Shin Megami Tensei Negotiates PlayStation Network Release

By Spencer . July 14, 2010 . 11:50am

imageAtlus is bringing their PsOne classics to PlayStation Network starting with the original Shin Megami Tensei. The PsOne version is an enhanced port of the Super Famicom game with an easy mode and some graphical touchups.


Shin Megami Tensei costs a bit more than other Game Archives releases at 1,000 yen ($12). It’ll work on a PSP and/or PlayStation 3. Before you hit the download button, please note Shin Megami Tensei, like other Game Archive releases from Japan, is entirely in Japanese. If I remember correctly, Shin Megami Tensei has kanji too.


Now to wait and see if Atlus USA follows suit and distributes some of their PsOne library on PlayStation Network.

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  • shion16

    the remake wouldnt be better??

    • I’ve heard it was worse in some ways?

      • kupomogli

        I actually didn’t like the first SMT. The games difficulty isn’t a problem at all. The movement speed was slow, the encounter rate was extremely high, and you weren’t given a clue where to go so you were forced to search every bit of every area each time the story progressed in order to find where you’re supposed to go to advance. So pairing all of that together, I think it’s the worst I’ve played in the series.

        It’s really not fun when mid way through the game you’re told that you need to do this, but before you can do that, you’re not told your other objective which must be completed first before you can do whatever you were actually told. When it comes down that you have to talk to some random person slightly earlier than the part that you were at. Two hours of wasted time before I advanced to the next part.

        • Two hours is nothing to decide.

        • I sincerely agree; the SMT series did not get off to a glamorous start and I adore old school first-person dungeon crawlers. Lack of smooth scrolling (which was forgivable at the time, but still headache-inducing), terrible interface, indistinct dungeons and corridors, characters and events invisible until you reach the ’tile’ they’re on (why is this still in SMT: SJ?), murky objectives and so forth.The plot is pretty cool, but the fine details of it, unlike Nocturne or even its successor SMTII, are lamentably boring. It never seems to gain steam until the last leg of the game and, shock and awe, it’s stunningly easy throughout; arguably easier than any of the modern SMT off-shoots that already pale in comparison to Nocturne, like Persona and Devil Survivor. This is actually true of SMTII as well, but one of the final bosses is a cheesy unavoidable instant death whore, as I recall.I don’t mean for this to sound OVERWHELMINGLY negative, mind you. SMT and SMTII have their good points – the music is awesome, the graphics ooze style as per series tradition, the demon designs are great, the plots are unusual, and the (super easy) battle systems are fast – but I’m not DESPERATE to have them in their original form. I’d totally play one of the remakes, however.

      • DDanny

        It’s mostly better.
        Better music, graphics, smooth scroling,interface, easier difficulty.
        And a truly helpful quick save.
        Only complaint I’ve seen is that auto battle is somewhat slower, but you can turn off animations anyway.

        • Zeik56

          The interface is honestly probably the biggest reason I want one of the remakes to be localized. I’ve played through the SNES fan translations, but the UI is just so bad in the originals, it annoys the hell out of me.

  • Justinzero

    We get Sackboy avatars. They get SMT. Life isn’t fair.

    • You say that like we get nothing. We have plenty but even I want this…

      • Justinzero

        The problem for me, as I’m sure it is for most people here, is I’ve already bought everything worth picking up XD

    • Lol I sure like to have sackboys and sackgirls of the SMT and Persona cast. I can already imagine a Hitoshura sackboy ohh yeah badass right there.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Ohgodohgodohgod! Fat chance this has any way of making it to EU PSN, but if there is a higher power that grants wishes, let this be granted to me.

    • malek86

      None of the Archives game have ever been translated, mostly because they’re just isos.

      So yes, fat chance.

  • JustaGenericUser

    If they release it in the States, I hope they use the fantranslation so it could get released faster. Slim chance but it could work, I think.

    Also, is it just me or is this site REALLY slow? Like, the letters I type lag behind or something.

  • Hells yeah! If they released this on the English PSN, I’d be all over that bitch!

  • Zeik56

    When I first read the topic header I thought it meant they were releasing it in the US, then I realized it was just in Japan…

    Damn you for getting my hopes up like that!

  • EvilAkito

    Want in English, but will never get :(

    Maybe if we’re lucky, Atlus will go the XSeed route and license the fan translations for Innocent Sin and Soul Hackers for the PSN. Now that would make my day.

  • i hope they bring it over. i’m tired of the store being cluttered with crap!

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