receive the most “likes” by Tuesday, July 13 @ 12PM PST.


To enter, answer the question in the comments. Other commenters can vote for it by clicking on the “like” button next to your comment. The five comments with the most “likes” win! In the event of a tie, we’ll settle it with a random number generator or Shuffle Time mini-game. Winners will be notified via the e-mail address linked to their commenting profile. This contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada. Oh, and as a disclaimer this is in no way suggesting Atlus USA has plans for or is working on a new Persona title.


So, once again, if one were to ever come out, what would you like to see in a new Persona game?


Update: Thanks for all of the awesome discussion and congrats to the five winners who are….

J. Matthew Ferguson
Charles Lupula

We’ll be e-mailing, maybe Facebook messaging you guys shortly.

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  • Personally,i want them to make one maybe a senior in high school going on to collage? That might be a twist,but chances are they wont change anything.”if it ain’t broken don’t fix it”. Two MC’s was a nice view on things and many options to choose from at that,i hope i see DLC like new persona and other MC from old persona games.

  • deltazero

    Adding back conversing with Personae to get them to join would be nice. Also, maybe the code system and/or a way to share personae with friends over the internet would be awesome. What else.. hmm.. dual voice tracks? :) Ohh, and multiple character paths would be fantastic as well :O. Can’t think of much else, since P3 and P4 were pretty damn awesome on their own rights.

  • Bri

    For a NEW Persona game, I would like to see the following:
    1.Bring back demon negotiations. I really enjoyed that in Persona 2.
    2.An older character base, like college students.
    3.Purple UI
    4.A Midnight Radio Show/Station as the midnight element.
    5. Released on PS3, so that they can add more content.
    6. DLC, yes please. (Preferably in the form of Persona 2 Innocent Sin AND Eternal Punishment ~dare to dream~)
    7. A lead character that looks like any member of CN Blue /swoon.
    8. To come out soon~

  • I miss contacts. Perhaps characters and demons could find more common ground than they could hope for.

  • raymk

    A new battle system like grandia or real time or something intirely new with a persona spin on it. The choice between a male and female MC like p3p. I also like to see a main character that speaks like mass effect games do. (just because you can speak doesn’t mean you can’t be part of them like ME games) I’d like for the game to be in college they can keep uniforms if they want. I would also like the costume selection to come back. I would also like better battle locations not dungeons (i have nothing against random generate dungeons but a change of pace would be nice =D

    • The Megaten series already has Devil Summoner, though, if you want real time battles.

  • Ok , make not only the character whatever gender but also whatever sexual orientation they could be. then, make them older. not too old but like in college as well. and also maybe returning characters from 3 and 4?

    • I have to admit, I was one of the people who was quite hoping for orientation options in Persona 3 Portable, and I’d definitely prefer them to include it in the next game. Uni age would also work for me. :)

  • Hours

    -Choice between male or female MC (With unique story elements)
    -Same sex romance options
    -Older playable characters
    -Demon negotiations
    -Choice of vocal tracks (Japanese or English)
    -Branching story paths
    -Hidden/Secret characters

  • Nabe

    I don’t want to seem like i’m taking ideas from the other folks in here, but i’ve always thought a Persona set in college with a freshman MC would be cool– I really can’t think of any JRPG that focused on the struggle of higher ed students. Something like Steambot Chronicles where there are dialogue trees and what you choose affects the storyline in some way or at least affects what your party or social links think of you would also be a nice feature to see.

    And of course, the return of demon negotiation, a choice between male and female, a choice in voice tracks (English or Japanese) and if possible, have the game in glorious HD (for the ultimate audio and visual Persona experience… this isn’t too important however, i’d happily take Persona 5 on PSP or 3DS!).

  • kupomogli

    A remake of the original game without jpop music. The remake is much better than the original but the music is terrible. The battle music is the worst. If they rerelease the game and allow you to choose the original or remixed music that’d be great.

    Since I have both the PSP and PSX versions I actually stick to playing the PSX version just because of the music. Even with the 20 second long Persona castings, etc.

  • Create your own character and personal attributes.

  • SeventhEvening

    I’d like it to be more like the older Megaten games.
    Older, more radical protagonists, a darker plot, contracts.
    Both P3 and P4 are rather cheery, with an underlying melancholy. I’d like to see it be a bit darker, with the depressing elements more in the for front.
    Once Persona 2 talked about the rumor system, it automatically became somewhat terrifying. The player could easily see how bad things could get and how fast they could go down hill, which made things seem more important.
    In P3 and P4, you didn’t quite know why to be terrified yet. Not until about 50 hours in.

    • deltazero

      Well, I thought it was nice that the Persona series was developing its own identity, rather than always being in the shadows of the main series games. The feel of P3 and P4 is really nice and fresh, and it really does give the series a unique feel that the main series doesn’t have (or can’t have, rather)

      • I dunno, I think I agree with Evening, because it doesn’t seem to really mesh well with the storyline. “I’ve been beating up demons and so on so forth, then I go to school and hang out with friends.” It’s a little awkward.Now, I’m not saying it’s wrong to have a life and be happy when there is no *pressing* threat. But I am saying that that Persona could reach back to it’s darker roots somehow. It might not have to have the same urgency of “I’ve gotta save the world!”, but at least some sort of reinforcement would go a long way.

        • Cucumber_man

          Then play one of the other 7000 SMT games. Let this subseries have its own identity, goddamit.

      • SeventhEvening

        Really, Persona 2 has an identity separate from the regular series, and it worked really well. And I don’t mind so much that P3 and P4 are the way they are, but I’d like to see them move a bit more in the direction of P2.

        Not to mention, what shadow the main series? SMTIII and Strange Journey are the only “main series” titles that have been released outside of Japan, and there are now almost as many Persona titles as there are main series ones, even if you count the Japan only titles (I, II, If…, III, SJ). And that’s assuming you consider “Shin” the main series. The real core series, Megami Tensei, is only two games and one remake of the two. None of those titles even left Japan.

    • Zeik56

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a game with a Persona 2 style plot and Persona 3/4 style gameplay. Persona 2 has a great story, but P3/P4 is just so much more fun to play.

      However I wouldn’t want to see it go too dark. Even Persona 2 is a much more lighthearted game than main series, and I would hate for the series to suddenly become all dark and gloomy and lose all the charm that makes it special.

      • SeventhEvening

        I fully agree with that. Persona 2 was dark, but had good comic relief and had lighthearted moments. I really enjoyed Persona 3 and 4’s take on combat. Those fights were definitely more fun to play. I don’t want the pitch black tone of, for example, Nocturne, but I’d like a darker story. I liked how troubling the idea of rumors becoming reality was in 2, and I liked Joker-sama as a very pronounced and terrifying villain. P4 was a step in the right direction with the whole mysterious murderer plot and I’d just like to see them take it just a bit farther.

  • anbu

    I want to see cel shaded graphics like those seen in Naruto Ultimate Storm series.So the look and feel will be more anime-ish.You can swap all the characters on the fly, similar to Breath of Fire 4.Lots of costumes for characters in the game. So it won’t get old looking at them all the time imo.Combo attacks ala Chrono Trigger.Choice to have Japanese or English Voice overs in the game.Earned exp points thru sub-quest/side mission maybe, for people who don’t want to grind too much.Must Have a DLC. Extra scenario and stuff.

    Demon auction and trade. might be pretty. Online and offline.
    That’s it I think.

  • – A continuation from the main game using your completed save data. If Atlus were able to create a small story like the answer then maybe its possible on a next gen console (as long as they have enough disc space for it). – Some social link act differently toward the MC depending on your decision throughout the main story. Some decision can end a social link while opening new one. Main story script can also change the kind of people you can recruit (like in SMT: persona)- Expand more on equipments like stat can be lowered due to the condition of it. Make the game more challenging while you’re in whatever dungeon you are in. Equipment can be enhanced by fusing it with your person but at the cost of making you level them up again (make the equipment more unique than just buying the persona again in the compendium and fusing them with more equipments)- Player could be in high school or in college depending on the difficulty you choose so along with enemies being more harder, make it that social status is harder to rank up.- DLC can add more persona from different game.

  • Code

    rar, awesome! One thing I’d totally love to see is almost a Chrono Cross approach to playable characters/social links possibly where social links lead to actually having the character join you and be usable party members! Having a really thick cast of characters to interactive with and pick from, which could also impact the story/events and such. I usually always prefer a tight-nit party myself, but I just feel like Persona does an amazing job of making you feel really connected to even the non-party characters, I’d just love to see Atlus tackle a large selectable cast, I really think they could create that same attachment to many of the characters, something Chrono Cross didn’t always do justice.

    Also maybe adding some global travel, like having to go to Europe, North America, and other places for portions of the game! I always felt the environments were really strong in P3/P4, with different locations around the world I’d love to see what they do. Maybe playing up the idea of distance relationships online, besides just local relationships, with all characters meeting up for dungeon crawling regardless of where they are globally? Although hard to say how that would impact social links/etc but I think it’s still a neat thought.

    Online features could definitely compliment the game such as battling/trading persona, or even something more subtle (like taking something like P3’s home shopping and making it like an online item auction) that could add extra interactivity! Trading I think would really work with, creating/fusing system. Although I don’t think I’d want a heavy focus around online battling if offline aspects were to suffer. But even if it was just a light feature I think I’d enjoy it for some added replay value, and post-game fun >ww<'

    • Zeik56

      I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t really like any of these ideas. The tight cast of characters has been one of the high points of Persona since basically the first game. Having 10/15/20 different characters in your party would greatly reduce the ability to make a strong tight nit cast of characters. Not to mention that would likely mean just a bunch of characters nobody ever bothers using. (I love Chrono Cross, but this is actually probably my biggest issue with the game too.)The global thing has a similar problem. The series focus on more contained sections of Japan give the game some of it’s own personality that separates it from the globetrotting RPG adventures of other games. However I wouldn’t mind seeing the game take place in a town/city outside of Japan. (Only caveat is that the game is developed by Japanese, so making an interesting and authentic setting somewhere else could be difficult.)And I really just don’t think Persona needs any online period. The obsession to adding online features to everything lately I find kind of annoying. Some games are just meant as being solo single player experiences. As for your suggestions in particular, battling Persona just wouldn’t work given the system at hand, it’s just not remotely balanced for competitive play. I suppose the trading could work if done right, but it feels rather unnecessary. Plus it feels like it could potentially have a negative affect one of the most important features of Persona (creating and fusing your own Persona).Sorry to be so negative toward your ideas, but I felt like sharing my thoughts.

