What Does Balthier Have To Do With Vanquish?

By Spencer . July 16, 2010 . 1:18am

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Final Fantasy XII’s self proclaimed “leading man” shares something in common with Vanquish, Sega’s hi-speed third person shooter. Gideon Emery, Balthier’s voice actor, plays the role of Sam Gideon in Vanquish.


“He has an incredible smoldering quality to his voice that I find really cool,” Shinji Mikami, Director, wrote. Mikami is “hooked” on the English voice of Sam. Just in case you aren’t, Vanquish also has Japanese voice acting.

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  • Ereek

    Well, at the very least, we know Sam Gideon will have a memorable voice.

  • Huh… That’s going to be one suave mechanical suit.

  • Balthier was the one main character in FFXII I liked. The others were either too stoic, too cold or too bland.

    • me too i liked him and basch.

      • kupomogli

        CAPTAIN BOSCH FON ROSENBERG OF DALMASCA!I’ve still yet to get very far in FF12 and I’ve had it since day one(probably two hours from that part in the first sentence.) It’s got some major flaws in the gameplay that I don’t like but I’m trying to give it a second chance. I actually like the storyline though and Balthier is one of favorite video game characters who makes up for Vaan having worse lines than Tidus. Hopefully they don’t ruin Balthier when I actually get further in the game.

  • Aoshi00

    Balthier’s Eng. voice was suave, Bond-suave, even though Hirata Hiroaki was pretty good in the Jpn ver. too (he dubbed Brad Pitt in Interview w/ the Vampire). It’s great to hear it’s dubbed in Jpn too, I always thought it was a pity Bayonetta wasn’t dubbed in Jpn at all, I always try to imagine what she would sound like in a sultry Jpn voice (even though I love the Eng. dub). Wonder who the Jpn voice for Sam Gideon would be, Sam Fisher was voiced by Genda Tesshou (Morpheus in Matrix).. lol, that guy’s first name is the character’s last name :)

  • capristrider

    That’s music to my ears ♪♫

  • All snark and no substance? Oh, same voice actor. Go figure.

  • MrRobbyM

    Balthier is honestly my favroite FF character. This just ensured my pre-order.

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    well, he DOES have a gun, so sure, why not

  • bugmeknot

    I wonder if Vanquish will have Japanese lip sync, the trailer on the Japanese PS Store is the English one with Japanese dubbed ontop, and possibly cut slightly differently to mask out how bad some of the syncing is.

  • “He has an incredible smoldering quality to his voice that I find really cool,”

    I completely agree with this! I totally melted into a fangirl puddle when I first heard Balthier’s voice in FFXII. I always looked forward to the cutscenes just so I could hear his voice. *laughs*

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