Namco Bandai Wants To Know Which Games You Want To See On PlayStation Network

By Spencer . July 13, 2010 . 1:16am

imageFollowing in the footsteps of Square Enix, Namco Bandai asked fans to send Game Archive requests to them over Twitter. PsOne and TurboGrafx-16 titles are fair game.


Not sure if they’re taking suggestions for North American releases, but you can give it a shot. Just tweet #nbgi_archives with your wish list. Glancing through the list, I saw requests for Super Robot Taisen, Gundam, and surprisingly a few tweets for Bravoman.

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  • What we realy want is the western release of ToV on PS3, damn Namco.

    • Feynman

      No kidding. Namco’s handling of the Tales series in the west seems to have transitioned from simple apathy to outright malice at this point.

    • haha, there wont be a namco bandai article without this being mentioned :), im in your side anyway, i freaking want to try this game T_T, all my friends with xbox make fun of me because i havent played it D:

      • lostinblue

        And the price for the damn game in europe it’s +£40 everywhere that still has stock, whereas all other games are £16, £24 at most, can’t they freaking replenish stock? since it’s out of stock and prices are rising can’t they see it sold the initial shipment already?

        I agree, it feels like malice.

        • malek86

          Interesting concept, but malice for the sake of pure malice, has no place in the entertainment business. I’m sure they have different reasons, which are not “oh oh, we love to screw our customers because we are evil like that! In fact, we are so evil that we hate our shareholders and don’t want them to make money!”.Granted, I can’t know what their reasoning is, although I guess they think it wouldn’t make enough money to justify a reprint. That’s the usual reasoning behind any game not being localized, too.

          • lostinblue

            I know it isn’t malice, but damn, if they were trying to run a franchise into the ground and be erroneus about it they couldn’t do it better if they wanted.It’s just too stupid, you have to stand by your product, they never advetised it, gamers have to beg for it to come over and even then they won’t warrant stock for it. I remind you that in US it was also out of print for a long time, and prices on ebay were rising like mad. Seems to be better now, but the fact they let it get to that point… says a lot about their commitment.

            Their reasoning also sucks, when they localize games that aren’t theirs, such as magna carta 2, and pass onto their own tales games… Tales of Symphonia 2 sold 120.000 in US alone if I recall correctly, it’s a spin-off, didn’t sell through the roof but it was low budget and sold quite well for what it is, that should be enough premise to bring graces for example, and “if” vesperia sales didn’t pay the localization (it sold less than ToS2 alright) then releasing the PS3 game overseas could probably help since it’s more RPG driven, and assuring there’s stock for the X360 version could help too, as would using cheaper actors nest time or keeping the original dub like they did with the admitedly not as good as Abyss and Vesperia – Tales of Symphonia 2 dub work.

            I don’t think that’s the problem though. And both ToS2 and Vesperia sold more overseas than Abyss did. And probably way more than Magna Carta 2 did.

            There’s no reasoning, I suspect.

          • malek86

            Don’t forget that MS probably had a say in the whole Vesperia thing. Maybe they paid money for the localization?

            As for TOS2, who are we to say if a game sold well or not? That’s usually for companies to decide, since they are the ones who know the budget and stuff. Maybe it performed lower than what they expected. That, and you said Abyss sold even less… so perhaps they just chose to give up on the series for the west, thinking it was a lost cause. Companies don’t just take on any project that can make a profit. There’s opportunity costs to consider.

            Of course, whether Namco is having good business sense or not, that’s a different matter (judging from their last fiscal report, I guess they are making the wrong choices). I’m just saying that it’s not like they are doing it for “spite” or anything, like so many seem to think.

          • lostinblue

            @ malek86

            Probably not seeing Vesperia was moneyhatted in the same grounds Eternal Sonata was, and Eternal Sonata was re-released for the PS3 as well, once the timed exclusivity agreement ended, and it made it all the way across to America.

            Well, on ToS2, I’ll give you that, but the localization was low budget on the dub side when compared to Symphonia and Abyss and Abyss was the one that sold 50.000 units because it was released next to FFXII right? a spin-off sold way better than that, although I agree, Abyss was a flop in his own right.

            The fact both sames seemed to get out of that slump despite having no advertisement whatsoever should prompt namco to continue supporting it. “If” Square-Enix had jumped over releasing a lot of FF’s in the past they’d have no recognition by the time they released, say, XIII. Just like if you want to implement a franchise I think you’re smarter if you plan to do 3 of them rahter than doing one and giving up, because chances are you ain’t gonna sell all that much of the first one. Tales of Phantasia on SNES didn’t sold all that much compared to newer ones, for instance… And for a reason, new IP, Tales of is almost always new IP since they always take so long to release them and thus don’t give the brand any confidence real backing next to the consumer.

            Even with that said though, they localized a crappy game such as Magna Carta, they’re localizing that Blue Dragon spin-off on the DS they did and they localized Eternal Sonata… Why not localizing every tales they get their hands on? we’re talking about games are aren’t even an IP or are an IP with way less recognition than even Tales gets. They can’t be thinking long term on this.

          • It’s more like it likes to rub to our faces how much we supposedly prefer Dragonball over Tales… in America.

    • Kris

      Fun fact. At an anime convention in Seattle this year, Troy Baker confirmed having redone voice work for the PS3 version… A year ago. So they have that script and voicework done, sitting there.