      • Guest

        That’s fair I understand the contradiction that could possibly go against the grain of previous Persona games >ww<~!) *Edit* rar, I’m cutting this post, Zeik already read it so it’s cool! I don’t like how long it was, I’d totally rather see lots of fun individual posts then a bunch of silly replies. I’ll just leave this part of it, since I think it helps clarify what I was thinking above about travel >w<' When I thought of it last night I was more getting at maybe with a slightly older cast the ability to take trips to different locations around the world — maybe helping solve other countries own versions of Tartarus/TV World well experiencing some of the local culture +o+!

        • Zeik56

          What I liked about the Social Links in P3/P4 is specifically that they allowed you to develop a connection with many of the NPC’s in the game. I don’t think forcing them into your party would really add much. Not to mention things would start feeling a little ridiculous if practically every person you met suddenly could use a Persona.

          I’m not really entirely opposed to the idea of trading Persona, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey had a trading system of sorts for demons that worked alright, but they’d have to make sure it was balanced enough that people couldn’t abuse it.

  • Frankly, I’d like for Persona 5 to feature the Seraphs (Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel) as antagonists. We’ve already fought Chaos (Nyarlathotep) and Neutrality in Nihil-as-Death and Nihil-as-Self-Deception (Nyx and Izanami, respectively). It’s about time for Law to step up and take some lumps, and I’d kind of like a game in which the “villains” get to interact with our crew throughout the game and are somewhat ambiguous in how “evil” they are. It’d be a great opportunity to explore what “antagonism” means in stories like this and the nature of victory and who is correct.I’d also love to see Nanako star as the named main character, ala Tetsuya or Maya of Persona 2.

    • Zeik56

      I don’t think I’d like to see Nanako star as a main character. She’s already a developed character in the universe, throwing her into the role of a silent main character that’s supposed to be a conduit for the player just wouldn’t work well. It’s the same reason I didn’t like playing as Maya in Persona 2. After having such an out-going personality in Innocent Sin it really didn’t feel right forcing her into the role of a silent main character.

      I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing her as a secondary party member though. Grown up of course.

      • This is a good point; I know a lot of people disliked Maya going “silent” (although I think that simply could’ve been handled better in-game by simply making her dialogue options more “chipper” – compare the Male MC and Female MC of Persona 3 for an example of what I mean).

        I do feel as though Nanako’s story isn’t finished yet, though. She’s experienced the Abyss, but deep down she’s likely still worried about what it could mean for her and for everyone she loves. Her prior experience simply provides *even more* room for her to grow as a person, and I’d love to see her playable in some form – either as the MC or as a party member, doesn’t matter which.

        • Nanako has a lot of potential for an important Character, that’s for sure.

        • Cucumber_man

          I’d love to see Nanako in a Persona game again. And if they make her a main character, well…….get rid of the silent protagonist bull.

  • I honestly don’t think these games need to change much. Slight innovations perhaps, but if they change alot we will all be crying for our beloved persona back. Nonetheless things I would like to see include:

    1. Male and Female protagonists.
    2. A college setting.
    3. On the PS3 with updated graphics that retain the anime look of the series. Perhaps cell shading?
    4. Demon negotiation, I always liked that in other SMT games
    5. More shoji meguro music. That stuff is so nice.
    6. More variety/ puzzling in dungeons other than figuring out where to go next. Ala Zelda perhaps?
    7. More cooking, fishing, and perhaps even some crop growing. Growing ingredients in a garden would be sweet.

  • Chow

    I know it’d be a huge departure from the series formula (not just Persona, but SMT), but maybe an real-time open-world sandbox for the school periods that could involve its own semi-action-platformer controls; not to say it’d involve a lot of jumping, just that it’s available to climb over small obstacles. I DO NOT mean this in a GTA sort of way, though. I’d mean it in more like how Way of the Samurai 3 handles things. But I’d also like the sandbox quality to be toned down from typical sandbox games, since you’d still be limited to a finite timeframe as usual.Make NPCs and Social Link characters travel around town at certain scripted times. It’d make them somewhat more dynamic, and probably a little frustrating unless you in-game ask for their schedule/date or even stalk them around school/town (or follow a FAQ as per usual).During dungeons, it should switch back to the traditional dungeon crawler in the way the later Persona games have done it.

    • Xien12

      So, a completely new game similar to Radiata Stories? You’re better off asking tri-Ace.

      • Chow

        …the heck is a Radiata Stories? ;)

  • Yeshua49

    -choice between male and female character ( like Persona 3 Portable )-choice of the main character sexuality or to have choice to finish the social link with friendship or loveship for all social link except kids of course-to continue to have activity with character even if you have already reached the maximum level of social link-more interaction between main character and people for social link would be good, for P3 and P4 it consist of learning about other but they don’t learn about you personaly I think it’s unnatural, give the main character a story to share with people-main character learn how to speak or to have differents choices more often

    • Joanna

      Two awesome ideas that I really hope Atlus implements! One the choice between friendship/romance/sexuality, and two dialogue character building. (Of course if they want to do dialogue character building, they are going to need more than just two responses, or else you’ll be very limited in what kind of character you build). xD

      • Yeshua49

        Thanks to think some of my ideas are awesome, I initialy thought the idea of sexual orientation was not very popular but it seem to have some popularity, now I really hope to find it in Persona 5^^

        • Code

          haha I don’t think it was because it wasn’t popular, I know myself, when I read it, I immediately thought “damn that is a great idea! Why didn’t I think of it >w<;". A few people posted it at the same time, but I think a lot of people afterwards just didn't wanna have a "me too" approach while posting there own idea. If you ask me it's the single best idea, I've read out of all the posts that should definitely be in the next game.

          • Yeshua49

            Well, i was thinking it wasn’t popular before this contest ( it was more or less present in P2 innocent Sin, after it wasn’t anymore and I don’t think it was for no reason ) also I’m not the only one to have wrote this ( and I wasn’t the first one as well^^ ) I know, I’m just glad it seem popular and so far there is no negative reaction about this proposal ( or it have been moderated ) because it was my major frustation I had with P3 and 4.

    • Jirin

      I agree being able to choose sexual orientation is a good idea, but I think it’d be weird if you could have a romance with anybody in the game as either gender. I mean, some NPCs should be heterosexual and some homosexual, maybe some bisexual, but ‘Every NPC is bisexual’ would just be silly.

      • Yeshua49

        I see your point, however in P3 and P4 where everyone is heterosexual and you can have love relationship with all women it’s already silly so changing everyone to be bisexual won’t be more silly in my opinion, also I will add that a game don’t have the necessary to be realistic and can adapt NPC sexuality (according to your choices during social link events) to the player more or less perverted wishes^^’

        • Jirin

          Here’s my issue with that. I like games that have strong characterization. And consequently I don’t like games where all the characters change their entire personalities to suit the main characters’ choices. Characters should all have their own ideas, their own wills, their own personality, or else they’re just very weak characters. That’s why it bothers me especially in Western RPGs when characters make life changing decisions just based on what you tell them to do. They’re not even really characters if who they are as people just bend and change to your whims.

          I’d take strong characterization over fan service any day.

          • Yeshua49

            Well in P4 you have choice to have love or friend relationship with women, and this choice doesn’t change NPC personality or anything else but just the type of relation you have with them, also people change with contact of other so I don’t what would be wrong if NPC had some evolution with the relation you have with them.

            For the idea of a game without fan service, it’s interesting but I don’t think it will fit to a Persona, at least P3 and 4 have a lot of fan service and it’s a reason why the Persona serie is popular, so your idea would be better for a new IP than for a new Persona in my opinion. One last thing how do you see a social link system without fan service ? And how it would be interesting ?

          • Jirin

            In real life you can decide just to be friends with a girl you like instead of pursuing a romance. You can’t magically change a person’s sexual orientation.

            I find fan service boring. It’s a form of pandering. I want to be challenged, not pandered to. Persona isn’t popular because of the fan service. It’s popular because of the time system, the ensemble cast and the tactical combat.

            I’d like to see homosexuality in the game, but I’d want it to be socially realistic homosexuality. Like, maybe there’s a guy who’s homosexual but in the closet. As a homosexual guy you can help him feel safe coming out of the closet. As a heterosexual woman, maybe you can try to have a relationship with him and convince him he’s not really homosexual, but then he realizes he is and dumps you. Or maybe as a homosexual guy you have a friend who’s uncomfortable about homsexuality, and the social link involves you trying to get him to accept you for who you are.

            Real life friendships and relationships don’t always turn out the way you want them to, and I want a social link system to reflect that.

          • Joanna

            @Jirin: Interesting. I would love them to implement something like that (relationships failing). But for the issue of having multiple sexual orientations. I still think it could be done. The sexual orientation would be set from the beginning depending on your character’s own orientation. I don’t see why sexual orientation would affect personality, ideas, etc. unless one thinks all gay men are feminine and all lesbian women are masculine. Over protective dude can still be over protective dude and like men, you know? It would still be cool if they left say, 2-5 characters, with a specific sexual orientation (and having scenarios like those you described) regardless of your sexual orientation.

            I think best approach would be a bit of what you suggest as well as flexible sexuality in general.

  • Less annoying teddy bears.

    • Yeshua49

      Teddie is great and look very good in human form>_<

    • I don’t know about you, but Teddie looks like a badass in the official art.

  • I think maybe an open world, like Chow said, with perhaps a more action rpg styled battle system. Think Rogue Galaxy/Final Fantasy 12.

  • For P5, I’d like to see:1. Choice of a male or female protagonist, with not just unique social links, but maybe even different bosses and plot twists, depending on which gender you picked. Yet, it would be nice if somehow, both paths through the story tied into each other, in a way that implies both could be canon.2. PS3 exclusive, with full advantage of a dual-layered Blu-Ray disc (huge beautifully animated world with 100% voiced dual-language audio, etc…). For god’s sake, DO NOT MAKE IT A PORTABLE GAME!3. Music more like Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, with Persona 3/4 pop-music only used in the intro and certain public spaces (say, a mall in the game)4. Online Tanaka5. Demon negotiations6. Seemless open world, like Dragon Quest VIII or something (but with the option to skip to areas you’ve already been), with a somewhat real-time day and night schedule (Time would not progress in the same manner when you’re dungeon crawling)7. Keep the battles turn-based and keep all characters under your control, P4-style, rather than P38. If there’s going to be DLC, I’d prefer it be something like “The Answer,” rather than weapons or Personas, which should all be included in the game itself, rather than bought online

    • not portable!? im enjoying persona 3 portable as much as i did with the real persona 3!, if they add another female protagonist and different story for p4 and make it portable, i would gladly get it xD

      • Well, a portable P4 is one thing. I am saying that a new entry in the series should be a console game. If, somewhere down the line, they port it to the 3DS or PSP2, that’s fine, but a new entry should be for console (preferably PS3, due to storage capacity).

        On the other hand, I am still a bit bitter that the P1 remake was on PSP, and not on PS2/PS3/PSN. I just don’t like the idea of playing an RPG on a portable system. When I play an RPG, I like to sit down in front of the TV and spend hours focusing on it. Portable systems just always came off as something I would only use on tour or on the subway, for short periods of time.

        If they had done it on both, like say the PS2 GTA stories or the PSP Twisted Metal, I would’ve been fine with it. I know you can hook a PSP up to your television, but that’s besides the point.

        • Ohhh! ok lol xD, since you said portable i though of persona 3 “portable” . i got it now :P

          yeah if they do persona 5 portable i would really get mad :O

        • You know that there’s a component cable that lets you connect your psp and play your game through the tv right? I do agree with you that the new personas should be console first but honestly, it’s a lot more convenient and comfortable to play rpgs on a portable system. Many people do not have the time or endurance nowadays to sit in front of the tv for hours on end to play an rpg.

    • Joanna

      In general interesting and good suggestions. I’m curious how you would envision the gender-based plot twists and bosses? (Like a lust-inducing boss being different a la five deadly sins becoming bosses -so a male demon for the female, and a female demon for the male, or something else?)
      I’m not opposed to this, this sounds cool, just usually, the female route get dumbed down and I find that insulting (Sword of Mana).

      Also, I hope they don’t go about it like P3P. If they want me to actually role-play (especially given how social links work), I don’t want a specific type of personality (usually the happy camper) imposed onto my avatar. I don’t act like that (nor do any actual women I know) and it causes me to not relate well to the main character. So keep her silent as well and I am all for it!

      So in general, I love your ideas, I just have a very specific vision of how they should be handled. Everything else id great and I hope that they are actually implemented. :)

  • Taking it as a given that Shoji Meguro’s music will continue to feature prominently, I’d like to see more fleshing out of the social links. Persona 4 took a few steps in the right direction by allowing your friends to interact with each other and by making relationships more intimate, but I could stand to see social links tie in more with the story in the next game. If you have a girlfriend, shouldn’t you be going out more often than just a couple holidays? What if she’s a party member? Does the rest of the party know? Is it going to come up during get-togethers or missions? What if she isn’t a party member? Does she wonder where you and your friends are always running off to?In fact, what if you could have a friend or girlfriend in the game who becomes so deeply connected to you that they’re put in danger? Do they die? Do they awaken to a persona and join you? For all the emphasis the recent Persona games place on intimate connections with others, without involving social links into the story, they run the risk of feeling a little too… “optional”, I guess?Beyond that, I think I’d like to see it on the 3DS or the Wii.

    • Haha, this is the exact thing I always think about with regard to Persona 5. It’s almost like a superhero take on the characters. In fact, what if P5 was about putting you in control of a group of superheroes in the Persona universe?Like, you see Bruce Wayne / Batman struggling with his alter-ego. He’s more Batman than he is Bruce, and because of this, he isn’t quite…normal. He’s mistrusting of people, he’s obsessed with his war on crime, most ladies in his life are either kidnapped or killed or injured or are somehow not normal themselves. Heck, in the case of Selina Kyle, all of the above applies.I think it would be great to explore some of the more psychological stuff, yea. How would your character change as you kept going through dungeons and battling enemies? How would being the leader of the group take its toll on you? How would it affect your relationships?P4 took a huge step in the right direction, so expanding on that would be great.

      • I agree completely – it always seemed odd to me in, say, Persona 3 that I could become deeply involved with Chihiro but she wouldn’t really get involved with the whole Tartarus thing in any meaningful way. I always had these visions of Chihiro getting drawn in and then making the choice to stand by the boy she loved and help him as best she could – despite being COMPLETELY TERRIFIED of the Shadows.

        So yes, I’d like to see the social and “adventure” aspects of the game tied together in a tighter fashion as well. It’d probably result in larger dialogue trees to cover every possibility, and thus somewhat longer dev time… but hell, it also increases replayability.

  • Fully voiced Social links.
    A “demon gamble” system where you can risk one of your current persona in a bid to automatically gain a new persona at the end of battle (50% success rate)
    Social links with other characters in your party should greatly affect how often they revive each other, their critical hit rate, etc.

  • I’d like to see the series acknowledge more that there’s already a place where hidden aspects of the personality and the “true self” come out. The Internet. P3 had the MMO Social Link, but that could be expanded upon rather significantly.

    I’d like to see a Persona game with a few cues from the .hack series, with party members (NPCs, no real online aspect) as people who you might meet at school or out on the town, or never meet at all.

    …unfortunately I think they did something cyberspacey and such, and called it Soul Hackers and never brought it to the US. So that may be out, for Persona.

    • Extra_Life

      I think that would also be a great idea, especially if the social links you created with the online ‘personas’ all went towards a finale where you’d meet up with the people you’d befriended online, a really motley crew that would definitely contain a surprise or two when you saw what the people you’d been playing with for 50-odd hours really looked like.

  • Electrium

    I’m not exactly sure how to articulate this, but I’ll try my best: some sort of way of prioritizing which Social Links are the most important. That way you can max your relationships with all of the fine ladies (or sexy men if you prefer) but also choose one significant other or best friend. This hierarchy of S.Links could have gameplay benefits (unique abilities based on the arcana perhaps) and/or story aspects (unique character endings ftw!).

  • Melty

    I’d like to see the individual social links play a role in the story. For example if in P4 you started dating one of the heroines that would only be acknowledged in the scenes specific to that characters social link, and they would act no different during the story scenes. I’d love to see the social links actually change story scenes slightly depending on how you develop them.

    Another thing I’d really enjoy would be the option of choosing male or female like in P3P, but include the option of dating someone of the same sex. It worked great in P3P, but the lack of yuri made me sad =(

  • SupaPhly

    one of the playable characters MUST have a beard

    • Pesmerga00

      Well, they do grow on you.

  • d19xx

    “What Would You Like To See In A New Persona Game?”

    Less talk about Junpei’s fucking hat…..

  • malek86

    How about a Persona game where you are an adult? It’s not like people only socialize during their school days, so they could still have social links. And they could give you the chance to choose your own job, thus leading to different links.

    For dungeons and stuff, i guess the P4 system is ok. No need to change too much of something which already works.

    Also, I wouldn’t mind it being on 3DS/PSP (it could actually be multiplatform?).

  • evilmoogle

    MOAR operation BABE hunt…yeaah!

  • Cucumber_man

    The Persona 5 Main character…should not be a student this time. Nor a teacher.


    He should be a janitor.

  • A ska/ska-punk soundtrack.

  • regreto

    female protagonist like persona 3 psp i really enjoy this game <3

  • Hraesvelgr

    As long as they do something new instead of recycling the same formula from P3/P4, I don’t really care that much.

    Oh yeah, and no more P3 rereleases.

  • godmars

    Probably need to expand on this, but make a PS3 version that similar to Monster Hunter. A pseudo-MMO that takes place in a single yet highly detailed city where several buildings and locations lead to alternate dimensions that are endless dungeons.

    As someone said earlier, allow players to interact and negotiate with demons as in earlier titles. Also allow player to trade demons between each other.

    • Hraesvelgr

      no ty

    • Code

      Look up God Eater you might like what you see >w<'

  • ryne11

    A YHVH Persona >:D

  • 1. On PS3 or Xbox 360.That is all.

  • I want female protagonist =)

  • sambuque

    It could be interesting to have older characters working in the same facility of a multinational company.