      • Joanna

        Aha, so it is malice!

  • Yes we want Vesperia PS3 è___é

  • The Outfoxies please!!!

  • Guest

    Tales of Graces. Do it Bamco!

    • lostinblue

      “If” it wasn’t for the Playstation Network I’d agree. Since it is I won’t.

      If they were to port it it would be a retail game, for starters, and I doubt a virtual release could sell as much as a physical SKU on either platform, ler alone both.

      • Guest

        I wasn’t serious.

        But even if I was, I know it’d never happen. =P

  • I want Tales of Vesperia too!!

  • holyPaladin

    All Tales Games!!
    Oops PSN only… my bad

  • Not to kill the mood, but you people do realize they’re asking for pre-PS2 games don’t you? With that said… I want a North American rerelease of Tales of Eternia. Maybe StarBlade (Alpha), Mr Driller, Dragon Valor, and Dragon Buster. Possibly Great Greed. I want a shot at Whirlo, and Dangerous Seed.

    Edit: Oh whoops I went too far back with some of those, but maybe a Virtual Console release for some of them.

    • lostinblue

      They could port them still. like Sega actually is porting Dreamcast games, and (I dunno) might have ported some mega drive games, rather than emulate for the Xbox live arcade and recently Sonic Collection for the DS?

      I myself wish they would go further than they usually go with their PSone releases, PSone had horrible 3D with no perspective correction, dithering and affine texture mapping… some games would benefit so much from being rebuild for something other than PSone format.

      I bet Square-Enix still has the backgrounds they used for their pre-rendered games. and speaking of which if it wasn’t for PSone output limitations Chrono Cross in-battle would pretty much look like one of the best Dreamcast games.

      Will never happen, but still, I refuse to buy stuff without proper improvements (unless it’s stuff that didn’t get released overseas, like Persona 2 IS).

  • Is it possible if I request The Idolmaster SP? T-T

  • cowcow

    Dr. Slump
    Zeta Gundam
    Char’s Counterattack
    DBZ Legends

  • Letiumtide

    How about you do what some other companies are doing and release some PSX games that we never got over here the first time around.

    Like Tales of Phantasia PSX

    Otherwise the first thing they should do is rerelease many other games like Tales of Destiny and Eternia, Ace Combat 1-3, Klonoa.

    Unfortunately, I don’t use twitter so I guess they won’t be getting my list.

    • RupanIII

      Agree with those PSX re-releases, and I’ll add Riiiiiiiiiiiiiidge Racer to the list. It was my first import on my first trip to an import store, picked it up cheap to test the modchip my dad and I installed. Ended up obsessed with unlocking that black car haha

  • How about some of these, Namco Bandai if not yet avaliable?

    –Tower of Druaga
    –Legend of Valkyrie
    –Wonder Momo
    –Alien Sector
    –Burning Force

    More Tales, #SRW, #Summon Night, and #Gundam. Throw in some Dragonball, while you’re at it, but we prefer Tales first.

  • WelikeSMT

    Everyone loves Bravo Man!

  • Instead of asking what games we want on PSN, they should ask what games should be released in Europe and US.
    >>> ToG + ToV PS3…

  • havent got twitter so i’ll just say it here (like tweeting it will make my chances much better, lol). I tend to ask for more obscure games to come back from companies when they ask a question like this. Hakuto no Ken games from Bandai would be good. Namco has Klonoa, Rage Racer, Dragon Valor, Mr. Driller, Point Blank series, and the FIRST Time Crises (still the best), for sure. I don’t know if they can implement the move controller into those shooters though. Soul Blade. Well, it all doesn’t really matter to me personally, I buy the orignals off ebay. I just got Soul Blade last month (We all need to shine on!).

    Can’t think of anything notable from either developer on the TGX except Splatterhouse.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    I’m with everyone else; just release Tales of Vesparia (PS3) and Tales of Graces(Wii) outside of Japan already.

  • Hours

    Let’s start with getting some of your current games out first Namco, shall we?

    Like say Tales of Vesperia (PS3) and Tales of Graces, kthx.

  • neo_firenze

    I try to not think about Namco’s butchering of the Tales series outside of Japan. That being said, I sure wouldn’t mind some of their good PS1 games showing up on PSN. Ridge Racer Type 4, Klonoa, Soul Blade… there’s some good stuff there.

  • Zefiro Torna

    Speaking in terms of international releases, I just hope the situation here doesn’t end up like this…

    How many of those made it to the VCA lineup outside Japan? Just three.

  • The games i really want to see on the playstation network are
    -Soul Blade/Edge
    -Soul Calibur 1(i know it’s already on he xbox live, but i really want to see it on the PSN)
    -Tekken 3
    -Ridge Racer

  • I wouldn’t mind having all three Gundam Battle Assault games released on PSN here in NA. Then again, I am a fighting game fan so that is only natural.

    My brother, on the other hand, is a RPG player so releases of ToV and ToG would really appeal to him. On the subject, I think that it was around the time that the first ToS got released on the PS2 in Japan that Namco stopped caring about the NA and EU markets.

    That said, I think that Bamco is suffering through the SNK syndrome. They chose two or three franchises(Naruto, DBZ and Tekken) and ram any game that they make about it down our throats and expect us to take it like men. No wonder why companies are failing! No imagination at all.

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