  • Uhmmm!!!You know what i would like, maybe, a big change… something a little more epic…, out of school…storywise, Let’s say you start like any other persona 3, or 4… like you are a week or 3 days or we enjoying your life, and school happily, or maybe, in college, so the main char can look more mature, and suddenly it happens!, the space that is in the dark hour fuses with the real world, this causes all the demons to go loose, destroying your hometown, your school, and maybe some of your closer friends, etc. Now come the tricky part, we will still have social links, and a kind of “life simulation”, what would people normally do when this happens? Get together, make a defense, find ways to fight, you will be the first person to summon a persona a pwn a shadow, and then other people will try to follow your example, they will be able to use them, maybe, most of the people that was left alive (a good amount of people im talking about), of course, you will have your own group of persona users and such, but the other people will still be able to defend themselves, it will be like a huge war.You will need to start getting back territory, but everything is distortioned because of the “dark hour”‘s space, this is the dungeon crawling part, it will make the random maps and such for different places. Also, as for out of battles activities, you will need to help people reorganize, you will need to help reconstruct, help people emotionally, find ways to put people’s mind out of the battles, train them, distract yourself of all the troubles, etc, of course, there will be people involved, and this is where most of the social links will be, there will also be your party’s social link, you may find your party exploring places or you know them from before, etc, so is not necessary your friends from schoolcollege. (im not saying you can add countless people, with generic faces, just trying to point out the can be from anywhere) It would be pretty cool to add a feature where, while reconstruying, you can make the town however you want to be, adding customization stuff, close to the georama to dark cloud (but not quite the same). And maybe you will need to protect the city from attacks of the shadows from time to time. You could show off your town to other people online as well xD, and get to gether to party close to how dragon quest 9 tag’s battle are. Fast placed battles where you get close to the shadow (if they want to keep ’em in shadow forms, they could just appear once you touch them), and you just take out your weapon.Oh! also, i like when equipments change in your character as you change them, street clothes would look cool.
    And, and! maybe ,knowing humans, there will be more than one group trying to save the city, so you will like have 1 or more “rivals”, you would end up fighting againts them, or maybe there can be even people that wants the shadows to destroy everything, so they help them “bothering” (for not to say the F word) you.

    Also, not one year of gameplay!, 2 years at least, 1 year is too short D:, and well to do this, it may be necessary to stop using the full moon system, but in the story i made i dont think that would be a problem.

    And well, you need to find why this happened, and find a why to counter it, ahhh i could go on and on but i gotta go study xD.

    And sorry if there is bad grammar here …

    • Extra_Life

      I like these ideas! Did you mean a terrible change like the devastation that occurs at the start of SMT III: Nocturne/Lucifer’s Call? I think something like that would be great, but in order to keep the social links working (in one way), perhaps a part of the world could remain unaffected by the cataclysm. Maybe your social links could play a part in preventing the demons taking over this last outpost… Hope I didn’t ruin your idea with that…

      • Yeah lol!, i actually was thinking, while writing this, that ppl would start looking at you as the leader, and start depending on when you, besides the fact you were the 1st persona user, the atmosphere around you also feels more pure, and like, making a barrier, or something kinda holy – godly-thing w/e, i didnt posted it because i dont really know want the MC to be like an angel or smthing like that. But i still would prefer a darker main hero.But your idea is good as well, maybe using the power of the S. Links, they are the ones that will keep some zones “purified”… ohhh just thinking about it gives me goosebumbs xD. And!! depending on the social links you max, different areas would be available to you >:D haha so cool

        • Extra_Life

          Purified zones sound good! You’d obviously get more as you played through the game. I kinda want this game.

          • haha me too xD, darn D:< , well, maybe in some point in my life i might be able to do something related to games… ill keep this in mind, even if is an indie rpg game, if its interesting, attractive, and fun, it will be good :D

  • A character who learns about the main squad’s secret operations and tries desperately to convince them to allow him to join. He doesn’t understand the full implications of combatting Shadows and can’t even summon a Persona, but he forces himself in anyway and surprises everyone by defeating a boss with sheer willpower. However, the strain caused by Personaless combat causes him to suffer a fate worse than death and eventually turns him into the penultimate boss. All because he just didn’t get it. Hope you didn’t level him too much.

    Also, a non-Japanese setting.

  • heartless141

    the way the character summon personas, seriously :P we need much cooler stuffs, like P3. i didn’t really like P4’s card breaking.
    may be something like Cellphone? the japanese teenager is all about cellphones, you can have the character flip out a slide phone, the Lover Arcana take out a slylish flip phone, rich Empress can use a touch screen, and tough guy can just use one of those old style brick phones. and you can always have a new Aigis, using a stylish headset, calling up Thantanos :P etc etc.

    also Social Link can go in a tree diagram, not just a straight line, like Persona will receive more DEF if you always stand up for the weak girls, gain skills if you help her study,

    a more completed AI partner system, may be something like setting offensive, defensive like P4 plus the gambit system like in FFXII. make it more usable.

    and finally, please, let you arrange control your activity, like study for 2 hours then walk the dogs for 2 hours. not just you have the whole sunday, and all you can do is walk with the girl once, like what you could do every other day.

  • Jirin

    First, let’s have a social link system that feels more like a real social life. Not just ‘We can only hang out with one person at a time, and all we do is guess which dialog option they like the best’. Let’s have some system where we can invite friends over, and more than one at the same time. And let’s have those social links have stuff going on in their lives that doesn’t revolve around you. Maybe they can fall in love with each other? And then, maybe we can compete with our same sex social links for the hearts of our opposite sex ones? And maybe, if you make a girl your girlfriend, that actually changes their dialog in future scenes?Second, let’s have dungeon exploration *not* in the same time of day as social links. We shouldn’t have to rush through dungeons in as few visits as possible just to keep from losing social link time.Third, let’s *not* have another villain who wants to destroy humanity because ‘Oh that’s what we all secretly want’. No, we don’t. Not at all. Try harder.

  • sdragon21

    Here are 5 things that a new Persona game should have:1. A real time combat system, similar to Tales and Star Ocean.2. No More Silent Protagonist!!! Take a mass effect approach and have the main character being able to interact with the rest of the party, and have the other members refer to the hero by their last name.3. Have the game take place in another country, such as the US or England.4. Being able to customize the look of the male or female (depending on which you choose) characters before you begin the game. That includes hairstyle, face, body type,etc,etc.5. Make this a multiplatform release, for both 360 and PS3. It’s unfair that you should be forced to buy a console to play 1 game, spread the love and make sure that you get this into as many hands as possible.

    • Mitsuru calls me by the last name :)

    • I think I disagree with literally, every suggestion you have. To each their own, I guess.

    • mach

      So, basically you want to play a game that isn’t Persona?

  • Extra_Life

    – I’d like to see a Fire Emblem-like system where the player will be able to make many more friends, but should they die during the game, they’ll be dead forever. For me, that would make for a much more affecting story, and one that would potentially be very different for many players.
    – I’d like to see some older protagonists, maybe late 20’s, early 30’s. Perhaps ones well versed in fighting demons.
    – A storyline where the protagonists lead a normal life but are dragged against their will into a demon world without a moment’s notice. This might cause some interesting problems with social links as when spending time with your friends you might be spirited away leaving them alone for no apparent reason.

    Well, maybe they’d work!

    • mach

      #1 sounds like an absolutely terrible idea. The great thing about P3 and P4 was that every character had a perfectly organic role in the story. Everybody was important and everybody contributed in a meaningful, but natural way. If they replaced that type of storytelling with one where you have a ton of interchangeable characters, none of whom have any lasting effect on the story, it would destroy everything that made the latest games good.

      • Zeik56

        Yeah, I have to agree. Even in Fire Emblem the characters important to the plot don’t actually die, I really can’t see why doing it in a game that’s so focused on characters would gain anything from a system like that.

      • Extra_Life

        It would destroy P3 and P4, but this is for a new game. I still think being able to lose characters, maybe at key points where you decisions might decide their fate (as opposed to them simply being killed in a battle) would make for an exciting game. I didn’t think many would agree with that one though, anyway. I was inspired by rewatching/reading Gantz, and the idea that not not even the main cast was safe really appealed to me.

  • RPGRocker

    I’d like to see the next Persona game take some tips from the mainline SMT and feature a storyline of epic scale. It needs to be darker, more mature, and without all the anime clichés. I’d like to see the characters caught in the war between law and chaos; fighting for something larger scale than just to save a town.

    And Lucifer (in disguise) should be one of your friends. Seriously.

    • Zeik56

      A more mature storyline is one thing, but I don’t want to see the whole Law/Chaos thing make it’s way into Persona. That’s a mainline series staple, and it should stay that way. Persona is pretty much by definition a series that revolves around concepts of the mind and psychology. If they want to go more mature they need to delve further into that.

  • 100+ new demons with few of the old ones
    Demons have more personality

  • DDanny

    1.Kill Shadows and bring demons back as enemies.
    2.Demon Negotiation
    3.Philemon. After all, Igor is just his servant in the end.
    4.Older characters like in P2 EP
    5.No mascots aka dogs and teddy bears and no underage characters aka ken
    6. It can go portable for all I care. P3 and P4 graphics and anime scenes were never anything special.I’m loving P3P minimal loading times and how pretty much everyone has a portrait now.
    7. I would love to have a villain that toys more with the party members, instead of just showing up in the end like Nyx and Izanami.
    8.Return of elements like Water, Earth and Nuclear, so you don’t have characters that share element or use Mudo/Hama only. Also return of persona specifics skills, including ultimates for party members, and fusion spells.
    9.Party Members that also get to use different personas.
    10. Guns like in P1 as sub weapons.

  • For next persona, I’d like:

    1. Older main characters: It would be nice for the game to have a college setting, where you could meet people from different faculties, or even choose your own faculties and engage in different social links based on those choices. A young professional setting, where the MC has just began working would be interesting too. Your SL and activities would lead the MC to have different positions in the corporation, meet different people and win more $$$.

    2. No random dungeons for the storyline, one huge “Tartarus” for the grinders: Make the storyline dungeons more focused and memorable, and a leave a “dimension” of sorts for grinders to push through if they want to.

    3. SL chaos: One of the choices for the MC to do in the nights, should be to organize parties. Depending on who you invite different events occur. Two SL might hit it off or have a fight. You, as the meddlesome organizer, would play the peacemaker and matchmaker and receive different stat bonuses for the interaction.

    4. Characters Creation: Include neatly designed characters like the previous heroes, but offer the chance to edit the look of your avatar if you would so desire. Gender, orientation, etc. would also be selectable.

    5. Time to change the tune: Evolve from the P1 PSP, P3 and P4 sounds. I love the music, but you can only have so much of a good thing. An evolution in sounds (with some nods and tracks similar to past installments thrown in) is needed in my opinion.

    6. HD, SMT Nocturne style shading. Designs can still be more accesible like the more recent Personas (though I love Kaneko’s art!)

    Storylines have been great so far, I’d expect them to further innovate on that!

  • Catloaf

    I can’t believe no one’s said this yet:
    The ability to change the personae of party members (not just get an upgraded version late in the game). Doesn’t need to be unrestricted, which could make the characters a little too interchangeable*; there could be just a handful to choose from for each character or something. But the ability to change the main character’s persona on a whim, but have no control whatsoever over the party’s personae was a point of frustration for me in P4. I’d like it even better if your preferred persona choice for a character affected their social link interactions.

    *Like in Devil Survivor.

  • HPN

    I hope the next Persona goes multiplat PS3/360.

  • MrRobbyM

    66 comments on a persona article. Never change, Siliconerians.

  • Persona 5: Fighting demons and playing hockey in Canada.

  • I would like to see shorter opening segments. Its unfortunately a high hurdle to approaching the game.

    • Zeik56

      Yeah, I’d have to agree. Persona 4 is my favorite game in the series, but the 3-4 hour opening is excessive.

      • True. We shouldn’t have to wait so long to get into the action.

  • I really liked 4, so definetly something similar to that. Keep the fully controlled battles.Keep improving on the dungeons, making them look/sound different so it doesn’t become repetitive.Add demon negotiation… or BETTER, the rumor system.Not a huge gripe, but getting better enemy sprites would be nice…Finally, add more EX game content… 4 didn’t have that much and 3 only got more when FES was released. I’d be willing to wait longer for something akin to The Answer to be added beforehand.
    I second what was said below, I love the Seraph/Angel/Law align in any of the games. I would say add the alignment into Persona, but that wouldn’t be Persona.
    Finally, a female MC, or at least a choice between them.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    -Choice of gender and orientation
    -Set in Mexico (I can dream, can’t I)
    -Post university age group
    -Darker tone and plot
    -Demon persuasion
    -More Lotus Juice
    -Actually use Marchosias in a game
    -A slight alignment undertone for the S.Links as a nod to the flagship series

  • Zeik56

    I’m going to keep my thoughts within the realm of reason here. I don’t think Persona needs to go through any real radical changes, it’s carved a solid identity for itself that makes it feel unique within the franchise, but it is about time to change things up a bit. -The Social Links are a great evolution of the negotiation system for Persona I feel, but they do need to try to intertwine them more with the story and make them more relevant to what is happening in the game. Of course this would mean cutting down on some of the freedom to develop social links, as they’d have to stop you from progressing in a social link until you’ve past a certain part of the plot, but I think it could work if done right.-I think probably the biggest thing that needs a change is the calender system. Going through a whole school year was entertaining the first few times, but it makes creating a well paced game very difficult. Of course getting rid would make the need to balance social links much more difficult to implement, but I think it would be possible to add some restrictions to doing Social Links without having a calender. Though I wouldn’t mind keeping the calender system around if they manage to improve it.

    -Having a gender choice like P3P would be nice, but only if it doesn’t take away from the game as a whole. Making to separate fully realized scenarios for two different genders is quite a task. P3P did it because they implemented the female scenario well after the male one. Doing it at the same time will inevitably require sacrifice somewhere else in the development.-The dungeons are common issue for people, but I this will actually be one of the harder things to implement properly. The randomly generated floors in P3/P4 were kind of boring to look at, but their set up was important to keeping the game interesting. The fact that you could go dungeon crawling when you wanted and leave the dungeon when you wanted stopped it from getting boring and tedious. Games like Persona 2 may have had some more interesting dungeons, but I actually disliked dungeon crawling in those games much more than in P3 or P4. They’re going to need to balance interesting dungeon design with the freedom of taking it at your own pace.-The combat is pretty great already, so I don’t think much needs to change about it outside of a few tweaks. One being that they need to nerf all-out attacks, they’re just too overpowered as is. I don’t think they need to be removed entirely, but there should be some kind of penalty for using it. Perhaps it costs all your characters some HP or SP, or even just limit it’s use to one enemy. I would also like to see them tweak the once more system a bit, such as limiting the extra turns from exploiting a weakness to only one extra turn.-This is a somewhat minor point, but I really want to see some shared experience for party members that don’t participate in combat. I enjoy switching around my party and utilizing all the characters, but after awhile your characters start falling behind in levels, which discourages that idea.-My final thought is regarding the Persona. I prefer the idea of having the MC be the only one to have full freedom to change Persona, it makes fusing Persona much less of a hassle, but I do think there should be some more options to influence how your party members develop their Persona’s. P4 took a step in the right direction by letting you choose which skills you want to keep for your Persona, but I think they should add more skills to choose from, letting you have more customization over the skills your party members learn. It would also be cool if they had more than one option for evolving their Persona. They could either take a page from some of the earlier Persona games and just add an extra Persona evolution, or even better, have multiple options for what their Persona evolve into. Perhaps they could make it so your S. Links with your party members unlock different evolutions based on how you treat them.That was pretty long, and I’m sure I have tons more ideas, but I think I’ll leave it at that for now.

  • Klisk

    1. Catgirls.
    2. More dating sim!

  • Guest

    I wouldn’t mind a portable persona 5 or a portable version of persona 4 at least. I want more than a year to max out my social links….. seriously. I want to be able to cheat on girls, as terrible as that sounds — maybe a way i can cheat and get away with it? The turn based system is fine — DON’T change that. I’d like the animated cut scenes to stay because they’re one of the best things about the franchise and I’d really like it if you didn’t have to enter a world (like tartarus or the tv world) just to fight shadows. I want to feel like a real hero when i’m fighting those damn things. I’d like more social links and new personae, creepier ones — and most of all : I want MARA!

  • eliel

    for this current gen ps3/360/ or wii must be exclusive to 1.(LOL)crossovers from other Shin Megami Tensei games. (not just the monsters!!!)deeper combat maybe like super ultra specials. (i leave this open ended)maybe a new mini games thats not fishing.(playable arcades maybe, or tactics mini game wit online VS maybe…?)sum thing thats customizable maybe weapons or armor or Persona’s?don’t wana sound like copy cat but dats all i got to add….

  • The ability to have a gay/lesbian character would certainly be one thing I’d like to see. This would probably open up even more sides to characters that may have seen one sided.
    I’d also like to see a mature setting for the characters, one draw of Persona 2: EP was that it did deal with older characters and the problems they face (work, finding a man, having a teenager from an alternate dimension crushing on you.). I know the series has it roots in high school drama, but I think every 3rd game should be set in a more mature atmosphere.
    Finally, I’d like all the characters to be able to switch personae again! I really miss/want unique fusions amongst the characters and having a bit more strategy!

  • I would like them to do a different battle system eventhough the one they had was pretty good already. I kinda want a battle system between Mana Khemia and Xenogears with Persona elements. I want the characters to have their own skills and to be able to do stronger combo if their social is up with their partners. A crazy story about time traveling or two worlds kinda like the first persona but still invovle with school and such. And a bit of fanservice just saying :)

  • While I´m not allowed to take part in the contest since I live in Sweden I just want to write my thoughts down.

    I agree with the people who say that they want a old cast. Collage would be awesome.

    Having the main enemy be “demons” rather than “shadows” is a 50/50 thing. I had no problem with it being demons in P2:EP and I have had no problem with it being Shadows in P3/P4.

    Given I would love to see a female lead like Maya again.

    So obviously I want a female/male lead choice. Along with sexuality. These are great ideas and I agree with them.

    It would be kinda cool if the game would be darker as it was in Nocturne and DDS. Having the world end at the beginning of the game and then having to recreate it to your liking would be awesome.

    Would be kinda cool if the one you could have social links with would be demons instead of humans.

    Maybe it could be a demon collage where you get to learn how to seduce people or the easiest way to get them to give their soul to you.

    It would be bad if they removed the social links. So if they could take the concept from P3/P4 and advance it even further it would be great.

    For battles, let us keep the choice of auto battle for us or controll all characters. P4 has a great system.

    I´d love to see a cool concept for calling the demons. The evoker was a pretty nice touch. I´d love to see more of that type.

    HD graphics would be lovely. Keep the basic from P4 but give it a higher resolution.

    If I have to sum things up.

    Older characters.
    Demon School
    Same fighting system with AI controll or manual as in P4
    Darker storyline.
    Gender and sexuality choice.

    • mirumu

      It’s a shame you can’t enter. I mostly agree with some of the other lists of suggestions, but they have one or two things that I don’t like. Yours though I agree on every point. Having social links with a demon especially seems like a very cool idea.

  • I’d like to see more beautiful girls

    … and TRAP

  • Darren M

    Ask Shoji Meguro to go back to making good music. And if that’s too much to ask, then just avoid the mind-numbingly awful, overused, and endlessly looping Jpop/hiphop stuff. Battle music is supposed to be WICKED, not mute-worthy.

    Maybe get more creative with plot or environments, something a little darker…Persona seems to be the “let’s try something different without creating a new IP” series in the SMT Universe.

  • Zonic505

    Perhaps they could do a crossover game, where different characters, villains, enemies, locations, etc. are all in the same game, but you have to travel to the different locations i.e Persona 4 characters visit P3’s world joining forces w/ the characters from that world.

    Perhaps some cameos from other Atlus games (like you have to visit a hospital & someone from Trauma Center or Trauma Team talks to you)

    Unlockable Jack Bros. (old Virtual Boy game featuring Jack Frost & Jack Latern)

    The ability to customize the personas themselves

    The male & female heroes having a bigger difference on the story (different personas, party members, locations, enemies/bosses, etc.)

    The return of Shōji Meguro doing the soundtrack

    • Zeik56

      Most crossover games suck though…

      The only game I can think of to pull it off are the various vs. fighting games. All the Persona games take place in the world though, so it’s not like cameos are out of the question. (Like all the P1 cameos in P2, or the P3 cameos in P4, and even the P4 cameo in P3P.)

      • Code

        So what your saying is… Persona 2D Fighter!? DO WANT! Make it so Atlus >w<!!

  • Sam

    Okay, whilst I know some people complain about the social link system, I think that should definately remain with the normal amount of characters to interact with. As well, Persona has always been set in a High School environment so I would also prefer it to keep in the school setting again.

    Music: A cross between Persona 4 and Persona 3 styles…. personally if I had a choice, more upbeat music like Persona 4.

    Console: PS3…. I know that some people want it on a portable console but come on, they already have plenty of prior games to port (Both Persona 2’s, Persona 4 etc).

    They are a few suggestions at least ._.

  • Roses4Aria

    Honestly, I’ll be deliriously happy if they just enable you to play as a female character like they did for P3 Portable. I don’t need anything other than that. :)

  • puchinri

    Since I’m betting and hoping that they’re already working on Persona 5 and far enough, I’ll just say what I’d like to see for another Persona game. I’d prefer it be on console, but a DS title wouldn’t be so bad.

    I’d like a little more depth with some of the side characters. Not necessarily the ones in the party, and not always the social ranks. But something like the people you can get things for in P4, but expanded personalities and relationships with them.

    And since I’ve been playing SMT Nocturne & SJ, I’d kind of like to see the personae have some existence outside of being summoned. Or others that you don’t summon having more purpose or just being there. Whether it’s in the other world or what.

    I really like the way the locatins are set up, but I wish daily life was a little more open and casual sometimes. Just to feel a little more personable (was that a pun?). I wouldn’t mind getting to make little choices. Like it being very casual to have your character wake up and have to choose what you want to wear for the day and small things. But I did like how your friends call you and invite you out. But I wish we can call them anytime to hang out too.

    Having a little more sense of family would be interesting too. If you can enjoy them, then having parents and (a) sibling(s), then they also give you something more to fight for in the game.

    I know it’s not necessarily a match either, but a slightly futuristic setting would be nice. More like modern with small advancements in technology or something (I’m thinking something like Opoona). SMT has its own distinct setting and I know Persona has been slightly more modern, but I think making a more distinct time and setting (but still within Japan) would be fun.

    Of course, definitely a choice between male and female protagonist too.

    …I guess that’s all that comes to mind now. (Can we edit these later?)

  • Xien12

    A friend and I discussed Persona 5 and the mythology trend ATLUS has been going on with and we decided that next one should use the Norse mythos as a basis. We planned it all out, actually. While it’s not as dreary as Nyarlethotep running around disguised as Hitler leading an army of robots, it should still retain the same atmosphere the first and second had. First off, the protagonists and antagonists for the first part would be divided into the respective teams the gods were on, namely the Aesir and Vanir, and the Aesir-Vanir war would ultimately be played out again, but this time with the characters themselves. Balder’s story would also be recreated in that the Persona user associated with Balder would die to the user who has Loki as a Persona, thus escalating things that would eventually escalate events into a remux of Ragnarok. The first part primarily will be a conflict of ideals in how to deal with (Whatever) that will get resolved prompting a Heel Face Turn. Next part, Loki(persona-user Fool) gets a Face Heel Turn in that he separates from the group and goes to the (Dark Side) after killing the person who has Balder as a Persona by manipulating the person who has Hodur as a Persona. Cue Roaring Rampage of Revenge as the group goes against their former friend and stuff like that.Also, since this is basically a recreation of events that occured between the Gods, the main persona themselves will have personalities that influence how the character acts. That is how Loki got Hodur to kill Balder. Sure, the Persona haven’t had a “personality” since 2, but they could always give them one. * The guy with Baldr will die regardless of which route you choose. He’s a temporary party member who joins at the start. He won’t necessarily be on your team, but he’ll definitely be a frequent character at the start, right up until he dies, so that his death has an effect on both teams.( The possibility of an escalating Aesir-Vanir -> Ragnarok was discussed, but a Persona game that details just the Aesir-Vanir war was also mentioned and delegated upon.)– Gameplay stuff* Also, Persona 5 should handle the Persona system like Persona 1 did, with the whole compatibility thing and everyone can switch Personae thing. Eventually, you’d have to fight against the guy whose arcana is The Fool, who can use any Persona. It’d be a tough boss battle. Yeah. They could implement the social link system again, but it’d be pretty weird to do since you wouldn’t be The Fool any longer, depending on who you choose to play as.* Different play-styles, as detailed in the section below. * Up the party limit to 5 or 6, like in Persona 1.* More clothes/costumes to mess with. * Choose your protagonist amongst your party members. You’ll view the game scenario differently depending on who you play as. You could even play as the antagonist!* Character ends and branching routes and dungeons based on your actions. I mean, I’d like to at the very least see alternate ends instead of the current method of “It ends here, but if you did things right it would have continued from there…” It’s not so much an alternate end as much as it is a “dead end”. Some people might see it as frustrating, but it’d be fun. * Of course, what would be really interesting would be if they fused the two Persona game-styles together into one, where depending on your actions you can get a P1/2 style game, or a P3/4 style game. Basically, if it picks up that you’re doing the school-sim, it goes with the school sim the whole way through. If you’re completely ignoring it, it becomes completely irrelevant to the game.* Your actions determine your route, which in turn determine what your ultimate Personae will be. Take Loki for example: He can be either Tower Loki or Magician Loki. Both are possibilities. Deciding your Arcana probably isn’t a choice, but it could likely decide your Arcana based on your actions. I can kind of see Tower Loki showing up on the “horrifically bad end where everybody but you dies” end, which is… yeah, a bad end. One of the better Personas in the game! All you have to do is get the worst end!* Even after the two teams combine, the play-style will stick with what you “chose” at the start, so you’ll still be doing the school-sim if you chose to do the school sim. The big change? Now you can get social links with the new party members!__… Which brings forth another idea: the delinquent route and school route, kind of like P1’s SEBEC and Snow Queen route. This wasn’t discussed thoroughly, as we kinda integrated it into our “ideal Persona 5” detailed above.* DQN route is a complete story within itself, complete with its own set of characters that join your team.* School-sim gives us a completely different team, and has its own little story.* Potentially, one could do the Front Mission 3 trick and have it so that the guys from the other side of the route will be the antagonists on yours. It would be an interesting way of handling the Aesir/Vanir war possibility.—-It was around after this that we went off to talk about a game where you have to appraise everything to use it. Someone make you a ham sandwich? Take it to the appraiser to learn how to make it yourself! Yeah… Anyway, I organized it the best I could.

    tl;dr: friendship & betrayal, focus more on the fragility of the human psyche, Norse, “reincarnation” influence, more costumes/clothes (maybe use yen to buy actual clothes like in RoF!), more active party members, an older age group, yeah.

  • Make the minor arcanas play a role in social linking. This can be done in 2 different ways, but the leveling of both will consist of the same:
    You’ll be faced with NPCs who need you to complete some sort of request for them. This will include many kinds, like fetch quests, bring an item quest, talk to someone, etc. When you complete these, you’ll make the requester realize something about themselves(as to make this really feel like a Social link). When you complete the quest, you’ll receive a “point” for that certain minor arcana. When you complete all 14 quests of the corresponding suit, you’ll max out the Social Link. How this Social Link will afect persona fusing can be done in 2 different ways:
    1. Either make 4 new Arcanas (The Wand, The Coin, The Cup, and The Sword arcana) and make new personae for those. This is like normal social links.
    2. Or make it so that the Minor Arcanas are actually divided between all the other Arcana. In this way, you can make it so that every Aracana, instead of giving a max of 5 levels, gives 6.
    Did you understand that? Or was it kinda hard? My english is not good… ^^;;

  • meganeshounen

    I share manga’s disappointment(?), since I’m not exactly in the Western hemisphere, but I’ll prattle on regardless.

    If there was one thing that I had gripes with… it’s that the starter Personae for the Protagonist (looking at Orpheus and Izanagi) are pretty good looking, but since they’re just starters, you end up discarding them in the long run.

    Sure, Minato later on had access to Thanatos, Messiah and Orpheus Telos while Souji later got Izanagi-no-Ookami… but there’s something with those guys that make them memorable to me. Must be Izanagi’s banchou jacket…

    So I’d like to see a addition in the form of “fusing other Personae to your starter doesn’t change him, it just changes his stats, elemental alignments and skills”. A blazing Izanagi or an Orpheus with an Undine’s harp sounds good to me. Just keep everyone’s starters look awesome and I’ll be fine.

    Oh, and an older cast possibly in the college years sounds fine.

  • Ok. Having read all your post and voted on some here’s my grain of salt:As many of you point out, we all love Persona very much so we can’t go changing it into something different. We just have to take it to the next level and that means making the Quintessential Persona. Atlus should take the best of all Persona games and mixing it:*A little more mature, like college.*While the main character should be able to summons any persona, the support characters should be able to choose only from their arcana.*Able to use firearms.*Demon Negotiation is a must. The rumor system was cool but I am afraid that was a story element for Eternal Punishment. Social Links with a specific demons could be fun.*Gender Choice is a must.(there are many female fans like me.) Some people root for sex orientation choice and that’s fine as well.*We should see Philemon again.*Many of you are right about keeping the lightheartedness of the recent P3/P4 but a bit of dark is good to set the tension of some parts of the story. The dark, psychological/philosophical twsts of the original Persona was great. Never understimate the darkness.*Mixing demons and shodows in encounters is a good idea for many reasons. Demons are ultimately personas that you negotiate with while Shadows are lost souls who were once human.*Fighting in the demons in the real world is more intense and inspiring than just doing it away in another place far from reality.*Meguro’s Music and Kaneko’s Art.(’nuff said)*Social links should have a more notable effect on the story even if just a bit. Going serious with a girl/boyfriend is a life changing event that always affects not only you but the people that surrounds you. And it’s true that in past games the social links seemed detached from the rest of the story. More over, the ending should be a bit different(if not drastically) depending on the lover you choose. Also social links could be a part of the story because sometimes you need friends in high places when you need to do something difficult or illegal(like getting firearms to blow some demon ass). The fact is that this is a game which should run on social links as much as on combat.*It should be multi-platform (PS3/360etc), they shouldn ‘t force us to buy a console because of our love for the game. And even though I am not against portables, remember that all this we are asking to see requires power and handhelds doesn’t have that kind of power. yet.Cameo appearances of grown up or older characters from previous games is very fun. They could even become party members. Nanako would a blast like some of you said. I think the rest of the system used for Persona 4 is fine as it is and should be left alone.

    • Zeik56

      “*Meguro’s Music and Kaneko’s Art.(’nuff said)”

      I actually don’t really want to see Kaneko’s art in Persona (besides Persona designs of course), it just doesn’t fit the series as well as the rest of the franchise. Besides, the only game in the series that used solely his art was Persona 1, which had arguably the worst character designs in the series.

      If Kaneko did return as character designer at the very least I would want them to do what they did with Persona 2: Have Kaneko do the designs and Soejima actually do the in-game illustrations. The mix of their two styles actually worked quite well.

      • Soejima’s designs were very good too. And it’s true that what I liked the most about Kaneko’s art were his presentations of demons and personas. I agree with you.

    • Xien12

      “*While the main character should be able to summons any persona, the support characters should be able to choose only from their arcana.”That would require the MC being The Fool yet again which is kind of getting redundant.

      • I don’t have a problem with the MC being the Fool again. I find it very fitting from a Tarot point of view.

    • Jirin

      I like most of your ideas. Unfortunately I think most people are only reading the ones near the top, so only the people who commented early have a real chance to win the prizes.

      I want to reinforce too that the biggest deal for me is blending social links in more with the story. Your choice of lover should affect future scenes and the ending. But I also think, you should have more control over your social link schedule. Your friends call you up to hang out. Why can’t you call them up to hang out? Why can’t you call more than one at a time?

  • ?

    Here’s what I want:1) Persona 5, not a remake2) A female protagonist.3) The ability to date girls as the female protagonist4) It should be on the a home console. Doing both PS3 and 360 versions is fine so long as the PS3 version maintains English and Japanese voice tracks like many other PS3 RPGs do. 360 owners like RPGs too, but there’s no reason to take out the voice tracks on the PS3 version just because the 360 uses DVDs. 5) Super awesome graphics6) Super awesome music7) A great story that’s lots of fun to play8) Silly outfits as super cheap DLC. (I would like a Penguin costume an a maid outfit)9) Any side-stories or special edition content that’s intended for a new retail version should be available to the owners of the original game as Downloadable Content. 10) Free hats!!

  • I want the game to control similar to P4.

  • I personally thinks that the relations of the MC with the others doesn’t really affect the endings. I mean I know that the whole social links really affect the endings, but how about the girlfriend? When the whole journeys end, their relationship is also over? I don’t want that, at least in the endings have a little something to show what will become their relationships.

    Also, if there will be persona 5, I hope it will come out in PSP too… ^^

    Oh, yeah I don’t live in US or Canada, but i can’t resist to share my thougths… sorry if I bothered someone with my comment… (^.^)

  • I want SMT on the Wii. =P
    Also, it would be nice if the dungeons wouldn’t be “randomized” like in Persona 3 and 4. Some real dungeons with some puzzles or something like that would be cool.

  • cmurph666

    Returning Heroes / Villains !

  • You know what I want to see in a new Persona?


  • StealthKnight

    1. Female protagonist.
    2. Male and female relationships (dating, romance, ect.)
    3. Exploration of towns and non dungeons (secrets, hidden items, people).
    4. Npc’s have daily routines. Not just standing around randomly.
    5. Real time change. Ex. 20 min in real life is 40 min in game.
    6. Side-quests from people that don’t involve dungeon crawling.
    7. Conversations with monsters both in and out of dungeons.
    8. Demon negotiations.
    9. Boss fights that can be avoided by good negotiation skills.
    10. Lots of dialog choices.
    11. Explore various themes human have to deal with. Ex. What is love, violence in families, bullying, suicide, etc.
    12. optional: Make it for the Wii.

  • I’d love to see more social interaction in Persona 5.
    For example, in Persona 3, there’s no way to level up your S.Links except for waiting for the day to come where your wanted character actually wants to see you too, which is kinda annoying.
    Imagine being able to call your friends via a cell phone (I mean, the protagonist you’re playing’s got a cell phone, he just never, ever uses it) and being able to choose from different things like going to the cinema, hanging out, etc., all depending on the things your friend actually likes.
    Aigis would probably like movies about cultures to learn more about them, so if you choose to go to the cinema with her, you can actually select the movie you want to see.
    I’d also love to hang out with multiple friends in different places, spending your money on useless stuff like ice cream, lunch, dinner, etc., which you can give to your friends as a “thank you” for always hanging out with you.
    And there’s another thing I’d like to mention, I’d love to play multiple characters during the storyline. Running around as Aigis (or flying around, whatever she’s capable of) would be so awesome.

    Excuse my bad english skills, I’m still learning this awesome language.

  • masuto

    I would like to see a new theme, “music”. That’s right, this time it’ll be about a group of students creating their own band…with a dose of Shadows and Personas.

  • I’d actually like to see the series reinvent itself again. Persona 1 and the two Persona 2 games formed a complete storyline over three games. After finishing Eternal Punishment, the team chose to make Persona 3 unique and standalone. Persona 3 was a game that radically stood apart from its predecessors, keeping the series fresh and appealing. Persona 4 continued on that theme while improving on the weaknesses.

    But now we’ve had two very similar games in the same universe. It’s time for P5 to take the initiative and do something radical again. As much as I liked P3 and P4, letting Atlus experiment to make P3 proved fruitful. Doing it again for P5 could yield something just as amazing.

  • Just one thing: music counterpointed by the NAMCO106 soundchip.

  • Personally I’d like if the rider of the Apocalypse in a persona (like me “playable” not in the script)
    The much deeper relationship with the young girl as well: P.

    And especially a more advanced statistical base of the hero.

  • Guest

    A setting outside of Japan. Preferably Manhattan, New York.

  • zxcvbnmqwer

    ON MAP BATTLESHonestly, I’d just like for them to apply the same level of change that we saw between 2 and 3. 4 was a fine game, but now I’d like to see a departure.Also, I think an adult cast would be a nice shake up. It’s been a while since they did that in Eternal Punishment, and there aren’t enough mature, adult characters in Jrpgs (or even Japanese media as a whole).

  • All the ideas I read are awesome, one that I would like to see, is keeping the playable characters with their initial persona and having it evolve more than once during the story line, or better yet give them two different evolved forms. So all the character’s persona’s evolve no matter what like in persona 3 but the form they evolve into is different depending on how you interacted with the character throughout the game. Like maybe give it a normal evolved form that is default and if the MC does certain events with the characters they get their ultimate evolved form.

  • Despite it being a single player game, it’d be neat to have an online feature to battle your friends’ demons. Have different rooms for people that are of similar rank, similar demons, etc… The winner gets special items/demons from doing this. Stuff you can only get by playing online.

  • I really liked how in Personas 3 and 4 you really had a lot of control over the main character, and he/she(P3P) really became a reflection of yourself. However, as with many JRPGs, I did enjoy the fact that there was a central storyline that is being presented to you as the player, and you have only a limited way to change it (save the one or two game breaking/making decisions). Thus the changes I would like to see consist of finding that balance of making sure that the storyline is still rich, well told, and central while still making sure that the main character changes as the player makes social links/storyline decisions.With that in mind, here are a few things I would like to see in a new Persona game. Some of them have already been stated.- Have the social links play a little bit more of a role in the main character’s day to day activity, but not necessarily the main plot. I thought a good example was if you’re dating someone, party members or other social links would know about it. The same would go for it you broke up with somebody.- Give the player some decision when spending time with a social link. Maybe if the social link is a schoolmate, if that schoolmate wanted to hang out, you could have a decision of going to a fast food place, the park, the mall, etc. This would change the conversation of the social link a little bit.- The fusion system is fantastic, I like the way it works. Possibly add to it by making it possible for some personas to go about an evolution process, similar to how the party members’ personas evolved in P3 or P4. Say you fuse a persona, you then go fight, it gets say 10 levels or so, then it evolves into a persona you may not be able to attain through fusing. – The gender option is a good idea. Let the player choose between a female or a male character, and make the social links reflect the decision. Once again however, I think not letting this decision change the primary plot would be a good idea, just character relations for the most part.- Do not make the game a portable game. I know I don’t have the right to tell Atlus what Persona game to make next (if they do), but it sure would be cool to see a full blown Persona 5 on a next-gen console (PS3 preferably because of it’s hardware capabilities).- While it almost doesn’t seem in the nature of the Persona series, maybe throw in some small, easy minigames to up stats (like courage and charm, etc) rather than just getting them up through choice. Optionally really, I guess a good example would be something similar to the fishing game in P4.- More of a reward to spend time with social links if they improperly call you. I think some people find that the interruption in their schedule wasn’t worth it.- I liked the more easy going graphics and music from Persona 3 and 4. It would be cool to see the next game be in a similar style. I think many people would agree that Shōji Meguro really did a killer job on the soundtrack for both P3 and P4.Sorry if the post is long, just a few ideas. Thanks for always being so in-tune with the community Atlus. Hope all of these comments inspire you to make a new Persona game sometime in the (hopefully near ;D) future.

  • SpicyOctopus

    I’d like to see the return of adults as the heroes.

    We haven’t seen any playable adult characters in Persona since Eternal Punishment. I know that the majority of the games are based on high schoolers, but I’m sure there’s a lot you could do with grown-up protagonists. Even a college setting would be a great change of pace. You can easily fit the new style of play for Persona into an adult’s everyday grind: Work instead of school, then you have time after work to fight the enemies and do social things (go to a bar, go out on a date, volunteer, etc.).

  • I would like to see the return of the Rumor system in future games, because I found the implications of that to be quite interesting.

    I think the idea of social links that have a variety of outcomes (by which I mean, more than just saying “Oh hey, you are my boyfriend/girlfriend! And you are just my friend!” – I mean creating 2 or 3 paths that you can take with your friends, to give the game a greater sense of replay value. I think Persona 4 was on the right track, when you get to choose between one character (if you join band) or another character (if you join drama), but it can be unfortunate if you don’t really like either character. Because going through a second time to get a different character who you don’t really care about can be… irksome, I guess. Whereas if every character has a second or third story option, even if you don’t care that much about one particular social link, the variations in the others make it more worth playing.

    Don’t bring back Nanako.

    Most of all, I would like having the option of my male lead dating a male character, who wasn’t some sort of “is it a man or a woman who knows!”, or even just having a character go through a sexual identity crisis that doesn’t end with the guy he thinks he has a crush on being a girl after all. :/

  • I think I’m a bit too late to enter the contest (and I’ve already got a Junpei hat >>), but I wanted to throw my two cents in anyways.

    I think the best thing you could do to make P5 a great game would be to learn from the good and bad in the previous games instead of trying to add in things that are fun in other series, INCLUDING the main SMT series and it’s various off-shoots. I don’t think the Persona series needs much in the way of radical change. The SMT crew’s time would be better spent making a new SMT offshoot than trying to fix something that isn’t broken, namely the battle system, the general age of the characters, the general tone of the story, etc. However, I would not like to see a sequel to any of the current games, or characters from the old games staring as main characters in this game. The small mentions of the other games (such as the Innocent Sin MMO) and the continual appearance of the Velvet Room are enough to tie each game into the universe without the creators making each new game a clone of a previous game.

    One of the most basic things I would like to see changed is the option for either a female or male character and to choose your sexuality. HOWEVER, I would rather stick with a straight male lead than see a stereotypical female lead and/or stereotypical gay characters. I am only about 3 months into the female route for P3P, and so far I haven’t seen anything too cringe-worthy, but that is my biggest fear for a female lead. Changing the P3’s MC to female SHOULD NOT change much of the character’s “personality,” especially considering that the personality of the MC is left more or less in the player’s hands because of the dialogue choices. This isn’t a critique on P3P (since as I said I haven’t played much), but any future game with a choice between male and female protagonists should NOT present two radically different experiences. Dialogue choices and story should be more or less the same when concerning the main plot.

    As far as the social links go, I think P3P stumbled a bit when it came to adapting the social links for the female protagonist, mainly in the case of Junpei’s social link. It’s been some time since I played P3, but in P3P it seems really odd for Junpei to go from the nice, flirty guy in your social link to a complete jerk with authority issues on the second full moon. Yes, this is a small critique considering that the female protagonist was added at a much later date, but it’s definitely something that the crew should be watching out for if they plan on making P5 with a gender choice.

    I have similar concerns with adding a sexuality choice to P5. It was voiced here earlier that it would be odd for every character in the game to be bisexual, their sexuality based on the character’s choices rather that the actual writing. While this is true, imagine what kind of character they’d choose to be “the gay character” of P3, if they had added sexuality choice for that game. Odds are, Bebe would have been the only male choice. For the female… well, you can be certain it wouldn’t have been Mitsuru, Fuuka, or Yukari. My point is, if only certain characters in the game were gay, there’s a huge risk that they’re going to end up stereotypical characters who will make the game worse, not better. I want to be able to choose my sexuality, not see P5 get a bunch of “that gay character” editions.

    While I’m on the topic of characterization, I’d like to point out one of the problems I saw in P4 that I would like to see get fixed: the horrible cast. One of the best things about P3 was its cast of characters. Each character was unique and endearing. I wanted to see the end of every social link not out of a gamer’s sense of achievement, but because I was honestly attached to the characters. Now, I know you can’t just set out and say “let’s make more endearing characters for P5!” but there are a couple of mistakes made in P4 that can be avoided, namely in the case of Naoto. P4 did a great job of weaving characterization into the actual plot and drama of the story with what they did with the bosses at the end of each main character’s dungeon and how each character got their personas. Personally, I think this was a great move. However, after the first handful of dungeons, things begin to fall apart. In Naoto’s case, every bit of her struggle is shoved into the scene right before and after her boss fight. There’s scarcely any indication before or after, it’s just a sudden slap in the face. Naoto seemed like a rushed inclusions. Another problem with P4’s characterization is the way all these “racy” issues are brought up, but instead of getting dealt with like the other “normal” character’s issues, they’re just rushed through. For instance, Kanji and Naoto both brought up their struggle with living outside gender norms. Instead of treating it with the same care the other character’s got, their issues are ham-handed through. More time is spent on Yosuke making fun of Kanji than Kanji actually dealing with the problem. The end result is that it feels like P4 brought up a tough issue, and then just dropped the ball. This goes back to the “that gay/female character” issue. If it can’t be done without relying on stereotypes or skirting around the issue, then just stick with something you can fully commit to. A straight male with normal teen problems is infinitely better than a character you half-commit to.

    One of the things that P4 does right compared to P3 is the actual plot of the story. While P3’s story was good, P4 gave us something a little more original than the “high school kids save the world.” Sure, P3 gave us what might be one of the best examples of “high school kids save the world” done right, but P4’s mystery/detective plot is simply more interesting when looked at objectively. However, I think that the greater popularity of P3 over P4 tells us that a good plot can’t make up for a bad cast.

    Concerning the gameplay, I vote for no major changes. However, I would urge against the hybrid P3/P4 system in P3P. The first problem with full character control in P3P is that your party members learn new skills at an incredibly slow rate, which is something of an issue when you have full party control. Of course, since this problem is not present to my memory in P4, I’m sure it’s a non-issue for P5. I also think that the addition of the dizzy status to P3P and P4 was something of an issue as before choosing not to use the all-out attack was a viable strategy option, as the enemies would not attack when knocked down. Because the AOT triggers when the enemy is knocked down, not dizzy, there’s really no reason not to use it. While I suppose this is only an issue if you don’t have all-attack spells, I preferred P3’s style. Full character control in P5, I assume from the addition to P3P, is a given. I think you should stick with the main character being the only person to change personas, as the non-main character’s persona changes has been a part of the plot that I thought worked well.

    For a few final notes, I would like to see P5 go on a home consol, preferably the PS3. Going multi-platform probably wouldn’t be that big of an issue (from a player’s perspective) because P5 probably won’t be THAT graphically demanding that we’d see a downgrade from consol to consol. At least, that’s what I assume. I’m not that tech-savvy. I’m still disappointed that SMT4 was a handheld, despite how good it is. Turn-based RPGs are a rare, rare find in this gen, and a genre I’d hate to see banished eternally to handhelds.

    In summary:
    – Pay more attention to what was good and bad about all the previous releases than to trying to do something “new and original” or trying to fashion P5 to be more like any other series. Improve the bad, leave the good alone.
    – Don’t bring back references to the older games except in passing, such as the Innocent Sin MMO in P3 and cameos such as in P4.
    – Male/female choices and gay/straight choices DONE PROPERLY. No half-committing or joke characters, no major differences between the two MC genders.
    – Strong attention to characterization, strong cast of characters before all else.
    – Preferably on the PS3.

  • (edit: double posted, sorry!)

  • Persona 5 should feature all of the characters from 3 and 4, and should be about saving the MC from P3, because he is needed to help defeat a foe. (Like Nyx/Izanami)

  • Chromekatana

    Too bad i couldn’t get in on the contest but I want to post my idea’s anyways.:)

    Was briefly touched on before but in the S.Links, it would be nice if you had choices of places to go to. For example, you could go to the mall or go get a burger at a tofu place.(yes, a tofu burger,haha…) Along with this, you would be able to add to people personalities. a stereotypical anorexic girl would probably prefer to at Green’n Means then Meat fat’o burga.(Gotta watch that weight,;) ) So taking this girl out there,to Green’n Means would get you +3 rather then a -1,which you would get from taking her to Meat Fat’o Burga. Of course, you would still have to take said person to said place to level up said S.Link, kinda like the Heart Events in Harvest Moon. This would be a better improvement of the Gift system that we see in P3 and would make you feel a bit more connection with the S.Link characters and would bring more role-playing and consideration into it.(E.G,what place would she enjoy to go? would she like that food?) In P3 and P4, you just went where the game took you. So I think that this basic idea,with some improvement, could be good way to go with this series.

    People have mentioned Music. Personally, I think the music is fine,love Shoji’ Meguros work.(Well, Only ever played Trauma Center and Persona games,yeah, no SMTs)

    Another topic on music… In Persona 4, if you went to town, you could get I think…like two different songs that would play. Which was nice. But in battle, you would listen to the start of the same song each time a battle initiated. So maybe instead of having Dungeon Music AND battle Music,you could have only Dungeon music which would sync in with the battles(Boss fight not included). In P3,you had a few different songs for Tartarus dungeon crawling, but no ability to switch battle music. With this,you would be able to switch the music to your liking in battle or not,and have to repeat the start of a song over and over again.

    One thing that that bothered me in Persona/1/2/3 and 4,and RPGs in general is that the the enemy sprites are the same but just a different colour. But I think this bothers be more with all the different designs you have for your Persona collection,which shows that you would be able to create good designs for some enemies,instead of recolouring them. But, I don’t make games,so I don’t know how difficult it would be.(though,this is the “what you would like to see in a new Persona game,not “What you think the is able to be put into a Person game”topic.)

    I think thats it from me.:)

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